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A Fish Don't Know The Flava Of The Kool Aid That Is Making Him Wet: The Unholy Alliance Between Blacks And ________________________________

(I am sitting in my car in a public parking lot, working on my laptop with a wireless Internet connection as I wait for my kids to come out of a store.  I just let out a cathartic yell after reading some hokum.  I firmly believe that if Jesse Jackson Jr would have learned this same shedding of stress that comes from listening to FOOLISHNESS - he would have retained his mental composure)


What was the argument made within the article that I read in "Clutch Magazine"?

  1. The Unholy Alliance Between Blacks And "Korean Retailers Of Indian Hair?"
  2. The Unholy Alliance Between Blacks And "MSNBC" - For "A Stronger America"?
  3. The Unholy Alliance Between Blacks And "Progressive Fundamentalist Politics" In An Attempt For Their Community Salvation?
  4. The Unholy Alliance Between Blacks And "Chik-Fil-A"?
  5. How Many Negroes Have Gotten Heart Disease By Eating Everyday At The Corner Soul Food Joint?

What is the name of a force that is invisible but white can be observed to trigger "free floating object" to take a mysterious trajectory thus proofing its existence to the trained eye?

What Hobbs failed to realize is that the article and original title had little to do with Christianity at-large or fried chicken, and everything to do with black Americans supporting a corporation that perpetuates intolerant laws meant to subjugate the LGBT community and treat them as second-class citizens. The fact that black people have been on the receiving end of such laws, yet have no problem vocally supporting the same disenfranchisement for another group, is absolutely pathetic.

Kristen West Savali - clearly a Black Progressive Fundamentalist - is incensed that a CORPORATION is perpetuating "Intolerant Laws" mean to subjugate the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered community.  (Protest - the word "Transgendered" has a red underline as I type this message.  Surely Google Chrome, per its spelling dictionary is practicing "gender-assignment normative bias").

She equates how Chick-Fil-A treats "The Gays" today with the way that previous restaurants treated "The Blacks".
The only problem with her argument is that NO HOMOSEXUAL IS DENIED ACCESS TO CHICK-FIL-A.   And she is the one accusing her critic of being "intellectually dishonest".   I don't recall any mass arrest at the "Kiss-In" at Chick-Fil-A that followed the "Chick-Fil-A Support Day" by the "hate-filled" conservatives a few weeks ago.

If TOLERANCE is the height of "Social Justice" in a nation I wonder what Ms Savali thinks about an intolerant body of thought that covers itself by labeling itself "Progressive" which proves itself to be INCOMPETENT at compelling people of free will to respect each other by submitting their selfish wants to the greater union of "Heterosexual Marriage"?

Since so many of our societal problems stem from the dysfunction during the formative years as instability and misalignment due to "make it up as you go along" permissiveness leads to  great loss of potential.

Since the size of the "heterosexual breeders" that DO NOT marry - thus squandering the RIGHTS that a married couple have access to - is a population set that laps the total number of homosexuals that seek to be married - by a proportion that is in beyond 100 to 1 - in my estimate - why shouldn't we place our faith in a body of social engineering that allows so much squandered human potential?

To those who believe that there is no connection between "Homosexual Marriage" and "The Low Heterosexual Marriage" I have no problem rebutting your claims to the contrary.

Normally "Social Justice" seeks to point to the massive amount of interconnectedness that we have a society as those who "have" are asked to yield their selfish position for the benefit of the whole.
YET when the argument that I make which points to the fact that WEAKENED HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE (and the associated loss of FUNCTIONALITY of the married relationship) is the foundation of the entertainment of "alternative lifestyles" that merely add to the matrix of societal confusion (ie:  "Look at the television in which CNN's Anderson Cooper's Boy Friend is seen kissing another man as he cheats upon "His Man").

The restrictiveness of "Conservativism" - being evil - is not shown in its inverse form as "the 'do as you please' Progressive Fundamentalism - as it ALSO proves itself to be a bigoted, intolerant and bullying attempt to suppress contrary viewpoints.

When Mary J. Blige sang her heart out about “crispy chicken,” some black people rushed to call it “coonery.” Yesterday, some of those same people sprinted to get fried chicken from Chick-fil-A and were proud of it. In fact, Facebook was adorned with black folks loving that “chikin,” all to support a man who has no problem employing and serving the LGBT community, as long as he can take their dollars to financially support conservative politicians who view them as second-class citizens.

You have to understand Ms Savali.
She expect you - A BLACK PERSON to be BIGOTED AGAINST "Conservatism" and thus - since Chik-Fil-A supports "Conservative Causes" - it is the boot upon the Black community's neck.

What Ms Savali can't see are the impact of the "Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance" that collects collects far more valuables from Negroes.
While "Chick-Fil-A" and the Korean Retails get a good portion of Black people's money - Ms Savali can't place a value on:

  • The "Black Community Development Consciousness
  • The Equal Black Ballots 
Both of which are collected with great efficiency.
In fact - I have little doubt that Ms Savali is one of the "embedded confidence men" - when pressed to prove the RETURN ON INVESTMENT of the present scheme - is heard telling "The Blacks" how their choice to ask questions of Progressives means that "The Conservatives" will WIN.

Ms Savali - can you document THE WINS of the "Political Negroes" that have translated into VICTORIES for the Black Community - if we measure the ORGANIC COMPETENCY that is housed within our community via the institutions that are supposed to develop our people and channel our power for upward thrust?  (You know - just like high heterosexual marriages are prone to do?  NO - not the "failed marriages with abusive men" that people who think like you like to throw out as flack.

Even more interesting, and this is where things get real, black support for the Democratic Party, specifically President Barack Obama, has never dropped below 85%. But to gain some heavenly cool points, many of these same people flocked to fatten the pockets of an organization that funnels funds to Republican candidates.

This fraudulent scheme flew over the heads of most of you.
Ms Savali said that Blacks support for Obama NEVER FELL BELOW 85%!!!!!
A more "Intellectually honest Black Progressive-Fundamentalist" would have taken this (and the taking of our EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS for the past 50 years) and then made the case that she knows WHO'S FINGERPRINTS ARE ON THE STEERING WHEEL.

Note the lack of intention to correlate the present conditions within the Black community with the forces that received these investments.
You have to understand Ms Savali - the Black community's condition is a function of PROGRESSIVE LAND THAT HAS NOT BEEN TRAVELED and not an issue with all of the "Favorable People In Power" that received her votes and that she is seeking to keep the bi-annual account withdraws flowing.

It is true that there are many Blue-Dog Democrats whose evangelical ideology do not align with their official Party platform, instead mimicking all things conservative unless it pertains to economic equality — or as their fellow GOP’ers prefer to call it: handouts for welfare queens and thugs. In that case, though I’m sure the cognitive dissonance is deafening, please by all means stand by your beliefs – and pray that the proceeds from that large Arnold Palmer don’t go to the campaign coffers of an anti-Obamacare conservative. If the racial group most likely to suffer from hypertension, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes, actually feel that it makes sense to change their Facebook profiles pictures to encourage black people to go “eat more [fried] chikin,” all in some misguided attempt to prove they’re up with G-O-D and down with homosexuality, then I have become convinced that the Twilight Zone in fact does exist and sanity is a subjective term.

In the creative mind of Ms Savali - the "big tent" party that GOT THE VALUABLES from:

  • Welfare Queens
  • Thugs
  • Hypertensive Negroes with Diabetes and Obesity
.........with the promise that it would procure SOCIAL JUSTICE and make their lives "WHITE as the undriven snow".

Do you see that if you don't identify the INVESTMENT made by the Progressive Fundamentalist and how, despite holding all of the receipts - a Progressive Fundamentalist bigot like Ms Savali will always try to SELL YOU FORWARD and you will never find yourself.


So now, apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable to equate the Civil Rights Movement to the LGBT movement. I’ve always thought so, but the opposition to the equivalency has been extremely loud. But since the good Reverend wants to run with it, let’s shall we?

  • The Gays say - "OUR struggle for "CIVIL RIGHTS" is the same as when "The Blacks" STRUGGLED
  • The Black Preacher said - "YOUR attempts (this meaning the Progressive Bigoted Mayors of Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh and San Francisco) to use ECONOMIC INTIMIDATION to keep Chik-Fil-A out of a city" is what the BIGOTED WHITES DID when they wanted to suppress the Negros - losing their jobs if they dared speak up

There was a time, when based on religious interpretation, black people were not allowed to marry — not among ourselves and most certainly not to white people. According to crafty, self-serving interpretations of the Bible, black people carried the Mark of Cain, and as such, should remain slaves. As time progressed, we still, by United States standards, carried the mark of slaves and by legislation and society were treated as such. The Civil Rights Movement was to protest blatant discrimination that had both societal and political implications. It was to show the world that we would no longer be tolerant of intolerance, but demand civil liberties that were ours by mere virtue of our existence.

When I was home in Philly last month my father went through details about how the "Curse Of Ham" could not possibly be assigned to BLACK PEOPLE.  Thus - the RACIST WHITES who said this - knew their bible about as well as does Ms Savali - and they used it as a weapon just as she is trying to do.

I am convinced - Anything that gets in the way of Ms Savali and like-minded Progressive Secularist Bigots MUST BE DESTROYED.

Unless you confront them - demanding that they show their own COMPETENCE at build up people via ORGANIC SOCIAL JUSTICE, beyond their ATTENTION to do so if they are given more power - they are going to take all of your valuables.

From The Rebuttal Article Of Dianna Hobbs:

What's wrong with black Democrats doing business with Republicans? Why all the hostility? Many of the corporations we rely on for our sustenance don't have democratic leaders. Should party affiliation always be a prerequisite for determining where we invest our consumer dollars?

Ms Hobbs - don't you know you are being a bit dishonest?
As I read on FaceBook today - REPUBLICANS WANT TO STRING BLACK PEOPLE UPON TREES - if they could.

FEAR NOT - Black people spend an increasing amount of our retail dollars with Korean Merchants.  They are not Republicans as they are less worried about VOTING than they are in fufilling the consumer needs stemming from the next fad among "The Blacks".  They have the market cornered on Indian hair.

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