Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WAOK's Dr White: "Look At All Of Those People Who Blindly Follow Rush Limbuagh"

In defending Obama's immigration decision - WAOK's "Obama girl" ASSURED her audience that President Obama INTENDS ON STRENGTHENING BORDER SECURITY.   HE SAID IT, after all.

But of course "Obama said it.  I believe it" is not good enough in his second term.
She then had to add the "Rush Limbaugh has blind followers" diversion, knowing that this will have a predictable effect on her listeners.

What are the chances that "Dr White" will ever "clear the table" and have a week-long discussion of AMERICAN IMPERIALISM IN AFRICA - Unchanged, If Not Ramped UP, During Obama?

They want you to believe that Obama is the "100% Epitome Of BLACK PERMANENT INTERESTS" and that any shortfall is a result of RIGHT WING INTERFERENCE.

Instead THEY ARE A CORRUPTION OF BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE.   Standing up RIGHT WING diversions to AVOID discussions about their fraud and incompetence at DEVELOPING "THE LEAST OF THESE" who have given over their valuables.

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