Tuesday, February 19, 2013

While Mediaite Heaps Praise On Toure's Ability To Attract Attention Via NEGATE-tion, The Author Never Looks Toward Toure's Investors To Detect Organic Development Or Conscious Edification

Bad PR Is Better Than No PR: As Touré Shows, Shock Reigns Supreme In Cable News

I can think of no better face as a representative of what is wrong with what fronts as "Black Journalism" today.

On second thought - let me take that back.

Toure' is just one specimen in the collection of "highly intellectualized rogues" who were recruited, hired and then paid to feed "The Blacks" the "Soul Food Seasoned "Self-Chum" and then blame the right wing for the hypertension and their lack of "social justice health care".

The best way to negate the rantings of this man is to move beyond what is PLEASING to the Progressive masses.

Instead you must focus upon the CONGREGATION.   Set up a certain index for their development via the institutions that he compels them to focus upon in their take over - but then demand that they have an "out of body experience" , stepping away from their "Struggle" and from a distance - look upon themselves and ask "ARE YOU BEING DEVELOPED"?

Toure' is one of the long line of self-absorbed "Alpha Black Males" that I have run across.  Their "Blackness" is so much a part of their ideological persona - that the only thing that you can be sure of is - just like the sanctified Christian - few will stand in "Black Heaven" but Toure' will be there to greet them saying "Welcome Brother - we finally defeated the racist right wing".

HAVE YOU EVER heard Toure' say on MSNBC - "I will NOT go along with this plan!  Despite being 'Progressive' it appears to be against what my 'African Ancestors that I live vicariously through' would want me to do.  I heard their spirits echo through me as I listened to my 'Black Eyed Peas' collection on my Sonus wireless music system at home last night".

Like a bigoted Southern sheriff during the Civil Rights Era - Toure' always arrests "the guilty party", protecting the community from these criminals.

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