Sunday, August 26, 2012

Angry Black Lady - Too Angry And Ideologically Bigoted To Think Straight

For the life of me - I DO NOT UNDERSTAND SOME OF YOU!!!
Normally when someone strongly makes the case (from their MENTALLY CONSCIOUS VANTAGE POINT) that "WE RUN THIS MUTHA!!   We DON'T LIKE YOUR KIND.....This is why there are NONE OF YOU ALL IN POWER" a rational 3rd party would take this to mean that "Your Fingerprints are all over the steering wheel" as they conduct the post-crash investigation to see who is at fault.

I know something about Tampa Florida.  I have family living there.   I can attest that in the Black community there is not much development going on there.  It is particularly hard for Black males without education.

Yet for some reason a Black Progressive Fundamentalist blogger named Angry Black Lady - the news that the "Democrats Run This Town" is a point of pride.  It shows that no Republican is welcome unless they are paid conventioneers.

I ask that you take a step back and consider the CONSCIOUSNESS of such a Black person.  With her PARTY LOYALTY so singed into her mind - IS THERE ANY CHANCE that she or other 'Like-Minded Negro" will EVER get to the point where they look at the HEAPING STACK OF NEGRO VOTES that have been INVESTED over many decades and they proclaim:  'WE SHOULD BE IN A BETTER CONDITION THAN WHAT WE ARE TODAY?"

[quote] aren’t wasted in excessive payments to insurance companies or fraud and abuse.[/quote]
WOW Angry Black Lady - You seem so "angry" that you can't think straight.
1) Southwest Atlanta Medical Center - along with many other "Urban Hospitals" have shut down or are in fiscal dire straits BECAUSE these "wasteful REIMBURSEMENTS" that the Former Republican Governor turned "Good Guy" with you is calling out.   I wonder if you know that the bill that has been pending in Congress to cut these "wasteful reimbursements " has been punted and not passed BECAUSE - despite the fact that the cuts that have been highlighted are NOW being used as "Medicare's Solvency Projections" even though the congress understands that by passing them more physicians will refuse to take these patients?
2) If many agree that "Medicare was extended by 8 to 10 years" - I wonder if you have any interest to talk about YEARS 11, 12, 13, 14?   If the predictions still say that Year 2022 is the "Bewitching year for Medicaid, that State budget shortfalls will constrain Medicare starting at 2016 and that 2042 is when Social Security will need to demand MONEY for all of the IOUs that the politicians have stuffed into the "lock box" - beyond your "Anger" at Mitt Romney - I wonder if you are able to look at the facts in the real world?
3) You post a sign about Tampa being controlled by Democrats - yet my "in-laws" live in a part of Tampa that is crime plagued with stunted economic growth BUT Romney is the greater threat to Black people - in your mind????

[quote]It’s literally the last thing standing right now between the black voting community and the mass disenfranchisement of millions of minority voters.[/quote] Angry Black Lady: You are a marvel to me. Seriously. You make the case that "Millions of Minority Voters face disenfranchisement" (at the hand of Republican operatives). I wonder why you don't express more "Intellectual Curiosity" about the larger landmass where the "Black Vote has gone UNMOLESTED" and as a result it has promoted favorable people into power - only to have the Community Development Dreams largely stagnated or aborted. Why is it, Angry Black Lady, that the leadership of Detroit or Newark or Philadelphia is not taken to task - after so many millions of Black people have AFFIRMED the establishment machines in these places - only to receive a "bill of goods", decades later? Is there any possible chance - that you can think of - that the very same forces that are orchestrating this "They're Coming To Take Our Votes Away By Carding Us" scheme are the SAME PEOPLE that orchestrated the protections upon these FAILED CITIES? They understand that Ideologically Bigoted Black people - like you - will pursue their hatred, rather than holding steadfast, demanding a RETURN ON INVESTMENT. I have read several of your posts and I am attempting to find YOU - outside of your "Anti-Republican / Anti-Romney / Anti-Conservative" disposition. Does it bother you that in these Mission Accomplished Zones where THE ENEMY has already been run out of town that the Negro's condition has NOT improved? Negroes like you have ONLY been made MENTALLY CONTENT that their ideology and party are in power? This appears to be enough to keep you going.

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