Monday, May 6, 2013

This One Won't Likely Get Past The Moderator So I Posted It Here As Well

My Brown Baby

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Covers The Morehouse Rape Situation In A Manner That Other Media Doesn't Cover These Type Of "THINGS" 

[quote]who always manages to dig into the issues of the day in ways I wish mainstream media would bother to[/quote]
Do you recall if Dr Harris-Perry has spoken of:
1) The Impact Of US Drone Strikes On Yemen And Other Nation's Of Color?
2) How The Assignment Of The Black Panther In Cuba To The American Terrorist Watch List Marks A "Wrap Around" Of The Black Progressive Struggle - Where The Forces That Used To Be Condemned As "The Oppressor" Is Now Fully Supported By The Black Voter - The Black Press Has Necessarily Compromised Itself To Protect Its Interests In The Government While Stringing The Black Rank And File Along As If They Are Revolutionaries?
3) The "THINGS" aborted in the Philadelphia Clinic look a bit more like what our African-Ancestors prayed over with the hopes that they would grow into the "Kings and Queens" that she had once felt comfortable admitting before she saw the film footage.
With all due respect - and again I am not challenging your right to have an opinion - Dr Perry ONLY "digs into issues" that amplifies her Progressive-Bias and stays clear of SELF-INDICTMENTS that might cause her to wonder aloud if this Progressivism is actually developing Black people commensurate to the investments made.

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