Monday, January 7, 2013

"Keli Goff's Letters To Obama" Report

The Root: How Will Obama Handle Immigration?

(The Root) -- Between now and the inauguration on Jan. 21, The Root will be taking a daily look at the president's record on a number of policy issues, including his first-term accomplishments and what many Americans hope to see him accomplish in a second term. Today: immigration. See previous postings in this series here.

If I told you that progressive fundamentalist journalist Keli Goff operated in the mode of "making a clearing of right-wing adversaries for Obama to deliver a 'Progressive Public Policy' agenda" would I be mistaken?
The problem that I have with Keli Goff and other "Black Progressive Fundamentalist Journalists" with the same mindset is that they take as a GIVEN that their "progressive left polices" will usher in a "new day" for "The Least Of These" in America and that their job is to provide the narrative upon which Black America can understand the issues de jure.

The key problem with this scheme is that as they rack up "Mission Accomplishments", compelling Black people to contribute our "valuables" - the "regulatory capture" that they represent after losing their independent consideration of the actual DEVELOPMENT of the Black community - makes them merely propaganda arms of the resident progressive machine in power.

With the use of "Obama's First Term ACCOMPLISHMENTS on Immigration" in her text - is there any chance that Ms Goff will ever find a policy of the US Government reprehensible when Obama is at the helm?

I assure you that such policies will not be a point of condemnation of the President BUT "one that slipped through that he should be advised to correct".

Instead Of "Accomplishments" Or "Failures" Of The Obama Administration Wouldn't It Be More Logical For The "Black Press" To Look At "What Does This All Mean For The DEVELOPMENT Of The Black Community"?

Ms Goff's report reads like a "team coordinator".
It goes without saying that OBAMA IS "in the best interests of the Black community" and thus his success means "Black success" (in her view).

In truth Ms Goff is not preeminently interested in "the development of the Black community", making sure that our INSTITUTIONS are strong so that we as a people will fair better in the coming "No-Majority Race In Power" nation.

Ms Goff is interested in having "PROGRESSIVISM TO WIN", from this, she assumes "Black People Will Win" because most Black people support progressivism.
Even this is not accurate.

It is more accurate to say that the average politically minded Black person sees "The White (Right-Wing/Corporate) Power Structure" as a road block to their development.  If they can grow GOVERNMENT power and then regulate and tax this adversary - this will allow their numerical power to over come that which "leverage and financing" was previously able to counter their efforts.

We will never hear Keli Goff "travel to Mexico" in any of her reports and note how the conditions of "Social Justice" for women, for workers or for average citizens is there - making an inference that it will take more than a progressive numerical majority to DEVELOP America into the place of her dreams.

The point is not that "Mexicans" as a national or racial phenotype (Hispanics) have some intrinsic lack of capability to create "America 2100".   The point is that Ms Goff and other Progressive fundamentalists who have shown little interest in examining the impact of their policies in local places that it dominates, instead choosing to "sell the future" - proclaiming that by pushing progressivism into a higher rung of government that THIS will fix what has failed locally because of so many external variables that were left in the hands of the Right-Wing.

The ONLY way to counter a mindset like the one expressed by Keli Goff is to DEMAND that they show evidence of "Development Of The Least Of These", commensurate to the VALUABLES that she provided marketing cover for those who held the collection plates.

This is her greatest failing and will continue to be so.

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