Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Roving "Paid Black Media Operatives" Cycle Between The Various "Black Progressive New Media" Portals - Michael Arceneaux Comes Out On NewsOne

How many "trusted" Black journalistic institutions will end up losing their credibility by associating with the "fraudulent new jack journalists" that were trained by Jack White at Howard University?

Even though President Obama was the first American President TO BOMB AFRICA without triggering a massive protest from Black Americans - to the value system of Michael Arceneaux - the fact that most Black people agree with him and are not going to vote for Mitt Romney is the more HISTORICAL result.

For my tastes this is a historical moment in that the majority of the institutions that had fronted as "Black Community Development & Protection oracles" have saw fit to totally compromise their integrity and purpose. 

They can't accept that the next time that they "Occupy The White House" because Black unemployment is above 13% and nearly twice that of White folks - the enemy president in the future only needs to pull up the archives at Ebony, Jet, The Root, Grio, and many others to see that at this time they were attacking the forces that were not in power but which proved to be of SUPERIOR interest than the "Black Permanent Interests".

Michael Arceneaux - In His Own Words And Then Resetting The Vista Of His Ideologically Based Bias

If this man turned around we'd see that this is the face of progressive-fundamentalist operative Michael Arceneaux.

You see - now that Obama is president - he is not EMPLOYED to defend the Black community's interests FROM the government.  His job is to run point and MARKET the Obama Administration TO Black people.

In the process - however - even though "Uncle Sam" continues to do what it had been doing - making war, running up debt and stunting the INDEPENDENT CONSCIOUSNESS of Black people - now with Obama in office it is "all good", not only because Obama told us so - but because Arceneaux and other "Paid Blacks" tell us that we have to put on a good face so the right-wing won't see any "Black discontent" over the conditions within our community - after handing over our valuables.

So a Michael Arceneaux and all of the Obama Fist Bump Black Press operatives at Jet, Ebony, The Grio and The Root and News One are in a tissy that an anti-Obama ad made it through the filters over at BET because the Republican operative had money to hand over to them.

The accompanying article that Mr Arceneaux wrote shows exactly why he is a highly sought after "Black Progressive Fundamentalist journalist" at a time when many "credible Black journalists" are being laid off from credible journalistic operations.

For the record - the ad featuring a Black male and a Black female taunting Obama for letting them down was indeed weak.
I argued:
  • WHY are Black Colleges, many of them Private - looking to the federal government for funding - rather than from their base of alumni if private, their state - if public?
  • WHY are Black small businesses looking for money from the federal government?   Just as I thought that prospective Chicago mayor Rev Meek's plan to go after the $1 billion in Chicago city contracts - during a time of tight budgets was short sighted - I also noted that Chicago has a $53 billion economy - so going aver roughly 2% of this total made no sense.
  • Finally - My argument about the "Christian" outrage against GAY MARRIAGE is to ask - WHY NOW?   With Black heterosexual marriage rates in the low 40's% - why are you now sounding the alarm about the threat to marriage when "the gays" are seeking to get married.
    • Unlike Mr Arceneaux's SHUT UP message - My argument is that the body of thought pushing for this radical change in the definition of marriage have proven to be INCOMPETENT in their ability to field a culture that allows the FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR larger population of "Unmarried Heterosexuals" who are "drinking the milk" but did not submit themselves to the institution of marriage has more damning impact on our community.  I do not wish to entrust this proven incompetence with more influence on societal foundationally issues
Mr Arceneaux then puts on his "Obama Marketing Hat", reminding us of the $1.15 billion given to the Black Farmers - the second round of funding in their "Racial Discrimination Lawsuit".

If one watches CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business or any other financial oriented news channel it is amazing how their view of the economic world differs so greatly than what one can consume from a political hack like Michael Arceneaux.

Since Mr Arceneaux is marketing for Obama rather than providing a sage and deliberative view on the state of the US economy - we are not going to hear any mention about the 4th year of $1.2T debt that the Black farmer settlement was drawn from.   There will be no mention of GDP or the fact that the US Federal Reserve is purchasing up an inordinate amount of US debt that the US Treasury is generating - thus creating "funny money".

Unless there is a claim of RACISM by business and banks with the goal of knocking Obama out of office - you are not going to hear any economic analysis from Arceneaux that even mentions the key pillars of our economic structure in this nation.   This is why Ebony magazine loves him so much.  He is so photogenic on top of that. 

You have to understand the consciousness of Mr Arceneaux in reference to this.  This was a the GREATEST CIVIL RIGHTS VICTORY of our time.    Over $2 billion was given to settle "racial discrimination" in a "Last Chance Government Aid To Farmers" program.

The problem is that Mr Arceneaux nor the "Black Farmers Association" could see past the $50,000+ in everyone's pockets and note that NO NEW MARKET LEVERAGE was assumed by these "Aggrieved Black Farmers".   That money was distributed and diluted.

It would have been BETTER SPENT funding a new round of scientists and farming operators in the various "A&M" schools - that have large Black populations of students who will be supplying our food 20 years from now and beyond.  But of course - Mr Arceneaux job is MARKETING and not strategy so we must understand his lack of insightfulness.

So let me move beyond that missed opportunity and go even broader.

The Massive Foreign Investments In African Agriculture
(Note - these are not the articles that I had saved for further reading a few weeks ago- but they still hammer home the same point)

So what is my point about Michael Arceneaux and other people with "low bandwidth" due to ideological blindness - ANSWER - they can't go beyond their marginal interests where Obama is the center of their world, having compromised their own interests that are ultimately distinct from the GOVERNMENT of the United States - to ask the question "Was $2 billion handed out for GRIEVANCE purposes - money well spent - when - at the end of it all it went into the pockets of INDIVIDUALS without any new leverage that he can point to - despite his cheerleading?

Awwwh He's Worried About Us - HEY WHERE IS MY MONEY AT?
 The main thing that I worry about you is NOT your ability to focus on a single Republican operative who funded one commercial on BET.

I am more concerned as I read your propaganda and see that you are under the employ of various corporate media operations who HIRE YOU because they know the type of job that you will do, never veering from the agenda.

  • IT DOESN'T MATTER the condition of the Black community's schools after you gave ringing endorsements
  • IT DOESN'T MATTER if the streets of Chicago exceed the murderous romp of Black men in 1950's Mississippi
  • IT DOESN'T MATTER if Black unemployment rate - which you have convinced yourself is twice as high due to the legacy of RACISM - remains twice as high despite all of the favorable elected officials in power over local economies that you and the National Urban League's Marc Morial vouched for during the last 5 elections that they were the key to the economic revolution for Black people.
You see Mr Arceneaux after reading "Your Kind" for so long I see that the challenge IS NOT to debate you on WHAT BLACK PEOPLE FAVOR.
It is to look at how you and other Embedded Confidence Men have MARKETED what is favorable and, after it stands uncontested in the CONSCIOUSNESS OF BLACK PEOPLE - I don't look to YOU to ask that fabled question "Where Is My Money" - it is your LACK OF ASKING that "outs you" in my book. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jet Magazine's Sophia Nelson Now Needs To Recalibrate Herself - One More Time

Sophia Nelson Looks Into The Presidential Elections And Sees Lack Of Black Woman's Issues Discussed Even Though She Lives Vicariously Through Michelle Obama

My Words As Posted On Booker Rising

Of the list:

*.bad economic times
* failing schools in America
* health disparities, AIDS/HIV infections,
* EEOC discrimination filings,
* having to hold it down as single heads of households


Here is where I have a problem with you (and Michelle Bernard) - TO BE CLEAR - You have the mind of CONSUMERS.   You believe that the political candidate - AT WHATEVER LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT - that MARKETS TO YOU in the manner that you want to is the favorable candidate to you.

This rubs up against MY VIEW - which notes the 5 layers of GOVERNANCE:

* National
* State
* Local

When we flip your argument around and ask - OF THE CORNBREAD EATING NEGROES that are highly conspiring to GET THE BLACK COMMUNITY TO VOTE FOR OUR SALVATION - (While I have already written off most of your friends - Michael Eric Dyson who had little respect for you as he called you out by name on national television, Cousin Jeff and others) I can't understand WHY YOU CAN'T BRING YOURSELF TO CRAFT A MENTAL CONSTRUCT OF WHAT IS ON YOUR LIST and then IDENTIFY WHERE THESE ARE BEST MITIGATED. 

In fact I argue that you should be doing the OPPOSITE of what you are doing.  THERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT MUST BE DONE LOCALLY IN THE COMMUNITY to the extent that IT IS NECESSARY TO tell the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN to BACK OFF with their fraudulent scheming to attempt to NATIONALIZE THE ISSUE.


Ms Nelson - when you hear of a troubled city (where Black people live in high concentrations) do you ever look at the demographics of the CITY COUNCIL and governing leadership in the executive branch?

With MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT having already been dealt with their past VOTER FRAUD "BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS FRAUD OPERATIONS" - when PEOPLE LIKE YOU can't bring themselves to look ARCHITECTURALLY at how the Black Community is being steam rolled by the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN and their Allied Joint Venture Partners on the outside - It is time for all of us to go back to the basic.

The basics in this case is that the BLACK COMMUNITY is striving for something that IT WILL NEVER GET ("Satisfaction at the hands of an EXTERNAL ENEMY") who the FRAUDULENT FORCES WITHIN keep stoking our people to chase after.
This for NOTHING MORE than the benefit of extracting our RACIAL CONSCIOUSNESSS out of us - because of this "chemical" ONLY the VOTE IN THE AMERICAN ELECTION is of any worth to these EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MAN FORCES.


Monday, October 22, 2012

In Cleveland - Is There Any Chance That Progressive Fundamentalist Operative Mansfield B. Frazier Will Call The Street Pirates Who Kicked The 60 Year Old Black Man in The Head "Uncle Toms" - As He Did With Phillip Morris?

Is There ANY CHANCE WHAT SO EVER That Mansifield Frazier would ever call out the PAID BLACKS in the media that advance the Progressive Fundamentalist line, making it necessary for them to practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" in cities such as Cleveland because the All-Democratic City Council is off limits, lest Mr Frazier demand that they get their priorities straight and refocus on Romney?

From The Article On Phillip Morris

For years some of my loyal and thoughtful readers have encouraged me to call outPD columnist Phillip Morris and label him an Uncle Tom for the positions he regularly takes in print that are diametrically opposed to those of the vast majority of the African-Americans hereabouts … or indeed in America. I’ve always demurred from doing so, my logic being, “Hey, the brother gotta eat, and I’m sure those white folks are feeding him well.”
Additionally, Morris (if he’s as bright as he would have the public believe) will use the fact that he is under attack from a member of the black community to ask for a raise … some weird kind of combat pay; and I ain’t trying to help increase his income. Also, the whites he plays to will coalesce around him in a circle the wagons move once they see that he is finally being called out.
For sure Morris is not the first person of color to make his living telling racist whites what they want to hear about black folks. His relatively constant calling (using very clever language) members of his own race lazy, shiftless, stupid and worse provides reactionary whites and others ample reasons for their twisted opinions of us. They can point to Morris’ self-hating babblings and say, “See, we were right all along about thosepeople, one of their own even says so.”
Our race has had pathetic patronizers among us since Reconstruction … those accommodationists who not only sell their own souls for a pat on the head (and a paycheck), but willingly attempt to sell out other members of their race in their pursuit of what they perceive as acceptance (and a way to make a living) from the majority culture. And they often marry some white chick.
But we are now locked in a pitch battle with a racist governor who is not taking any prisoners, so I can no longer overlook Morris’ treacherous rantings. He is now aiding and abetting the enemy. His recent positing that essentially says that it’s OK for Kasich to fail to appoint any minorities to his Cabinet, as long as he creates jobs, harkens back to the period following the Civil War, when Booker T. Washington begged white folks to allow us to educate ourselves in skilled trades (basically saying we did not have the mental acumen and wherewithal to master college-level education) and in return we would not press for the vote.
And if Kasich does manage to create jobs, who is to say that he won’t employ the same logic that he’s using to keep minorities out of his Cabinet to keep us locked out of the jobs: “They’re just not qualified.”
Washington’s deal was a pact made with the Devil — it stifled black progress, and, in part, lead to the Niagara Movement, the forerunner of the NAACP. So the bleating of Morris is nothing new, we’re used to “House Negroes” (we even have one on the U.S. Supreme Court) who put personal gain above the advancement of the race as a whole.
But now Morris goes too far, and every time he makes outlandish statements that denigrates the black race I’m going to try to knock snot out of his nose … I’m going to, in print, beat him like he’s a runaway slave. Just watch.
Gentle readers, you’re going to notice a marked increase in the combative tone and tenor of my writings … this buffoon in Columbus has declared war on minorities, and Morris is one of his lackey foot soldiers … and I’m going to try to make him pay a price for his inexcusable behavior. Ditto for Kasich.
Is Phillip Morris an Uncle Tom? I can no longer bite my tongue. You are right he is. This governor is playing hardball with minorities … our aspirations, our dreams of parity and our hopes for our progeny … but, hardball is the game I like best.
To paraphrase the words of old Willie Shakespeare’s Macbeth: “I will not yield … I will try to the last … before my body I throw my warlike shield: lay on … and damned be him that first cries, ‘Hold, enough!’”

 I wonder if Mr Frazier would ever conclude that some of the people in the communities where he draws his biggest support have created people with a CONSCIOUSNESS in which they WAGE WAR AGAINST OTHER BLACK PEOPLE IN THEIR COMMUNITIES?

In as much as he tag to tie Phillip Morris as the "BLACK INFERIORIST" - the true is that Progressive Bigots and Confidence Men like Mansfield Frazier WILL NEVER, NEVER NEVER accept that a BLACK MAN WHO BEATS DOWN ANOTHER BLACK MAN in the streets of Cleveland has committed and act that is EQUAL TO or SUPERIOR TO the "policy attacks" from a Republican Governor.

Shamefully after years of apparent "fraud and hokum" Mr Frazier can't bring himself to see that with the kick to the head of the Black man laying on the side walk the other day - this was the VALUE OF ANOTHER BLACK MAN'S LIFE that was cultivated in this particular community of Cleveland where there are no "Uncle Toms" in the view of our honorable "Historian" Mansfield Frazier.


Please scan the headlines of the Phillip Morris Archives at "The Plain Dealer".

CLEARLY the problem is that during "election time" in America - journalist Phillip Morris IS NOT IN THE TANK FOR OBAMA - to the satisfaction of Mansfield Frazier.

I did not clip a sufficient number of articles so please take a look at the subject matter for yourself.

STANLEY CROUCH - A Paid Black Journalist Who Would No Doubt Be More To Mr Frazier's Liking

Here is a list of recent Stanley Crouch articles:

Would it be too far of a logical leap to assume that Stanley Crouch is an award winning journalist with Mansfield Frazier being THE "Awards Committee"?

All but one of his articles listed talk about The Republicans or THE RIGHT WING.

Of course Mansfield Frazier believes that the greatest threat to the Black people of Ohio is the war that the Republican governor is said to be waging against them and the fact that ALL OF "THE BLACKS" in the press are not fighting back.

Do you think that Mr Frazier has penned an article telling about how the Cleveland City Council Or School System leadership has "handguns" because they work better in the upclose and personal position that they reside in relative to the governor who Mr Frazier has scoped out in his binoculars?

Of course I am not the only one that used "gun analogies".  Recall that Tina Brown said that she likes how President Obama is using his "big black guns" around the world.   I assure you that Mansfield Frazier still believes that the bombing of Libya was a "Humanitarian Mission".

Taking A Stand Against THE COPS IN CLEVELAND Is Not Going To Fix The Problem There - TODAY
Mr Frazier Could Easily Go Down To The Mayor's Office And Remind Him That He Voted To Put Him Into Office And Will Do So Again But With Less Enthusiasm The Next Time. 

And he probably wonders why Cleveland...............................

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dekalb Crossroads News - "Democrats Are Happy About Obama's Second Debate Performance"

(Psst - Notice The Blog Comments In The Middle Section)

The Dekalb CrossRoads news would have been safe to say "Black People Are Happy With Obama's Debate Performance" because this observation is an exact match of their headlines.

Whereas I would have never thought to attend a "Debate Party" prior to this election - and I now see that IT WAS ME who was "clueless" when I got astonished at seeing the sign selling "Obama Debate Party Paraphernalia"  - the truth is that what we are seeing is an advanced state of "The Black Community Consciousness" as an appendage of the condition of "President Obama" and the Democratic Party - PERIOD.

With this consciousness - all is well WITH the Black community IF the balance of our people are interested attesting to their happiness with OBAMA and HIS POLICIES. 

A virtual abstraction of the truth of the conditions in Dekalb County is required as the "team sport" based approach is adopted.

It is clear to me - upon my analysis - that it is not sufficient to make an assumption about the health and condition OF the Black Community by doing interviews of Black people where their opinions have an impact on the stature of President Obama, the Democratic Party, and most importantly their hopes for SOCIAL JUSTICE through PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST public policy.

Those who make these observations and then try to "suppress the Black vote" show that they are CLUELESS in figuring out how to address this challenge.

The key point to understand is that the marketing machine - the Black Press, the Embedded Confidence men (activists) and the Professional Progressive Politic Preachers play a vital role in "SELLING SOCIAL JUSTICE".   Having encamped "The Black Agenda" as a grand fight against the "White Right Wing" - it stands to reason that LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Media Sources that spend more than 60% of their time "Keeping Their Enemy On Trial" and affirming their happiness with their players in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" are also going to be the forces that run the GRAND OBFUSCATION - in which "BLACK CONGREGATIONAL UNITY" is made an AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN operation - this at the expense of transparent consideration of the real world condition of the Black community.

Thus, surprise, surprise when a Mission Accomplished County like Dekalb (or Clayton) run into performance or financial problems that fall far short of the promises that were sold to the Black rank & file upon orchestrating the donation of their "valuables into the offering plate" - it stands to reason that these same "messaging machine operatives" that make it PRO-BLACK to keep a watchful eye on the WHITE RIGHT WING REPUBLICANS who "hate seeing a Black man in power" are going to put forth a "HISTORIAN'S NARRATIVE" as to how the same enemy that has ALWAYS been racist against "US" is the same enemy that DERAILED "US" and thus is the same enemy that we must remain CONGREGATIONALLY UNIFIED to fight against - thus WE NEED MORE VALUABLES FROM YOU INTO THE OFFERING PLATE.

The Failure To Develop A GOVERNANCE CULTURE Because One Only Needs To Keep The Eye Trained On Those Who Are OFFENSIVE To Progressive Blacks In Order To Retain Incumbent Power - Via The Black Consciousness Attention Filibuster Scheme

What appears to be - in the short run - "Holding the coalition together as they don't lose focus" - is IN TRUTH a long run DISASTER for the hopes that a "Competent Governance Culture" will be brought into fruition within the Black community - which can later be grafted elsewhere.

This is NOT a "governance culture".   This is a 'Congregational Unity Enforcement" culture.  As long as the congregation resides encamped with its ENEMY from which it aspires to get them to "do right" and provide the denied masses with SOCIAL JUSTICE - there is no hope for the adoption of a more INTROSPECTIVE and INTERNALLY YOKED "Black Governance Consciousness" - one that SEES A NEED and builds up THE PEOPLE - as the INSTITUTIONS that they now control are used as the "factories" through which "raw human resources" matriculate into "finished goods" that return to the community as "Professional Service Providers".

Instead when the OUTSOURCING CONSCIOUSNESS is adopted one's RIGHT to live at a desired standard of living creates the present consciousness - in which the wealthy that is locked up within the hands of those who used "ill-gotten gains" to enrich themselves must be NATIONALIZED - and the adoption of "Progressive Public Policy" is the magic elixir to obtain this end.

I am not sure they fully grasp the irony.
In order to achieve THIS FIXED STATE - they need to VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION - with the hopes of one day having the balance of power against this enemy - and then adopting tax and regulation policies (and contracting policies) that are going to strip out repression and "White Privilege".

No one notices, however, that as this power base assumes the positions that used to be "powerful enough" to warrant protests against - the protests have halted - despite the continued shortfalls in performance.

While most figure that no one else is watching - it is clear that the lack of protest that belies the "contentment" with the current state of affairs is indicative of the PRIMARY AGENDA in the first place.

They are not trying to develop "organic competencies" in Black people.  They are trying to develop a left-wing progressive power base.   Those who dare make incremental protests about the lack of results are seen as a threat to the BIG PICTURE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Not since the New York Taxi Driver agreed to take his fare down to Washington DC, his confidence that the amount on the meter will be paid out by the man in the backseat upon the destination because of the soothing conversations that they had during the drive - has there been a more obvious confidence scheme at play at the expense of a fellow human being.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Black Republican Doesn't Know What Is Hitting Him

From The Booker Rising blog

[quote]>>>Craig Bardo: Naw, he ain't black, he's foreign in his orientation and the country's had enough of his remaking of America, as if any but the fools wanted that in the first[/quote]

Bardo - you are putting me in an uncomfortable place of having to agree with Care Bear about her assessments.

YOU are guilty of mis-analyzing Obama - just as Care Bear can't accept that a Black person can be something other than a Progressive who directs their "Black Grievances" through Progressive-Fundamentalism (only to have to compromise themselves when a progressive comes into power as the establishment)

Bardo - YOU keep focusing on "Obama's AMERICANISM" when in truth you are trying to make a statement on Obama's BLACK AMERICANISM and the radical leftist roots that they stem from..     We all know that "Black Progressive Radicalism" is merely Leftist Radicalism In Black Face.  George S. Schuyler told us this more than 70 years ago. 

You keep hammering at the wrong thing and it is easy for the fundamentalists to dismiss you.

What you are trying to say is that IF Obama was a young Black male who spend his overseas years, INSTEAD living blocks away from Cabrini Green while his mother was in school - he would have been sucked into the consciousness that is generating a disproportionate amount of Street Pirates in Chicago.

Ironically Bardo - even though there are a number of WHITE Americans who lived their formative years overseas (ie: as part of a military family) - you have a problem accepting that Obama - a Black man - is legitimate in that he CUT IN LINE at Trinity United Church of Christ and in elective government.  Despite his BLACK FACE he did not have to work his way up through the ranks of the Black Racial Services Machine which would have pounded his opportunism out of him as they did not want to relinquish power.  

Instead his WHITE and WORLDLY SCOPE was EXCEPTIONAL to them and they made him a VEHICLE upon which other Negroes could ride upon as "something special".  (Clean and articulate - indeed!!)

Bardon - if you were not so bent upon being our local "De'Souza" you would not focus upon your angle of attack - but instead you'd be PULLING THE QUOTES FROM BOBBY RUSH IN HIS ANALYSIS OF OBAMA!!!!!!
You keep using the research done by right-wing Operatives that the BLACK PROGRESSIVE repudiates - the accuracy is IRRELEVANT.

Why not leverage the "Progressive Credibility" of RUSH - an INSIDE MAN who has collected "the valuables from Black people"  and then force the progressive bigots on the blog to tear down a former Black Panther in order to protect Obama?

Isn't this a more logical strategy in support of your agenda?

Look at the past - they had no problem tearing down Cornel West in protection of Obama.  The same with Tavis Smiley and also Maxine Waters when she got out of line with regard to "Negro Unemployment problem" via a CBC Jobs Fair.

You are miscalculating your focus because YOU KEEP FOCUSING ON OBAMA!!!   If these forces have already accepted Obama and have their ears and eyes cupped to block anything that you say - WHY ARE YOU DOING WHAT YOU DO?   You need to focus on the "Sensory Self-Deprecators" NOT OBAMA!!!

So this all comes back to YOU - Bardo.

Since it is true that a cultural archeologist who studies this period in "Black American Consciousness" would point to the GRAND COMPROMISE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS - in support of OBAMA who had the dual POWER  in the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT and THE BLACK COMMUNITY (ie: a government insider Martin Luther King Jr for Black Progressives) - IF your real goal is to "expose Obama" and his ideology - WHY NOT DROP YOUR ATTEMPTS TO DISCREDIT OBAMA BASED UPON HIS PAST ASSOCIATIONS WITH LEFTIST RADICALS and instead FOCUS UPON THE CROWD THAT "CROWD SURFS HIM" UPON THEIR HEADS AT THE CONCERT IN WHICH THEY ARE SEEN SO HAPPY when the statistics say THEY SHOULD BE DEPRESSED?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rev Jim Walis Seems To Write Few Articles In "Sojourners" That Go Beyond Striking Against His Right-Wing Christian Adversaries

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

American consciousness, as expressed through political opportunism has become fatally insular.  
What passes as "offensive", "an attack on women", unpatriotic or "ungodly" - increasingly - has not been contrasted against the more prevalent standard OVERSEAS.   

In these areas they don't have the luxury to "get offended" against  a threat.  That threat often threatens to KILL THEM if they don't do as they are told.

In America today, by contrast, what is OFFENSIVE is often expressed as "feigned outrage" - as evidenced by the SILENCE that this same person expresses over issues that are incontrovertibly "offensive" but which lack a qualifying adversary for the operate to express his "offendedness" against.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

They Are "Anti-Right Wing" Blogs NOT "Black Community Development Blogs

Psst.  Just watch them and listen to their default voice.
From this voice you can determine what is of SUPERIOR interest to them.

If you are really "Deep" you can then begin to understand why the Black community is in the condition that it seems stuck in DESPITE the "success" in the areas that they have us focused in (politics) but not in the areas where we NEED the most help.

The Field Negro Blog
We Are Respectable Negroes When In The Company Of Our Brothers From Another Mother - Schultz And Papantonio

WHAT IS GOING ON IN PHILLY REGARDING BLACK COMMUNITY PERMANENT INTEREST That Is Not Being Covered As Filled Negro Runs His "Black Community Consciousness Attention Fillibuser?"

Angry Assed Black Woman - In Philly

Would Anyone Be Surprised If Chauncey DeVega Was More PROUD Than OFFENDED When He Saw This PhotoShop Morph Done By Ta-Nehisi Coates That Fused President Obama With Malcolm X?

Is There Any Chance That EITHER DeVega Or Coates Could Articulate The Fundamental Distinctions Between These Two Men?