Sunday, May 5, 2013

Filled Negro Watch - Clarence Thomas Is The "Most Dangerous Black Man In America". Commander In Chief Obama Is The Most Dangerous American Black Man To The Africans"

Filled Negro Says That US Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas Is The MOST DANGEROUS BLACK MAN IN AMERICA

In truth Clarence Thomas irks the BLACK PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST BIGOT more than any other Black Republican.
Despite The Fact That The Obama/Holder Justice Department Placed A Black Panther On The "American Terrorist Watch"..........

My Observation Of How "KEEP YOUR ENEMY ON TRIAL SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO INDICT YOUR FRIENDS" - Is Proven Accurate, Once Again.

Filled Negro Diverts His "Self-Chum Feeders" To What THE RIGHT WING THINKS About The Black Panther Rather Than Asking Obama/Holder To Tell Special Agent In Charge Aaron Ford To Not Put Her On The Terrorist List.

I Am FBI Special Agent In Charge Aaron Ford - And I Report To Mueller, Holder And Obama

Constructive Feedback Unversity

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