Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WAOK's Dr White: "Look At All Of Those People Who Blindly Follow Rush Limbuagh"

In defending Obama's immigration decision - WAOK's "Obama girl" ASSURED her audience that President Obama INTENDS ON STRENGTHENING BORDER SECURITY.   HE SAID IT, after all.

But of course "Obama said it.  I believe it" is not good enough in his second term.
She then had to add the "Rush Limbaugh has blind followers" diversion, knowing that this will have a predictable effect on her listeners.

What are the chances that "Dr White" will ever "clear the table" and have a week-long discussion of AMERICAN IMPERIALISM IN AFRICA - Unchanged, If Not Ramped UP, During Obama?

They want you to believe that Obama is the "100% Epitome Of BLACK PERMANENT INTERESTS" and that any shortfall is a result of RIGHT WING INTERFERENCE.

Instead THEY ARE A CORRUPTION OF BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE.   Standing up RIGHT WING diversions to AVOID discussions about their fraud and incompetence at DEVELOPING "THE LEAST OF THESE" who have given over their valuables.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hinterland Gazette

Have you ever stepped back and did a "macro view" of your content?
You are relegated into publishing:
1) Murder and Mayhem - particularly within the Black community
2) Ignorance said by the Right Wing
3) A "Fan Girl" for Obama
Where is the CONNECTEDNESS on your way to a SOLUTION (for the Black community)?
Are the words of injury received from the right wing going to mitigate the violence/murder, educational and economic issues within the Black community Janet - OR does it merely prove to be a soothing affirmation of what you believe?
Likewise does a "Strong Obama The GOP Fighter" prove any different than Atlanta, Philly, Chicago or Newark where there IS NO REPUBLICAN THREAT to speak of BUT the BLACK COMMUNITY is still plagued with the same problems that POLITICS were to fix or remediate?
Oscar Grant's tale where a man in police custody was a victim of manslauter by a transit cop is indeed a compelling backdrop for a message movie.  As a defender of the 1st Amendment - i have no problem with the filmmakers motives.
I DO KNOW, however, that the monopoly majority means by which young Black males who get killed are of no cinematic interest to the film makers because so many of them die senselessly.   
I hope that you will one day see, however, that THEY DIE IN SILENCE largely because of the VOID IN GOVERNANCE that is present within their community - the force who was chartered to develop CONSCIOUSNESS AND CHARACTER within - are instead running political opportunism and are more focused on what their right wing enemy is doing. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

"Keli Goff's Letters To Obama" Report

The Root: How Will Obama Handle Immigration?

(The Root) -- Between now and the inauguration on Jan. 21, The Root will be taking a daily look at the president's record on a number of policy issues, including his first-term accomplishments and what many Americans hope to see him accomplish in a second term. Today: immigration. See previous postings in this series here.

If I told you that progressive fundamentalist journalist Keli Goff operated in the mode of "making a clearing of right-wing adversaries for Obama to deliver a 'Progressive Public Policy' agenda" would I be mistaken?
The problem that I have with Keli Goff and other "Black Progressive Fundamentalist Journalists" with the same mindset is that they take as a GIVEN that their "progressive left polices" will usher in a "new day" for "The Least Of These" in America and that their job is to provide the narrative upon which Black America can understand the issues de jure.

The key problem with this scheme is that as they rack up "Mission Accomplishments", compelling Black people to contribute our "valuables" - the "regulatory capture" that they represent after losing their independent consideration of the actual DEVELOPMENT of the Black community - makes them merely propaganda arms of the resident progressive machine in power.

With the use of "Obama's First Term ACCOMPLISHMENTS on Immigration" in her text - is there any chance that Ms Goff will ever find a policy of the US Government reprehensible when Obama is at the helm?

I assure you that such policies will not be a point of condemnation of the President BUT "one that slipped through that he should be advised to correct".

Instead Of "Accomplishments" Or "Failures" Of The Obama Administration Wouldn't It Be More Logical For The "Black Press" To Look At "What Does This All Mean For The DEVELOPMENT Of The Black Community"?

Ms Goff's report reads like a "team coordinator".
It goes without saying that OBAMA IS "in the best interests of the Black community" and thus his success means "Black success" (in her view).

In truth Ms Goff is not preeminently interested in "the development of the Black community", making sure that our INSTITUTIONS are strong so that we as a people will fair better in the coming "No-Majority Race In Power" nation.

Ms Goff is interested in having "PROGRESSIVISM TO WIN", from this, she assumes "Black People Will Win" because most Black people support progressivism.
Even this is not accurate.

It is more accurate to say that the average politically minded Black person sees "The White (Right-Wing/Corporate) Power Structure" as a road block to their development.  If they can grow GOVERNMENT power and then regulate and tax this adversary - this will allow their numerical power to over come that which "leverage and financing" was previously able to counter their efforts.

We will never hear Keli Goff "travel to Mexico" in any of her reports and note how the conditions of "Social Justice" for women, for workers or for average citizens is there - making an inference that it will take more than a progressive numerical majority to DEVELOP America into the place of her dreams.

The point is not that "Mexicans" as a national or racial phenotype (Hispanics) have some intrinsic lack of capability to create "America 2100".   The point is that Ms Goff and other Progressive fundamentalists who have shown little interest in examining the impact of their policies in local places that it dominates, instead choosing to "sell the future" - proclaiming that by pushing progressivism into a higher rung of government that THIS will fix what has failed locally because of so many external variables that were left in the hands of the Right-Wing.

The ONLY way to counter a mindset like the one expressed by Keli Goff is to DEMAND that they show evidence of "Development Of The Least Of These", commensurate to the VALUABLES that she provided marketing cover for those who held the collection plates.

This is her greatest failing and will continue to be so.

Ebony Magazine: The Peddlers Of "White Propaganda" To Black Folks Who Wish To Be Appeased Rather Than Deal With Our Community By MANAGING Toward Better Outcomes

White Propaganda -
White propaganda is propaganda which truthfully states its origin.[1][2] It is the most common type of propaganda. It generally comes from an openly identified source, and is characterized by gentler methods of persuasion than black propaganda (which purports to come from the opposite side to that which actually produced it) and grey propaganda (which has no identifiable source or author). It typically uses standard public relations techniques and one-sided presentation of an argument. Jacques Ellul, in one of the major books on the subject of propaganda, Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes, mentions white propaganda as an awareness of the public of attempts being made to influence it.


From various articles over the year we all know - "Ebony Magazine" believes that GUNS ARE KILLING BLACK PEOPLE.   They believe that the Black community will be safer by "going after the guns".

As it expresses its "compartmentalization" skills, the content producers at Ebony were able to look past the "Tommy gun" that "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" rapper T.I. was attempting to purchase several years ago - ignoring that there was a 99% chance that a BLACK MAN would be the recipient of a bullet from this gun - as they were able to see "LOVE" between T.I.  and the woman who stood beside him through his internment in the "New Jim Crow" prison system.

(Note:  You don't hire "Michael Arceneaux" and feature his work prominently without first degrading your journalistic standards.   This is true of today's "Ebony Magazine".   It has lost its way.)

Then again - it is also true that "The Family Hustle" and Ebony Magazine was not written for ME as seen by the comments that the VH1 site has generated.