Wednesday, October 3, 2012

They Are "Anti-Right Wing" Blogs NOT "Black Community Development Blogs

Psst.  Just watch them and listen to their default voice.
From this voice you can determine what is of SUPERIOR interest to them.

If you are really "Deep" you can then begin to understand why the Black community is in the condition that it seems stuck in DESPITE the "success" in the areas that they have us focused in (politics) but not in the areas where we NEED the most help.

The Field Negro Blog
We Are Respectable Negroes When In The Company Of Our Brothers From Another Mother - Schultz And Papantonio

WHAT IS GOING ON IN PHILLY REGARDING BLACK COMMUNITY PERMANENT INTEREST That Is Not Being Covered As Filled Negro Runs His "Black Community Consciousness Attention Fillibuser?"

Angry Assed Black Woman - In Philly

Would Anyone Be Surprised If Chauncey DeVega Was More PROUD Than OFFENDED When He Saw This PhotoShop Morph Done By Ta-Nehisi Coates That Fused President Obama With Malcolm X?

Is There Any Chance That EITHER DeVega Or Coates Could Articulate The Fundamental Distinctions Between These Two Men?

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