Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Cadence Of Malcolm X Against A "Fraudulent Negro" Of Today

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You would THINK that when this consciousness is LEFT ALL ALONE, BY ITSELF - without its WHITE RIGHT-WING/KOCH BROTHERS antagonists - that they would produce enough "Social Justice" to begin offering a double helping to the former 'Least Of These', triggering "Obesity from eating so much Social Justice".

Instead - careful observation - shows that this is all TALK.  It affords them the ability to explain away their failures by always telling about how their scheme WOULD HAVE WORKED had the enemy gone along rather than running interference. 

They can't accept that when THEIR ENEMY is in power - THEY ARE THE INTERFERENCE.

1) Let us affix A VALUE to "The Negro's Vote" - IT IS CLEAR that the DEMOCRATS have NOT LOST in this 50 YEAR DEVELOPMENT SCHEME - as NO LEADING NEGRO FINANCIAL ADVISER recommends that the Congregation PULL THE CASH out of this PORTFOLIO that they have recommended for your salvation
2) IN YOUR PERVERTED MIND - you view "The Economic Recovery" FROM A "GOVERNMENT CENTRIC" / 'POLITICAL CENTRIC" view. Thus when the nearby Congresswoman Rep Fredrick Wilson stood on stage at the CBC Jobs Fair Rally the night before and said "THE REPUBLICANS ARE THE REASON WHY YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED" - you stood to your feet IN THE CHURCH - but failed to note that this JOBS bill ONLY PROMISED 2.5 million jobs for a price of $384 BILLION - but THERE WERE over 4 Million Negroes unemployed in a base of 14-17 million Americans unemployed.
The Normal Negro Progressive Disposition about THE GOVERNMENT BEING "Too Short And Too Late" WAS TRANSFIXED because THE NEGRO PROGRESSIVE'S integrity has been CORRUPTED due to his will to have OBAMA stand taller than himself. (AND you BELIEVE THAT your problem is WHITE SUPREMACY - when, in truth - YOU have the 'Great Black Hope' syndrome where YOU NEED a BLACK PROGRESSIVE to STAND TALLER THAN THE WHITE RIGHT WING ENEMY!!!!!!!!!
When he shows himself to be an EQUAL IMPERIALIST - you are so sick that you want the WHITE MAN to LUMP PRAISE upon OBAMA'S IMPERIALISM instead of saying "Good Job BOY" - BUT YOU can't see that IT IS YOU WHO HAVE ABANDONED YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS - in pursuit of THE WHITE RIGHT WING'S APPROVAL OF YOU!!!!
THE WHITE MAN sees that YOU ARE HAPPY with 16% unemployment - enough to NOT RALLY!!
THE WHITE MAN sees that one Black kid named Trayvon Martin CAN GET YOU OUT MARCHING while a steady stream of "Ninjas Who Get Themselves KILT EVERY DAMNED DAY" are INFERIOR TO YOUR INTERESTS - if there is NO WHITE MAN OR POLICE who killed him!!!! If a FELLOW INFERIOR pulled the trigger - YOU GO AFTER THE WHITE GUN MANUFACTURER.
IF HE WAS STABBED INSTEAD - and there is no 2nd Amendment to FIGHT THE WHITE MAN ON - you say that the Young Ninja Who stabbed him was MADE TO THINK THAT WAY because he was stabbing his SLAVE MASTER - despite him being born in 1996 - and handled by a school with all Black teacher - because the NAACP has failed to SHARE HIM as a "Poverty specimen".
In as much as "THE ECONOMY' is a measure of AGGREGATE PROSPERITY from those who generate ECONOMIC VALUE - YOU DON'T VALUE YOURSELF or "Other Negroes" TO BEGIN to see the VALUE that you represent as a PERSON OF COLOR - thus the KOREANS are freed up to attract the money out of their pocket.
The BEST thing that you could do is to have your paycheck 100% garnished and given to a TRUSTEE that lacks the damage that you suffer.
We KNOW that when SOMEONE INSULTS YOU - they "INSULT BLACK PEOPLE" and thus YOU will spend the balance of your TIME and "SILVER" to try and GET BACK AT HIM - rather than BUILDING UP YOURSELF to a point of CONSCIOUSNESS where what others say about YOU is akin to the president of "RC Cola" telling the world that "COCA COLA TASTES DISGUSTING"!!
YOU ARE THE SICK ONE - as is your enemy because YOU ARE YOUR ENEMY .

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