Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thomas Ricks - The War Correspondent Who Told Tavis Smiley That He Loved President Obama More Than Smiley Does Calls Out Fox News' Benghazi Attack Coverage As Republican Shilling

I saw Atlanta Journal Constitution progressive operative Jay Bookman highlighting the guest who went on Fox News and called their reporting on the Benghazi attacks politically motivated because Fox News is an arm of the Republican Party.

I did not have the picture of the rogue guest at my disposal to see who he is.   I was going to hold on to Bookman's column and his partner in crime, editorial columnist Mike Luckovich - who also takes the "Republican attacking Obama" angle for use in a post to show the grand diversion racket.

You see - despite the romantic tryst by General Patreaus and the claims of RACISM against Susan Rice - the grand "attention filibuster" that is going on regarding Libya is the fact that AMERICAN CIA OPERATIVES had flooded the country.   Before this, the "Humanitarian Mission" upon Libya got a serious pass.

We are living in a depraved nation when we see that more press coverage has been invested on General Patreaus' "Booty Call" than they bothered to venerate the claim that the USA and 5 former African Colonists, operating through NATO were doing as King Leopold II of Belgium said he was going to do in The Congo - prior to making it his personal holding - execute a "Humanitarian Mission".

This evening I was watching "Democracy Now".

If you don't watch the complete spectrum of the news - right and left - you won't see how the various operatives in the news media work to "Work an Issue" for their own advantage.

Interestingly enough - after more than 16 years of exposing "CIA Operatives" in South America, Central America, Haiti and Africa - it seems that Amy Goodman and crew on "Democracy Now" weren't actually worried about the America CIA after all.   They were focused on THE RIGHT WING domestic operatives and how they were directing the CIA to do damage around the world.

Today - despite the fact that the story of Libya IS THE AMERICAN CIA and imperialism - Ms Goodman has neutralized this angle and is instead focusing upon the Democratic/Republican domestic battle at home.

A week after the fact Democracy Now showed the video of war reporter Thomas Ricks going rogue on Fox News - calling it an arm of the Republican Party.    To be clear I do not believe that Democracy Now is an arm of the Democratic Party.  It is an arm of PROGRESSIVISM.   MSNBC is to the Democratic Party what Fox is to the GOP.  

Tying this all back into Jay Bookman and other Progressive operatives - in the spirit of "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" - despite all of the coordinated fraud of the "Left-wing Press" during this election season - the analogue of what the right wing press did for the Republicans - the post elections attacks upon Fox News in which the progressives have blamed it and its "lies" for the loss of the GOP has been astounding.   There is not a pot that is blacker.

Thomas Ricks Makes His Rounds In Progressive Circles Without Being Challenged On Warmongering

Watch Journalist Thomas Ricks on PBS. See more from Tavis Smiley.
Credit Democracy Now for giving me the picture of the rogue guest on Fox.  Once I saw the face and then the name - I recalled that this is the same guy who was on "The Tavis Smiley Show" about 2 weeks ago.

Just to set this up - we must remember that Smiley/West was in a pitched battle with "Black Progressive Democrats" who "sold out to Obama".    Prof Cornel West had blew over the embers that had been cooling and called out a list of his Black progressive brothers for shilling for Obama over their progressive principles.   Tavis Smiley reaffirmed his brother's view.

Then, a few days later, I saw Thomas Ricks on Tavis Smiley's show, making the comment (paraphrased) "Well Tavis I believe that I LOVE President Obama more than you do" (and then he went on to make a reference to Obama's MORE EFFECTIVE WAR MAKING which one uped the past actions of the Republican predecessor and the present Republican opposition.

Tavis Smiley's grand flaw was exposed once again.   I don't have a problem with him being "Hard Left".   In the midst of a COMPLEMENT from a fellow Progressive Fundamentalist - Tavis Smiley had NO CONDEMNATION TO OFFER about PRESIDENT OBAMA'S WAR MAKING.   He took in the complement from Ricks and said "Great Presidents are not made they are PRESSURED into becoming great".

All of this is important as it supports my greater set of conclusions.

Opposition to war (today at least) is nearly 100% PARTISAN.  Anyone who believes that a Progressive is an automatic anti-war voice is fooling themselves.

What we have is the case where a war-incident triggers them to make an appraisal of the value of coming out hard against American imperialism versus the COST or ADVANTAGE in their domestic political struggle against the right wing.

Thus - when a Republican President is in power - there really is no consequence to take to the street and call him a "Mass Killer", a violator of human rights, a torturer.

When a Democratic President is in power, having learned how anti-war movements also sever the progressive domestic agenda as was the case with President Johnson - we see the greater will to pragmatically temper their criticism.   But this is only a shallow analysis of the truth.

Shut Up And Let The Right-Wing War Machine Do The Talking

I marvel at how knee-jerk the right wing is when it comes to war.

Even though you have a President Obama who, by all practical purposes is "The Left's" George McGovern which carried their HOPES - the fact that Obama is merely a "More Efficient Imperialist" than Bush is lost on the right-wing.

When it comes to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Drone Wars and Libya's "Humanitarian Mission" - the Right wing is unable to shake loose its dogmatism and see the truth of the situation.

When Obama fires 5 drone blasts into Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia - the Right Wing FAILS to say to the left - "Your buddy sure is a Dove".

Instead they take to their news outlets and make the case that: "Obama should have fired 20 missiles instead of 5 and he should have done it sooner and should still be dropping bombs"!!!
( I do a head slap when I observe their stupidity)

The operatives at MSNBC and the rest of the left wing operative press receive the best escape hatch from their own fraud and contradictions thanks to the Republicans.   INSTEAD OF having to go against Obama for violating their "Anti-War" stance OR them having to ask "How many schools could have been built with the 5 bombs that Obama has dropped?   How big of a contract did Raytheon receive for restocking the missiles" - they ONLY need to tell themselves to "SHUT UP!!!  LET THE GOP form the narrative."  From the extreme position that the GOP casts - the only message that the left wing press needs to present - after "Keeping Their Enemy On Trial" is "SEE.  Our lesser evil, while problematic is no where near as bad as what you would have to deal with if they were in power".  

  • Tavis Smiley didn't have to rebuke Ricks on his analysis of Obama's war making - which violates his own "Progressive Social Justice"
  • Jay Bookman doesn't have to tell us about the various Republicans who went on MSNBC and asked if they receive the Obama talking points each morning (something akin to this happened about the same time that the Ricks on Fox story broke)
  • Amy Goodman is not going to be called out by her Progressive base for seemingly taking a liking to the American CIA, being that "The Right-Wing" is no longer in charge of them
  • The Black-wing Grievance Talk Radio - paired with the Washington Post can ask "When did you stop beating your wife because you learned she is an octoroon?"  regarding the criticism of Dr Susan Rice.   They have successfully gotten the story away from THE CIA IN AFRICA.    

We must accept that the chant:  "Patrice Lumumba was killed by the America CIA, who's agents then came back and joined the FBI to do COINTELPRO' is merely a "Remember The Alamo" call used today by operatives.

I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU ALL - but for ME - these are abundant times.  (Take away the impending economic collapse - which is depressing).  

So many MASKS are coming off, as many of those who have long FRONTED - are showing what is really of value to them.

The notions of "Protect Africa" or "The CIA seeks to upend all weak governments in the name of American imperialism" are both OUT OF THE DOOR for me.   
These international subjects closely parallel my stripping of "The NAACP" of it's "Civil Rights - battlefield Red Cross - Don't Shoot" status.

The time to show your character and credibility was NOT when YOUR ENEMY was in power and you expressed your "Moral Outrage".    It is when you optionally CHOSE to pull away from the feast that was on the table before you, set up by your FRIENDS IN POWER - because YOU are a self proclaimed "Social Justice Vegan" and the yard bird of American imperialism is laying on the plate before you - waiting for you to dig in.

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