Sunday, June 30, 2013

Should A Corporate Owned Media Network Be Allowed To Use Racially Derogatory Words Such As "CP Time"?

"Who is this talking on my computer???"

I heard a voice but could not figure out which web page tab it was coming from.

Then the voice referenced "BET" so I turned back to the BET page.

This virtual image in an overlay ad was animated on my screen.   They are getting pretty slick with their ads these day.

Then this person warned everyone to "TUNE IN ON TIME, not CP TIME".


Should I note that because she is Black she is allowed to get away with this?
OR should I note who is on her paycheck and make the case that this is out of bounds?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jack & Jill Politics Are Moved To The Projects With An "Angry Black Woman" Who Is Complaining About The Noise That Rikyrah Is Making

When went to the new "This Week In Blackness" blog to capture the URL an audio stream popped up.

"A lot of poor people are POOR AND WHITE"
Then I heard "That's the Republican recruiting strategy.  'When you get wealthy do you want the government taking your money?  They don't realize that they are being strung along"  by Elon the Jokester

This says it all.
The Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chaser.

MY DREAM is for the Black Progressive Fundamentalist to take Elon's warning about REPUBLICANS "stringing them along on a fantasy about wealth" and make note that THE PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT has successfully GOTTEN THE LEAST OF THESE TO INVEST THEIR VALUABLES.

The BQPFRC is allowed to focus on GRIEVANCES about the society as they promise CHANGE.

They practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" where (in New Orleans as they are talking about right now) is an example of MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT without the DEVELOPMENT that was promised.

"The Republican" is a necessary ANTAGONIST   (You are PREJUDICED Elon.  And you have NEVER "Over-Thought ANYTHING - don't worry)

YOU ARE "BUSY" Elon and the rest of the panel

Did Elon said he was a FORMER REPUBLICAN???

What Is A Conservative:  A Former Liberal Who Got Mugged

What Is Elon James White?  - A Former Republican Who Went On UNEMPLOYMENT And Got A Demand From The Government For Him To Give Their $2,000 Back 

Monday, June 17, 2013

MSNBC's Formula - Even In The Midst Of Federal Government Malfeasance That They Used To Protest Against - KEEP THE ENEMY ON TRIAL

The true character of the Progressive-Fundamentalist is NOT found in their advocacy against the right wing OR EVEN in their silence in support of their friends in power.

Instead it is important to look at the condition of the people they CLAIM to be defending "Social Justice" on behalf of and note any increase that is observable after many years of investment.

The Hip Hop Professor - James B. Peterson strikes again.

Their main goal is to keep their base APPEASED by feeding them the "self-chum" that they like to hear (indictments of the right-wing) so they never get around to looking at what the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is doing.

It would be great to hear Prof Person's view on the proposal to arm the Syrian rebels.  Surely he will mention something about Iraq.  But HE WON'T mention "Patrice Lumuba"

Saturday, June 1, 2013

WE TV's "Pregnant & Dating" Plays Upon Today's Separation Between Marriage And Child Bearing Leveraging The American Consumer's Lust For Entertainment

I am on record as saying - "Progressive-Fundamentalism" in the social space has no limits and will eventually feed on itself until reasonable minds begin to FEEL the damage done to social order and yield to some of the "oppressive traditions" that they once opposed.

The ironic point for those who "self-medicate" as "the vulnerable in society" is that they can ill-afford to have their potential squandered by an ecosystem in chaos.   A social scene in which the rules for dating have been relaxed turns into a dysfunctional game of "GET OR GET GOT".  

Somewhere between "Women Need To Be Barefoot And Pregnant" and "Women Are Fully Equal Human Beings - Free To Express Their Sexuality To Their Choosing In A Free Society" - is the point where the recognized benefit to society's larger goals are produced through the acceptance of the "norm" of stable, heterosexual, committed relationships though which our children are born.

IF you are looking toward "We TV", "VH1", "MTV" or "Bravo" to make a reality show that edifies this "norm" - you are out of luck.

They are entertainment channels and play into the lust for such entertainment via the larger than life, psychotic characters that drive ratings.

"Pregnant & Dating" IS NOT the cause for societal dysfunction.  It is merely a mile marker of where this consumer society is at this point in time.