Saturday, February 9, 2013

Former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh Is Of SUPERIOR Concern To Some People Than Are The Conditions In Chicago That Incubate The Deadly Consciosuenss

Hinterland Gazette: Former Rep. Joe Walsh Criticizes Michelle Obama’s Plans to Attend Hadiya Pendleton’s Funeral

This line of thinking is how the FAILED LEADERSHIP over Mission Accomplished Zones - get reaffirmed because the EXTERNAL RIGHT WING CRITIC is judged to be the SUPERIOR threat.

[quote]Okay, his point is well taken but I have to ask, how many funerals of young black males in the Chicago area has he attended?[/quote]

When you rise above your "PSYCHOLOGICAL TRANSFERENCE" and its ability to APPEASE you - you will become a better journalist.
You surmise that Walsh's failure to attend any "Black funerals' is a SUPERIOR INDICTMENT than the Black person who MURDERED them.
Yet - the adults who manage the ecosystem within which this deadly consciousness has been fomented are allowed to get their leadership positions REAFFIRMED - because the RACIST WALSH justifies your defensiveness.
Unfortunately the VALUE of the WOULD BE PILLARS OF OUR COMMUNITY is lost in your transaction of intellectual dishonesty. 

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