Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who Are These "Free Radical Negro Posters"?

RawStory is clearly yet another "Progressive Supremacist" light bulb that glows in the dark of the night, attracting like-minded moths. 

Reda StCyr:

After so many decades of Progressive Supremacist growth in POWER over once prosperous population centers WHY are you now looking for a NATIONAL VOTE for "Jobs Creation"?     

Is there any part of you that is able to look back at what you INVESTED IN over so many years, only to have it not produce the organic development that you expected?

Go take a look at NPR's "Morning Edition" web site from yesterday (Tuesday) where they talk about how the lack of basic math skills has made it difficult for MANUFACTURERS to hire operators of computerized machine equipment.  Those who can't add and subtract decimals could destroy an expensive machine with their miscalculations.

WHY is it that you want to SELL US THE FUTURE but appear to have little interest in seeking a RETURN ON INVESTMENT in what YOU were tricked into buying into in the past?

Is the above example not evidence that the SCHOOLS that "favorable people to you" now govern have failed to do their jobs?  This despite your pride in the people who WERE ELECTED to run the school systems?

Based on reading your posts thus far YOU HAVE NO GROUNDING.
You want to fight your REPUBLICAN/CONSERVATIVE enemies - but this only hides a great void that is inside of you.  The void is in the evidence that YOU are able to define YOUR CONSCIOUS SELF, separate and distinct from the POLITICAL MACHINE that you advocate for.   Thus when it fails YOU, you merely keep fighting, hoping that the next election will keep you occupied rather than depressed. 

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