Monday, October 15, 2012

The Black Republican Doesn't Know What Is Hitting Him

From The Booker Rising blog

[quote]>>>Craig Bardo: Naw, he ain't black, he's foreign in his orientation and the country's had enough of his remaking of America, as if any but the fools wanted that in the first[/quote]

Bardo - you are putting me in an uncomfortable place of having to agree with Care Bear about her assessments.

YOU are guilty of mis-analyzing Obama - just as Care Bear can't accept that a Black person can be something other than a Progressive who directs their "Black Grievances" through Progressive-Fundamentalism (only to have to compromise themselves when a progressive comes into power as the establishment)

Bardo - YOU keep focusing on "Obama's AMERICANISM" when in truth you are trying to make a statement on Obama's BLACK AMERICANISM and the radical leftist roots that they stem from..     We all know that "Black Progressive Radicalism" is merely Leftist Radicalism In Black Face.  George S. Schuyler told us this more than 70 years ago. 

You keep hammering at the wrong thing and it is easy for the fundamentalists to dismiss you.

What you are trying to say is that IF Obama was a young Black male who spend his overseas years, INSTEAD living blocks away from Cabrini Green while his mother was in school - he would have been sucked into the consciousness that is generating a disproportionate amount of Street Pirates in Chicago.

Ironically Bardo - even though there are a number of WHITE Americans who lived their formative years overseas (ie: as part of a military family) - you have a problem accepting that Obama - a Black man - is legitimate in that he CUT IN LINE at Trinity United Church of Christ and in elective government.  Despite his BLACK FACE he did not have to work his way up through the ranks of the Black Racial Services Machine which would have pounded his opportunism out of him as they did not want to relinquish power.  

Instead his WHITE and WORLDLY SCOPE was EXCEPTIONAL to them and they made him a VEHICLE upon which other Negroes could ride upon as "something special".  (Clean and articulate - indeed!!)

Bardon - if you were not so bent upon being our local "De'Souza" you would not focus upon your angle of attack - but instead you'd be PULLING THE QUOTES FROM BOBBY RUSH IN HIS ANALYSIS OF OBAMA!!!!!!
You keep using the research done by right-wing Operatives that the BLACK PROGRESSIVE repudiates - the accuracy is IRRELEVANT.

Why not leverage the "Progressive Credibility" of RUSH - an INSIDE MAN who has collected "the valuables from Black people"  and then force the progressive bigots on the blog to tear down a former Black Panther in order to protect Obama?

Isn't this a more logical strategy in support of your agenda?

Look at the past - they had no problem tearing down Cornel West in protection of Obama.  The same with Tavis Smiley and also Maxine Waters when she got out of line with regard to "Negro Unemployment problem" via a CBC Jobs Fair.

You are miscalculating your focus because YOU KEEP FOCUSING ON OBAMA!!!   If these forces have already accepted Obama and have their ears and eyes cupped to block anything that you say - WHY ARE YOU DOING WHAT YOU DO?   You need to focus on the "Sensory Self-Deprecators" NOT OBAMA!!!

So this all comes back to YOU - Bardo.

Since it is true that a cultural archeologist who studies this period in "Black American Consciousness" would point to the GRAND COMPROMISE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS - in support of OBAMA who had the dual POWER  in the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT and THE BLACK COMMUNITY (ie: a government insider Martin Luther King Jr for Black Progressives) - IF your real goal is to "expose Obama" and his ideology - WHY NOT DROP YOUR ATTEMPTS TO DISCREDIT OBAMA BASED UPON HIS PAST ASSOCIATIONS WITH LEFTIST RADICALS and instead FOCUS UPON THE CROWD THAT "CROWD SURFS HIM" UPON THEIR HEADS AT THE CONCERT IN WHICH THEY ARE SEEN SO HAPPY when the statistics say THEY SHOULD BE DEPRESSED?

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