Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Former MSNBC Missed The Irony In Their Story: "Gay Couples Face Hurdles To Parenthood" - Despite Marriage Progress, Gay Couples Face Big Hurdles To Parenthood

Do you think we'd ever see a story on that proclaims:
Despite Having The Right To Marry - Heterosexuals Increasingly Refusing To Partake In The MARRIAGE BENEFITS That Their Same Sex Counterparts Long For - What Is The Source Of This Loss Of Societal Awareness That Is Leaving So Many Childern More Vulnerable?
A change in branding does not make for a change in substance.
In the case of the former MSNBC no one saw the irony in the headline.

What greater OBSTACLE to "Parenthood" do Same Sex Couples have than the fact that they cannot produce a human child between themselves?    Their common genitalia - the exchange point for the human reproductive system does not permit it.

OF COURSE - was not talking about physiology. 
They were talking about SOCIETAL ACCEPTANCE and THE LAW.

In their minds - the only thing preventing a same sex couple from living EQUALLY to that of the far, far, far larger complement of heterosexaul married parents are those stuborn laws and stingy bigots who refuse to "evolve".       (Sorry - evolution might be an insenstive word to use on my part.  You see - though the female genitalia still 'self-lubricates' as it anticipates the insertion of the COMPLIMENTARY sex organ to propagate recreation and it does so even on a same gender loving female - it just might be, to the pleasure of those who believe in EVOLUTION, that our psysiological make up will one day align with our sexual orientation and thus discontinue the use of such functions.  Such self-moisterizing is required upon the end of the digestive system as it is now used to accept the projectile from a same sex male - thus proventing delicate body tissues from lacerating so easily.)

Strangely enough I AM CONSIDERED A HATE-FILLED BIGOT for my anatomically correct pronouncement above.

OR can we just admit that a BIGOT is merely anyone who DISAGREES WITH YOU - without you ever having to substantiate YOUR postion?

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