Sunday, July 14, 2013

Now I See What Happened To "Obama's Rolex Watch With Roland Martin" On TV One

I searched frantically for "Washington Watch With Roland Martin" on TV One today.

When Americanized Blacks are overwhelmingly depressed or full of elation - it is a MUST to record "Black Media" in order to capture it all for continuing research.

Turns out that after all of these years of complaining about the "Lack Of Blacks On Sunday Morning Talk Shows" - Roland Martin - the top Black journalist - according to the "NABJ" has decided to do a weekday morning show.

Of course - with "Fox and Friends" being attacked as biased to the right - those who make these comments usually prove that they are not speaking out of JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY.  They hope to put a BIASED LEFT production that will counter.

TV One Program Succeeds "Washington Watch"

I wish they would keep "Washington Watch" on the air.
The best source of my research on the CORRUPT BLACK MEDIA is the ability to have access to their propaganda.

This Is A CONSERVATIVE BLACK MAN In The Eyes Of Dr Boyce Watkins

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