Sunday, December 8, 2013

Melissa Harris-Perry - MSNBC's Own "Sarah Pailin" EXCEPT Her Eccentricities And Use Of 'Slave References' Advance Progressivism So She Is Not Called Out For The Verbal Kanes That She Spews

Once you learned that the use of:

  • Slave References
  • Oppression
  • Misogyny 
  • Injustice
Are all reserved for PROGRESSIVE INDICTMENTS AGAINST THE RIGHT WING - then you'll understand the bifurcated reactions that are seen within the media.

I WISH that MSNBC dismissed Martin Bashir because it wanted to become a credible JOURNALISM OUTFIT.

I AM OPPOSED to anyone getting fired for saying something that is "offensive" because then the "Well Why Didn't They Fire Their Guy When He Offended" scheme will be initiated.  NO STANDARDS will be identified and enforced as a result.

I am more interested to know - since Martin Bashir spent many years as a host of ABC "Nightline" from 2005-2010 in this "news magazine" - how long had he been harboring the extremist positions that came out when he found his "home"? (at MSNBC).     

Who else do we see as "straight men" in the media harbor such a hard left or hard right sentiments? 

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