Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Melissa Harris-Perry Who Quoted Old Dead White Men On July 4th Weekend Show Is Pissed That The White Paul Ryan Has Quoted Them

At a time of crisis in the nation and in the Black community YOU WOULD THINK that we would be talking about more serious issues.

Instead a new band of "Paid Blacks" are positioned to do diversion and recursion - knowing that the hatred that is in the hearts of their Black Progressive viewers will provide them with a large measure of contentment and affirmation.

In 2008 and for the past 50 years Black Americans have been compelled to invest into the machine that is in power in all of our communities. They understand how Black people think in our present prevailing consciousness - enough to understand that they can keep pumping this type of diversionary rhetoric rather than showing our community the RETURN ON INVESTMENT that we have received.. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO STOP. Again - I give credit to the White media executives for seeing what Black Progressives want to hear AND that beyond everything else - their PRESENT CONSCIOUSNESS should never be confronted on the way to attempting to find an actual FIX within our communities. By dangling the enemy in front of them the feeling of contentment in their minds is functionally equal to affirmed solutions on their streets in the real world. As long as they are never forced to live outside of this system that incubates their consciousness without direct consciousness.

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