Monday, August 19, 2013

NPR's Michele Norris Pens Time Magazine Article On "Dr King", Relating To Obama's "Racism Hailing A Cab" But No Mention Of His Drone Bombings. Obama Thanks Her Over Drinks In Martha's Vineyard

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In my sister blog - "Within The Black Community" I do a review of the Time Magazine "Dr King" edition, highlighting the article by Michele Norris.

Mrs Norris talked about lingering racism in America today by borrowing President Obama's hypothetical about the problem he would have in hailing a cab.

I called out Mrs Norris for cherry picking that conjured up experience by the Commander In Chief while failing to mention that in his official government policy he is committing "American Imperialist Actions" that many would be calling "racist" but for his presence in power.

I had forgotten the news that Michele Norris is married to an Obama Campaign Operative.

The bottom line remains - there IS NOT GOING TO BE A MEDIA REPORT noting the irony that on Thursday August 28, 2013 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial the featured speaker invited to discuss the advancement that America has made beyond its previous form of "structural racism" is not going to be "disturbed" by anyone reminding him that the people of color in Yemen and Pakistan deserve "due process" beyond Barack Obama's review of their name on a "hit list" that crosses his desk before the drone strike.

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