Saturday, June 1, 2013

WE TV's "Pregnant & Dating" Plays Upon Today's Separation Between Marriage And Child Bearing Leveraging The American Consumer's Lust For Entertainment

I am on record as saying - "Progressive-Fundamentalism" in the social space has no limits and will eventually feed on itself until reasonable minds begin to FEEL the damage done to social order and yield to some of the "oppressive traditions" that they once opposed.

The ironic point for those who "self-medicate" as "the vulnerable in society" is that they can ill-afford to have their potential squandered by an ecosystem in chaos.   A social scene in which the rules for dating have been relaxed turns into a dysfunctional game of "GET OR GET GOT".  

Somewhere between "Women Need To Be Barefoot And Pregnant" and "Women Are Fully Equal Human Beings - Free To Express Their Sexuality To Their Choosing In A Free Society" - is the point where the recognized benefit to society's larger goals are produced through the acceptance of the "norm" of stable, heterosexual, committed relationships though which our children are born.

IF you are looking toward "We TV", "VH1", "MTV" or "Bravo" to make a reality show that edifies this "norm" - you are out of luck.

They are entertainment channels and play into the lust for such entertainment via the larger than life, psychotic characters that drive ratings.

"Pregnant & Dating" IS NOT the cause for societal dysfunction.  It is merely a mile marker of where this consumer society is at this point in time.

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