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The Roving "Paid Black Media Operatives" Cycle Between The Various "Black Progressive New Media" Portals - Michael Arceneaux Comes Out On NewsOne

How many "trusted" Black journalistic institutions will end up losing their credibility by associating with the "fraudulent new jack journalists" that were trained by Jack White at Howard University?

Even though President Obama was the first American President TO BOMB AFRICA without triggering a massive protest from Black Americans - to the value system of Michael Arceneaux - the fact that most Black people agree with him and are not going to vote for Mitt Romney is the more HISTORICAL result.

For my tastes this is a historical moment in that the majority of the institutions that had fronted as "Black Community Development & Protection oracles" have saw fit to totally compromise their integrity and purpose. 

They can't accept that the next time that they "Occupy The White House" because Black unemployment is above 13% and nearly twice that of White folks - the enemy president in the future only needs to pull up the archives at Ebony, Jet, The Root, Grio, and many others to see that at this time they were attacking the forces that were not in power but which proved to be of SUPERIOR interest than the "Black Permanent Interests".

Michael Arceneaux - In His Own Words And Then Resetting The Vista Of His Ideologically Based Bias

If this man turned around we'd see that this is the face of progressive-fundamentalist operative Michael Arceneaux.

You see - now that Obama is president - he is not EMPLOYED to defend the Black community's interests FROM the government.  His job is to run point and MARKET the Obama Administration TO Black people.

In the process - however - even though "Uncle Sam" continues to do what it had been doing - making war, running up debt and stunting the INDEPENDENT CONSCIOUSNESS of Black people - now with Obama in office it is "all good", not only because Obama told us so - but because Arceneaux and other "Paid Blacks" tell us that we have to put on a good face so the right-wing won't see any "Black discontent" over the conditions within our community - after handing over our valuables.

So a Michael Arceneaux and all of the Obama Fist Bump Black Press operatives at Jet, Ebony, The Grio and The Root and News One are in a tissy that an anti-Obama ad made it through the filters over at BET because the Republican operative had money to hand over to them.

The accompanying article that Mr Arceneaux wrote shows exactly why he is a highly sought after "Black Progressive Fundamentalist journalist" at a time when many "credible Black journalists" are being laid off from credible journalistic operations.

For the record - the ad featuring a Black male and a Black female taunting Obama for letting them down was indeed weak.
I argued:
  • WHY are Black Colleges, many of them Private - looking to the federal government for funding - rather than from their base of alumni if private, their state - if public?
  • WHY are Black small businesses looking for money from the federal government?   Just as I thought that prospective Chicago mayor Rev Meek's plan to go after the $1 billion in Chicago city contracts - during a time of tight budgets was short sighted - I also noted that Chicago has a $53 billion economy - so going aver roughly 2% of this total made no sense.
  • Finally - My argument about the "Christian" outrage against GAY MARRIAGE is to ask - WHY NOW?   With Black heterosexual marriage rates in the low 40's% - why are you now sounding the alarm about the threat to marriage when "the gays" are seeking to get married.
    • Unlike Mr Arceneaux's SHUT UP message - My argument is that the body of thought pushing for this radical change in the definition of marriage have proven to be INCOMPETENT in their ability to field a culture that allows the FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR larger population of "Unmarried Heterosexuals" who are "drinking the milk" but did not submit themselves to the institution of marriage has more damning impact on our community.  I do not wish to entrust this proven incompetence with more influence on societal foundationally issues
Mr Arceneaux then puts on his "Obama Marketing Hat", reminding us of the $1.15 billion given to the Black Farmers - the second round of funding in their "Racial Discrimination Lawsuit".

If one watches CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business or any other financial oriented news channel it is amazing how their view of the economic world differs so greatly than what one can consume from a political hack like Michael Arceneaux.

Since Mr Arceneaux is marketing for Obama rather than providing a sage and deliberative view on the state of the US economy - we are not going to hear any mention about the 4th year of $1.2T debt that the Black farmer settlement was drawn from.   There will be no mention of GDP or the fact that the US Federal Reserve is purchasing up an inordinate amount of US debt that the US Treasury is generating - thus creating "funny money".

Unless there is a claim of RACISM by business and banks with the goal of knocking Obama out of office - you are not going to hear any economic analysis from Arceneaux that even mentions the key pillars of our economic structure in this nation.   This is why Ebony magazine loves him so much.  He is so photogenic on top of that. 

You have to understand the consciousness of Mr Arceneaux in reference to this.  This was a the GREATEST CIVIL RIGHTS VICTORY of our time.    Over $2 billion was given to settle "racial discrimination" in a "Last Chance Government Aid To Farmers" program.

The problem is that Mr Arceneaux nor the "Black Farmers Association" could see past the $50,000+ in everyone's pockets and note that NO NEW MARKET LEVERAGE was assumed by these "Aggrieved Black Farmers".   That money was distributed and diluted.

It would have been BETTER SPENT funding a new round of scientists and farming operators in the various "A&M" schools - that have large Black populations of students who will be supplying our food 20 years from now and beyond.  But of course - Mr Arceneaux job is MARKETING and not strategy so we must understand his lack of insightfulness.

So let me move beyond that missed opportunity and go even broader.

The Massive Foreign Investments In African Agriculture
(Note - these are not the articles that I had saved for further reading a few weeks ago- but they still hammer home the same point)

So what is my point about Michael Arceneaux and other people with "low bandwidth" due to ideological blindness - ANSWER - they can't go beyond their marginal interests where Obama is the center of their world, having compromised their own interests that are ultimately distinct from the GOVERNMENT of the United States - to ask the question "Was $2 billion handed out for GRIEVANCE purposes - money well spent - when - at the end of it all it went into the pockets of INDIVIDUALS without any new leverage that he can point to - despite his cheerleading?

Awwwh He's Worried About Us - HEY WHERE IS MY MONEY AT?
 The main thing that I worry about you is NOT your ability to focus on a single Republican operative who funded one commercial on BET.

I am more concerned as I read your propaganda and see that you are under the employ of various corporate media operations who HIRE YOU because they know the type of job that you will do, never veering from the agenda.

  • IT DOESN'T MATTER the condition of the Black community's schools after you gave ringing endorsements
  • IT DOESN'T MATTER if the streets of Chicago exceed the murderous romp of Black men in 1950's Mississippi
  • IT DOESN'T MATTER if Black unemployment rate - which you have convinced yourself is twice as high due to the legacy of RACISM - remains twice as high despite all of the favorable elected officials in power over local economies that you and the National Urban League's Marc Morial vouched for during the last 5 elections that they were the key to the economic revolution for Black people.
You see Mr Arceneaux after reading "Your Kind" for so long I see that the challenge IS NOT to debate you on WHAT BLACK PEOPLE FAVOR.
It is to look at how you and other Embedded Confidence Men have MARKETED what is favorable and, after it stands uncontested in the CONSCIOUSNESS OF BLACK PEOPLE - I don't look to YOU to ask that fabled question "Where Is My Money" - it is your LACK OF ASKING that "outs you" in my book. 

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