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In Cleveland - Is There Any Chance That Progressive Fundamentalist Operative Mansfield B. Frazier Will Call The Street Pirates Who Kicked The 60 Year Old Black Man in The Head "Uncle Toms" - As He Did With Phillip Morris?

Is There ANY CHANCE WHAT SO EVER That Mansifield Frazier would ever call out the PAID BLACKS in the media that advance the Progressive Fundamentalist line, making it necessary for them to practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" in cities such as Cleveland because the All-Democratic City Council is off limits, lest Mr Frazier demand that they get their priorities straight and refocus on Romney?

From The Article On Phillip Morris

For years some of my loyal and thoughtful readers have encouraged me to call outPD columnist Phillip Morris and label him an Uncle Tom for the positions he regularly takes in print that are diametrically opposed to those of the vast majority of the African-Americans hereabouts … or indeed in America. I’ve always demurred from doing so, my logic being, “Hey, the brother gotta eat, and I’m sure those white folks are feeding him well.”
Additionally, Morris (if he’s as bright as he would have the public believe) will use the fact that he is under attack from a member of the black community to ask for a raise … some weird kind of combat pay; and I ain’t trying to help increase his income. Also, the whites he plays to will coalesce around him in a circle the wagons move once they see that he is finally being called out.
For sure Morris is not the first person of color to make his living telling racist whites what they want to hear about black folks. His relatively constant calling (using very clever language) members of his own race lazy, shiftless, stupid and worse provides reactionary whites and others ample reasons for their twisted opinions of us. They can point to Morris’ self-hating babblings and say, “See, we were right all along about thosepeople, one of their own even says so.”
Our race has had pathetic patronizers among us since Reconstruction … those accommodationists who not only sell their own souls for a pat on the head (and a paycheck), but willingly attempt to sell out other members of their race in their pursuit of what they perceive as acceptance (and a way to make a living) from the majority culture. And they often marry some white chick.
But we are now locked in a pitch battle with a racist governor who is not taking any prisoners, so I can no longer overlook Morris’ treacherous rantings. He is now aiding and abetting the enemy. His recent positing that essentially says that it’s OK for Kasich to fail to appoint any minorities to his Cabinet, as long as he creates jobs, harkens back to the period following the Civil War, when Booker T. Washington begged white folks to allow us to educate ourselves in skilled trades (basically saying we did not have the mental acumen and wherewithal to master college-level education) and in return we would not press for the vote.
And if Kasich does manage to create jobs, who is to say that he won’t employ the same logic that he’s using to keep minorities out of his Cabinet to keep us locked out of the jobs: “They’re just not qualified.”
Washington’s deal was a pact made with the Devil — it stifled black progress, and, in part, lead to the Niagara Movement, the forerunner of the NAACP. So the bleating of Morris is nothing new, we’re used to “House Negroes” (we even have one on the U.S. Supreme Court) who put personal gain above the advancement of the race as a whole.
But now Morris goes too far, and every time he makes outlandish statements that denigrates the black race I’m going to try to knock snot out of his nose … I’m going to, in print, beat him like he’s a runaway slave. Just watch.
Gentle readers, you’re going to notice a marked increase in the combative tone and tenor of my writings … this buffoon in Columbus has declared war on minorities, and Morris is one of his lackey foot soldiers … and I’m going to try to make him pay a price for his inexcusable behavior. Ditto for Kasich.
Is Phillip Morris an Uncle Tom? I can no longer bite my tongue. You are right he is. This governor is playing hardball with minorities … our aspirations, our dreams of parity and our hopes for our progeny … but, hardball is the game I like best.
To paraphrase the words of old Willie Shakespeare’s Macbeth: “I will not yield … I will try to the last … before my body I throw my warlike shield: lay on … and damned be him that first cries, ‘Hold, enough!’”

 I wonder if Mr Frazier would ever conclude that some of the people in the communities where he draws his biggest support have created people with a CONSCIOUSNESS in which they WAGE WAR AGAINST OTHER BLACK PEOPLE IN THEIR COMMUNITIES?

In as much as he tag to tie Phillip Morris as the "BLACK INFERIORIST" - the true is that Progressive Bigots and Confidence Men like Mansfield Frazier WILL NEVER, NEVER NEVER accept that a BLACK MAN WHO BEATS DOWN ANOTHER BLACK MAN in the streets of Cleveland has committed and act that is EQUAL TO or SUPERIOR TO the "policy attacks" from a Republican Governor.

Shamefully after years of apparent "fraud and hokum" Mr Frazier can't bring himself to see that with the kick to the head of the Black man laying on the side walk the other day - this was the VALUE OF ANOTHER BLACK MAN'S LIFE that was cultivated in this particular community of Cleveland where there are no "Uncle Toms" in the view of our honorable "Historian" Mansfield Frazier.


Please scan the headlines of the Phillip Morris Archives at "The Plain Dealer".

CLEARLY the problem is that during "election time" in America - journalist Phillip Morris IS NOT IN THE TANK FOR OBAMA - to the satisfaction of Mansfield Frazier.

I did not clip a sufficient number of articles so please take a look at the subject matter for yourself.

STANLEY CROUCH - A Paid Black Journalist Who Would No Doubt Be More To Mr Frazier's Liking

Here is a list of recent Stanley Crouch articles:

Would it be too far of a logical leap to assume that Stanley Crouch is an award winning journalist with Mansfield Frazier being THE "Awards Committee"?

All but one of his articles listed talk about The Republicans or THE RIGHT WING.

Of course Mansfield Frazier believes that the greatest threat to the Black people of Ohio is the war that the Republican governor is said to be waging against them and the fact that ALL OF "THE BLACKS" in the press are not fighting back.

Do you think that Mr Frazier has penned an article telling about how the Cleveland City Council Or School System leadership has "handguns" because they work better in the upclose and personal position that they reside in relative to the governor who Mr Frazier has scoped out in his binoculars?

Of course I am not the only one that used "gun analogies".  Recall that Tina Brown said that she likes how President Obama is using his "big black guns" around the world.   I assure you that Mansfield Frazier still believes that the bombing of Libya was a "Humanitarian Mission".

Taking A Stand Against THE COPS IN CLEVELAND Is Not Going To Fix The Problem There - TODAY
Mr Frazier Could Easily Go Down To The Mayor's Office And Remind Him That He Voted To Put Him Into Office And Will Do So Again But With Less Enthusiasm The Next Time. 

And he probably wonders why Cleveland...............................

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