Monday, March 18, 2013

The World According To Jack White - Mentor To Today's Young LampBlacked Yellow Journalists

It should be no surprise to anyone that the man who was so heavily involved in the "Ronald Reagan Went To Philly Mississippi - 16 years after the Civil Rights workers murders and failed to pay tribute to them" scam - is also incompetent to address the modern day problems in Philadelphia Pennsylvania - because his employment contract with the Washington Post's "The" has him focused on his favorite subject - "The Right Wing".

One would be surprised after reading Mr White's scribble that he was a tenured employee for "Time Inc".

Upon closer inspection of the other paid operatives on the bright light on a back porch of "Progressivism" - "The" is merely an opportunity for young LampBlacked Yellow Journalists to insert an entry on their resume.   While Jack White is retired from his "real work" - these young mentorees hope to one day reach the pinnacle of their careers  -getting a job on MSNBC or "The Nation" magazine - just like Melissa Harris-Perry accomplished.

Once you understand that Jack White and the LampBlack Yellow Journalists are EMPLOYED to PLEASE the "Americanized Black Political Consumer" AND NOT to CONFRONT and MITIGATE the problems within the Black community - using "Organic Competency Development" techniques - you will understand why they publish the "self-chum" that appears on their pages.

Jack White Says - "Just Because 2% Of Condoms Break And Trigger A Pregnancy Should Not Motivate Anyone To Stop The Free Condom Distribution Program - The Right Wing Might Still Try To Infect Black People With Syphilis "

(No disrespect to the family of Officer Walker but Jack White's argument is just plain stupid - just like the section title above)

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