Friday, April 26, 2013

HuffPo Blax Is Employed To Focus On Two Types Of Polls

"The Blacks View Of The GOP"
"Keep The Blacks Focused On The Democratic Party And Progressivism As Their Gateway To Community Salvation"

Fox News Says That George W Bush's Poll Numbers Are Rising?  Get Real.

We Set The Stage For 'The Blacks' In The Poorest, Most Crime-Ridden And Educationally Deprived Sections Of Philadelphia To Vote "Straight Democrat Ticket" - We Need To Take This Successful Strategy And Scale It Nationally To The Other Blacks That Are Not Doing Their Part As They Are Only At 92%

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

David Love Of The Grio.Com Keeping An Eye On Obama's Right Wing Critics. David Love Of Black Commentator - Green Lighted The Article Calling Out Progressives Who Have Sold Out To Barack Obama

David Love The Progressive Fundamentalist Operative For CORPORATE OWNED MEDIA

David Love The Advocate For Economic/Social And Justice Justice In The Venue Which Accepts Tax Deductible Donations 

1972 - Creating A Viable Gary Indiana Run By Leftist Fundamentalists 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Secret Thoughts Of Paid-Black Progressive Journalists - Zerlina Maxwell

".....................On second thought I had better not reach over and kiss him in the mouth, fulfilling the hopes of so many Black female and Black Gay Male journalists.    The right wing had a field day with Monica Lewisky and gave the 'First Black President' an impeachment.   I don't want go down in history like that.  I need to compose myself and stick to expressing my love for him through my journalistic submissions."