Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Mentholated Black Media Expose': Dekalb Crossroads News - The Struggle To Shift The Americanized Negro Away From The Mess In Dekalb County GA, Upwards To The Battle In The State And Federal Government Against The Republicans - As A Means Of Making Americanized Blacks Proud To Be In A More Worthy Fight

Kevin Oliveira:  Racial & Gender Disparities Exist In Corporate America (But The Low Income Housing In Dekalb County Is A National Role Model For Equality)

CLEARLY this is a "Scientifically Researched" position paper that is worthy of being published in "The Crisis" and on "The".

I DO NOT NEED to rebut the claims of racism in corporate America as the "fair haired White boy" comes in and is put in charge of more educated Negroes, thus proving that there is RACISM.

The best way to confound the claims of Kevin Oliveira is to ask him to detail the reaction from Black people IF DEKALB COUNTY WERE GOVERNED BY WHITE REPUBLICANS.

  • IF White Conservative Republicans - ran the school system, the vessel that all agree is the "Gateway To Equality" BUT THEN a series of financial corruption scandals, failed academic performance and infighting among the school board created the conditions that show anemic academic performance AND a mass migration of "Black Flight Progressives" into Gwinnett County - WOULD Mr Oliveria respond in the same way that he does about "corporate racism"?
  • IF White Conservative Republicans - initiated (what turned out to be) a 50 year plan for LOCAL BLACK POLITICAL POWER (per the design of Bayard Rustin) by which they would VOTE TO ELECT "FAVORABLE PEOPLE INTO POWER" with the promise that this will bring SALVATION TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY, yet upon completion of this scheme - the Black Community's ability to PROVIDE UPWARD THRUST to its congregation is weaker than ever.  WOULD ANY REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS BE FIRED, removed from their ability to take the stage at "Social Justice Rallies" that are seeking for the Americanized Negro to MAKE ANOTHER ROUND OF INVESTMENTS?

Mr Oliveira - in asking the "Racist" Republicans to WORK WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA - is ONLY saying this BECAUSE he agrees with President Obama's IDEOLOGY - assuming it to be "The Right One" and thus seeks to disarm the right-wing opposition in the name of UNITY.

The next generation of "Americanized Black Leaders" will PREVENT people like Mr Oliveira from shifting the inspection of "Black people's valuables" away from their local communities - where there is no opposition Republicans to fight against. 

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