Thursday, February 14, 2013

How Filled Negro's Priorities As Expressed Through His Topic Selection Proves Damning To The Credibility Of Politc365 - His Colaboration Partner

On February 13, 2013 - My good friend Filled Negro - thought leader of "AfroSpear" believed that the #1 story, relevant to the Black Community - from the "State Of The Union Speech" was Republican US Senator Rubio's drink of water.

I understand that Filled-Negro's sweet tooth had him preferring the Koolaid that President Obama was passing out as compared to plain water.   After all - Obama's spending plans - oh sorry - Investments - won't cost the American tax payers a single dime.

When you live in a city with such little hope but with a bevy of ballots for the taking - IF - you construct and maintain a sufficient narrative, the one that Mayor Nutter seems to have mastered - then there is little need to target your messages in line to the truth on the streets.

My dear friend Filled Negro is the king of the "Self-Chum" distributors.

I decided to go to my stables of "Philly News" and assist in painting an accurate picture of Philadelphia.  This frees up Filled-Negro to keep listening to his "Tupaq" collection while screening the various Republican video tapes.

Ethics In The Philadelphia City Council Helen Ubinas: Council's not exactly the Ethical Society
PA State Legislature Agrees To Abolish Corrupt Philly Traffic Court
Pa. Senate OKs plan to abolish corruption-filled Traffic Court
First Grader Brings A Gun To School Woman, 32, charged in connection with gun found at North Philly school 

How many Black students were put at risk with the presence of this firearm in the school?

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Homicide Teen Found Dead In Apartment In Chester County

Rodney Lee Faulkner Of Delaware - 21 Years Old - Is This The Same Person? Body Found In Del. Ditch Identified As 21-Year-Old - Rodney Lee Faulker

Story #2

Rodney Lee Faulkner - Sex Offender

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