Friday, December 28, 2012

The Woman Behind The Curtain Of "Jack & Jill Politics"

My post directed at Rikyrah pointing out the irony of her own lift up of "The Rich and the Powerful"


YOUR ACCEPTANCE of this post shows much about YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

You live vicariously through Obama to a point where "OBAMA THE SHINING STAR" blinds you about the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT that he is atop of the Executive Branch.

Watching "Democracy Now" right now: "US Drone strikes have decreased in Pakistan in 2012 but have substantially increased in Yemen".

There is NOTHING that the US Government could do right now that would cause you to move past your desire to RAISE UP OBAMA against RIGHT WING THREATS and instead choose to "Occupy" a protest station against any decision from the White House.

Your juxtaposition in terms is quite interesting.

Normally the Right Wing is accused of superiorizing the "POWERFUL" as they degrade the "Least Of These". When "The Least Of These" commit violence or if they are IGNORANT - you and others are appeased with the notion that their IMPOVERISHED CONDITION is the reason for their actions.

BUT today it is YOU who worships the powerful - Obama - and reject the POOR AND IGNORANT Trailer Trash who attack favorable people in power.

But this is the least of the indictment that should be brought against you. As Chicago registers 500 murders - DECADES after putting their fail in the "False Jesus Of Social Justice" you can't bring yourself to do introspection of your ENTIRE scheme of "idol worship" of tentative power.

When I read the WHITE BIGOTS that I deal with and they are hammering "Black Run Cities" (like the one you live around) they point to the RESULTS and then make an interpolation about the (genetic) competencies of the large populous of Black people. The truth is that people who think like YOU are responsible for the Chicagos, the Detroits, the Newarks, the Philadelphias of the world. So invested in POLITICS that you can't bring yourself to see the damage that you are causing to the DEVELOPMENT of Black people.

If Black people are appeased and happy because they invested their HOPES into a "False God" and are expressing their "Blackness" in a manner that advances YOUR ideology and POLITICS  then YOU are happy.   You look past the dysfunction (with POPULAR MANDATE for doing so) but you ultimately FAIL to create a culture and environment to ever mitigate these problems.


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