Monday, January 28, 2013

Hinterland Gazette

Have you ever stepped back and did a "macro view" of your content?
You are relegated into publishing:
1) Murder and Mayhem - particularly within the Black community
2) Ignorance said by the Right Wing
3) A "Fan Girl" for Obama
Where is the CONNECTEDNESS on your way to a SOLUTION (for the Black community)?
Are the words of injury received from the right wing going to mitigate the violence/murder, educational and economic issues within the Black community Janet - OR does it merely prove to be a soothing affirmation of what you believe?
Likewise does a "Strong Obama The GOP Fighter" prove any different than Atlanta, Philly, Chicago or Newark where there IS NO REPUBLICAN THREAT to speak of BUT the BLACK COMMUNITY is still plagued with the same problems that POLITICS were to fix or remediate?
Oscar Grant's tale where a man in police custody was a victim of manslauter by a transit cop is indeed a compelling backdrop for a message movie.  As a defender of the 1st Amendment - i have no problem with the filmmakers motives.
I DO KNOW, however, that the monopoly majority means by which young Black males who get killed are of no cinematic interest to the film makers because so many of them die senselessly.   
I hope that you will one day see, however, that THEY DIE IN SILENCE largely because of the VOID IN GOVERNANCE that is present within their community - the force who was chartered to develop CONSCIOUSNESS AND CHARACTER within - are instead running political opportunism and are more focused on what their right wing enemy is doing. 

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