Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jack & Jill Politics Are Moved To The Projects With An "Angry Black Woman" Who Is Complaining About The Noise That Rikyrah Is Making

When went to the new "This Week In Blackness" blog to capture the URL an audio stream popped up.

"A lot of poor people are POOR AND WHITE"
Then I heard "That's the Republican recruiting strategy.  'When you get wealthy do you want the government taking your money?  They don't realize that they are being strung along"  by Elon the Jokester

This says it all.
The Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chaser.

MY DREAM is for the Black Progressive Fundamentalist to take Elon's warning about REPUBLICANS "stringing them along on a fantasy about wealth" and make note that THE PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT has successfully GOTTEN THE LEAST OF THESE TO INVEST THEIR VALUABLES.

The BQPFRC is allowed to focus on GRIEVANCES about the society as they promise CHANGE.

They practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" where (in New Orleans as they are talking about right now) is an example of MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT without the DEVELOPMENT that was promised.

"The Republican" is a necessary ANTAGONIST   (You are PREJUDICED Elon.  And you have NEVER "Over-Thought ANYTHING - don't worry)

YOU ARE "BUSY" Elon and the rest of the panel

Did Elon said he was a FORMER REPUBLICAN???

What Is A Conservative:  A Former Liberal Who Got Mugged

What Is Elon James White?  - A Former Republican Who Went On UNEMPLOYMENT And Got A Demand From The Government For Him To Give Their $2,000 Back 

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