Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How "Politics 365" Lost All Credibility With Me And Got A Big "LOL" From Me In The Process


If YOU THINK that THEY THINK that the Black Community is in a crisis and that CHANGE MUST HAPPEN - AND you think that they can see that THEY MUST CHANGE by stop focusing on FOOLISHNESS - you are MISTAKEN.

I give credit to my friend Filled Negro.    He knows his congregation and the "Self-chum" that they like, better than I can make the case that they are a part of the problem.    No amount of news from Philadelphia or any other "Mission Accomplished Zone" will promote to them the need that the "Black Rank &  File" need to be PROTECTED FROM their exploits.   Instead they merely work to propagandize what the masses what to hear and "I KNOW WHO DID THIS TO US".

Filled Negro Is A Non-White White Supremacist - The "Ying" To The "Yang" That The White Right "White Supremacist" Wing Bigots That I Debate With On "Stuff Black People Don't Like"

Filled Negro's Priorities - Handing Out Self Chum To His Congregation   Blax News Auditions To Become A Partner With Politic365 As Our Stature Is Equal To That Of "Filled Negro" Except We Have Not Setup Our "Black BroadBand Initiative" To Get More Blacks Pulled Into Our Propaganda.

A White Man Says Michelle Obama Has A Fat But.  Filled Negro is OFFENDED by the constant RACIST attacks on the "First Family"

The USA Makes An Attack A Day - Just Like The Racist White Wing In America Does Against "Black People" BUT The USA Has More DEADLY IMPACT.

Filled Negro Is Merely INSULTED, Telling Other Black Americans About How Angry He Is.

Filled Negro Sees White People Calling It "Black Mystery Month", Makes The Case: "This Nation Is A Racist As When They Were Lynching Black People As Ever"

A Ninja Got Himself Kilt On "James P Brawley Drive" Near Clark Atlanta University - Murdered Before He Grew To Know WHO "James P Brawley Was".

Past Presidents Of Clark College:
1940-1941 Acting Presidency of James P. Brawley 
1941-1965 Presidency of James P. Brawley 

The Letter On Campus Safety From The CURRENT President Of Clark Atlanta University. 
It seems that STREET PIRATES DON'T GIVE A DAMN About Black Young People Seeking To Make Something Out Of Themselves Via Education

The Koreans Plan To Go Into The "Plaque And Trophy Business" In Support Of The Demand For Self-Affirmation From Black People

Filled Negro Is INSULTED That A Republican In South Carolina Made A Tweet Against Trayvon Martin.

Bensalem NJ Plans Gun Buy Back Program.  REFUSE To Hold A Gun Buy Back In West Philly Because They Say That It Is Too Dangerous, Expecially Near "Malcolm X Park" Where At Least 3 Black People Have Been Murdered In The Surrounding Community Recently.  
If Anyone Brings A Gun Across State Lines Into NJ In Order To Sell It At The Gun Buy Back Program - They Will Be Arrested

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