Saturday, July 7, 2012

Republican Allen West Heckeled By A White Man Who Is Not "Racist" In The View Of MSNBC's "The" Because There Is No Strategic Benefit To Throw Up Such An Indictment In Support Of THIS CBC Member

In noting the differences between the coverage of the very same incident by MSNBC's The and Glenn Beck's The I AM NOT arguing that "The Grio" should have shown more "racial outrage" by mentioning that a White man had called a sitting Black elected official a "Mother Fucker".

(Normally we would be treated to such a video to show that we do not live in a "Post Racial America".  For the record - I do not think that this is a case of RACISM[!!!].  The guy was ignorant but he did not threaten the congressman physically.  He could have challenged West without using such language. )

Instead I am using this opportunity in which The Grio did not do such a thing to bring in to question they continuing antics in which "Racism Chasing" is used as a tool to advance their Progressive Supremacist agenda.

With the "Dark Matter Analysis" technique it is important to establish a baseline of how "light" typically travels through space.  (How an operative typically behaves).  Then, as we observe various light sources in the universe - the presence of the "black hole" of journalistic fraud and corruption can be noted - NOT because you see it (the black hole) but because of how a different light source produces an effect that is also different than the normal flow of light.

The argument is - EITHER the MSNBC's The demand that ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS be afforded a measure of respect (all - not just Black ones) OR they (The Grio) show more transparency in showing that their tag line "Our Stories" be clarified as "Our Progressive Supremacist Stories Told From Our Jaundiced Vantage Point".

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