Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dekalb Crossroads News - "Democrats Are Happy About Obama's Second Debate Performance"

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The Dekalb CrossRoads news would have been safe to say "Black People Are Happy With Obama's Debate Performance" because this observation is an exact match of their headlines.

Whereas I would have never thought to attend a "Debate Party" prior to this election - and I now see that IT WAS ME who was "clueless" when I got astonished at seeing the sign selling "Obama Debate Party Paraphernalia"  - the truth is that what we are seeing is an advanced state of "The Black Community Consciousness" as an appendage of the condition of "President Obama" and the Democratic Party - PERIOD.

With this consciousness - all is well WITH the Black community IF the balance of our people are interested attesting to their happiness with OBAMA and HIS POLICIES. 

A virtual abstraction of the truth of the conditions in Dekalb County is required as the "team sport" based approach is adopted.

It is clear to me - upon my analysis - that it is not sufficient to make an assumption about the health and condition OF the Black Community by doing interviews of Black people where their opinions have an impact on the stature of President Obama, the Democratic Party, and most importantly their hopes for SOCIAL JUSTICE through PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST public policy.

Those who make these observations and then try to "suppress the Black vote" show that they are CLUELESS in figuring out how to address this challenge.

The key point to understand is that the marketing machine - the Black Press, the Embedded Confidence men (activists) and the Professional Progressive Politic Preachers play a vital role in "SELLING SOCIAL JUSTICE".   Having encamped "The Black Agenda" as a grand fight against the "White Right Wing" - it stands to reason that LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Media Sources that spend more than 60% of their time "Keeping Their Enemy On Trial" and affirming their happiness with their players in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" are also going to be the forces that run the GRAND OBFUSCATION - in which "BLACK CONGREGATIONAL UNITY" is made an AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN operation - this at the expense of transparent consideration of the real world condition of the Black community.

Thus, surprise, surprise when a Mission Accomplished County like Dekalb (or Clayton) run into performance or financial problems that fall far short of the promises that were sold to the Black rank & file upon orchestrating the donation of their "valuables into the offering plate" - it stands to reason that these same "messaging machine operatives" that make it PRO-BLACK to keep a watchful eye on the WHITE RIGHT WING REPUBLICANS who "hate seeing a Black man in power" are going to put forth a "HISTORIAN'S NARRATIVE" as to how the same enemy that has ALWAYS been racist against "US" is the same enemy that DERAILED "US" and thus is the same enemy that we must remain CONGREGATIONALLY UNIFIED to fight against - thus WE NEED MORE VALUABLES FROM YOU INTO THE OFFERING PLATE.

The Failure To Develop A GOVERNANCE CULTURE Because One Only Needs To Keep The Eye Trained On Those Who Are OFFENSIVE To Progressive Blacks In Order To Retain Incumbent Power - Via The Black Consciousness Attention Filibuster Scheme

What appears to be - in the short run - "Holding the coalition together as they don't lose focus" - is IN TRUTH a long run DISASTER for the hopes that a "Competent Governance Culture" will be brought into fruition within the Black community - which can later be grafted elsewhere.

This is NOT a "governance culture".   This is a 'Congregational Unity Enforcement" culture.  As long as the congregation resides encamped with its ENEMY from which it aspires to get them to "do right" and provide the denied masses with SOCIAL JUSTICE - there is no hope for the adoption of a more INTROSPECTIVE and INTERNALLY YOKED "Black Governance Consciousness" - one that SEES A NEED and builds up THE PEOPLE - as the INSTITUTIONS that they now control are used as the "factories" through which "raw human resources" matriculate into "finished goods" that return to the community as "Professional Service Providers".

Instead when the OUTSOURCING CONSCIOUSNESS is adopted one's RIGHT to live at a desired standard of living creates the present consciousness - in which the wealthy that is locked up within the hands of those who used "ill-gotten gains" to enrich themselves must be NATIONALIZED - and the adoption of "Progressive Public Policy" is the magic elixir to obtain this end.

I am not sure they fully grasp the irony.
In order to achieve THIS FIXED STATE - they need to VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION - with the hopes of one day having the balance of power against this enemy - and then adopting tax and regulation policies (and contracting policies) that are going to strip out repression and "White Privilege".

No one notices, however, that as this power base assumes the positions that used to be "powerful enough" to warrant protests against - the protests have halted - despite the continued shortfalls in performance.

While most figure that no one else is watching - it is clear that the lack of protest that belies the "contentment" with the current state of affairs is indicative of the PRIMARY AGENDA in the first place.

They are not trying to develop "organic competencies" in Black people.  They are trying to develop a left-wing progressive power base.   Those who dare make incremental protests about the lack of results are seen as a threat to the BIG PICTURE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Not since the New York Taxi Driver agreed to take his fare down to Washington DC, his confidence that the amount on the meter will be paid out by the man in the backseat upon the destination because of the soothing conversations that they had during the drive - has there been a more obvious confidence scheme at play at the expense of a fellow human being.

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