Friday, July 19, 2013

There Is No Honor Among Criminals Or Criminal Defense Attorneys: Filled-Negro Hates Upon George Zimmerman's Legal Defense Team

Even though the average Black citizen of Philadelphia is terrorized on the streets by more "Guilty Street Pirates" who were set free with the help of Filled-Negro than anything that Mark O'Mara or Don West has ever done to them out of Sanford Florida - my dear friend Filled-Negro understands that for the Americanized Negro- his OFFENDEDNESS in the way of hurt feelings that a national event did not go their way has a SUPERIOR effect to any damage that he can do in the local "Common Pleas Court".

Regardless of if Filled-Negro's client force a Black woman too her knees with a gun cocked near her temple near Temple University forcing her to cry out "PLEASE don't kill men!!" - the fact is that the Americanized Negro who was heard saying "PLEASE find this bastard guilty!" as the jury in the 'George Zimmerman case' came back from deliberations - is a sign that Filled Negro knows his base of supporters.

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