Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shame On For Removing The "Philly Confidential" Crime Blog

It seems that the publishers (or new owners) of the Philadelphia Inquirer web site "" believe that by removing the centralized page that documented all of the crime in the metro-region a "more positive image" of their area would be put forth.  (This is my assumption of what went into their site design).

For me - they just took away a valuable tool of research.

In my series "As Philadelphia PA Morphs Into Philadelphia Mississippi" I document the heinous crimes that transpire in the city - coupling it to the diversionary practices among the LEADERSHIP of the city and the societal influences made by other operatives that seek to advance the notion that other forces are "The Key Threat" to the average Philadelphian.

I might be accused of taring the image of Philly by pointing out the negative.
I counter this claim by pointing out the great unwillingness of those who claim to be "civil rights organizations" to link their antics to modern, real world issues that need management.  There's is the greater "sin".

Since a city is an aggregation of individual actions - it is not possible for me to "slander" a city beyond what the aggregate truth provides to the average investigator.

While the Inquirer will no doubt continue to provide the headline stories - their removal of the 'Philly Confidential blog' leaves a void akin to the past when the family of a murder victim, who suffered great loss, looked into the newspaper only to see that their loved one warranted a two sentence review in a report the size of a classified ad.

How does the Inquirer plan to align the Philadelphia Police Department homicide stats with its own news coverage policies?

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