Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Open Letter To My Dear Friend Rikyrah Of AfroSpear

WHAT IS YOUR PRESENT PRIORITY "CONSCIOUS ATTENTION" INVESTMENTS ULTIMATELY PURCHASING FOR YOU?  Are they merely SATISFYING Within The Confines Of Your Present Conscious Awareness OR Are They Laying The Groundwork For A Dramatically Different Experience For Your People - 100 Years From Now?

My Dear Friend Rikyrah:

I am happy to see you take a break from your "Anti-Romney" campaign to come pay us a visit.  Speaking for myself - I miss you.   (I don't miss your blogging buddy "Progressive Christian Fundamentalist" though.)

Interesting that you would insert the word "PSYCHOLOGICAL" into the debate.

For me the month of July has been a bumper cop of information on my doctoral thesis at "Constructive Feedback University" that the BLACK COMMUNITY does not suffer from POLITICAL PROBLEMS but PSYCHOLOGICAL problems.

You see Rikyrah - it all started from the June jobs report.  I saw a Black Progressive Supremacist preacher telling a White Conservative female wolf that NOTHING that she could tell him about the Black misery index could prevent Black people from VOTING for Obama to the tune of 90%!!!

White Conservative Wolves are frustrated at hearing this and try to restrict Negroes going to the polls.
Your White Progressive Cheshire Fox Friends who are "White Allies", by comparison - listen to these type of Negroes talking and wonder aloud "How do we put even more ballots in the hands of these type of Ninjas?  We can't lose in our battle against the Wolves!!!!   These Blacks don't ask for much beyond a fight against their enemy".

Then we saw CHICAGO and HOUSTON.
In Chicago as Street Pirates are shooting up the place:
* The WHITE Democratic Police Chief starts talking about how PILGRIMS caused NEGROES TO SHOOT EACH OTHER TODAY
* The Jewish Mayor and Obama friend starts talking about how STREET PIRATES should have a signaling system to compel his enemy Pirate to stop shooting because there is a Black kid nearby.  Once the flag is raised they must each move into the alley and RESUME their killing.  The Mayor said that they HAVE VALUES, just the WRONG TYPE OF VALUES.

Now Rikyrah - I don't know about you but I AIN'T ABOUT TO TRUST some Ninja who is trying to bust a cap in my head, to agree to a HIGHER PRINCIPLE of "Child Safety", that he would not say "You first" - as he compels me to walk with my back turned to him as I take the opposite end of the alley for us to resume our deadly gun fight.

I understand that MITT ROMNEY is out of touch with Black people.  I am just curious as to why the MORE DEADLY AFFAIR FOR NEGROES has not made it through the rounds of AfroSpear?  The news that Mayor Emanuel is OUT OF HIS DAMNED MIND to believe that there is a code of honor among Street Pirate by which they would take their gun fight to an alley.

Then there is HOUSTON.   The Civil Rights Pharisees gathered and they listed the #1 Threat To The NEGRO as "Vote Snatching By Republicans".

Is This A LINE UP Of Black Boys From 1850 Virginia OR
more recent pictures from Rwanda
just as the blog that I got this picture from indicates?

Do you mind if I "read you" Rikyrah?
Here is my analysis.  

You know the hearts and minds of your fellow Black Progressive Supremacists. You have MASTERED what it takes to RILE THEM UP and keep them MENTALLY SATISFIED.
Thus you are an expert at developing CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.

Yet I know you to be a very intelligent sista.   You know that as a machine gets more POWER that it is also going to have to assume more "Establishment Authority", producing the ORDER ON THE STREETS and in the CLASS ROOMS that such a position entails.

You are in an "in-between" area with your theories Rikyrah.  There are still enough ENEMY CONSERVATIVE FORCES around for you and AfroSpear and the LampBlack Yellow Journalist Press to run your "KEEP YOUR ENEMY ON TRIAL" scheme - to the delight of LIKE MINDED NEGROES.   You couple this with the knowledge that EVEN NEGROES THAT KNOW BETTER can be made to agree with the "Don't Hate" meme which has ALL OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY PROBLEMS blamed on "SOCIAL JUSTICE YET TO BE ACHIEVED" as the STRUGGLE continues.

You can't see that you are standing at the edge of the Pacific Ocean and are facing WESTWARD!!!
The only option for you at this point is to retire your PROGRESSIVE EXPANSION meme and to trek BACK THROUGH the "Mission Accomplished Lands" to actually express what was promised to our people.

I believe that YOU have disconnected on occasion from the crowd, gone off by yourself and THOUGHT FORWARD, knowing that THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT THIS SCHEME IS GOING TO ULTIMATELY WORK for the ORGANIC uplift of the Black community.

You are merely riding off of your knowledge of what your friends like.

What happens WHEN the dynamics change Rikyrah?
Can the Black community commit to reducing our MURDER COUNT down to our POPULATION PROPORTION and achieve success via the current scheme?  Isn't this (ironically) MORE proof of BLACK SELF LOVE than any success found in preventing the Republicans from cancelling ObamaCare?

What happens if YOU lead the way, noting that UNTIL THE BLACK AMERICAN IS CONSCIOUSLY RECONNECTED WITH THE BLACK DIASPORA - none of our INSTITUTIONS IN AMERICA will be REPURPOSED with the DISCIPLINE that is necessary for reform?   When the notion that "EVERY MINUTE OF INTERRUPTED CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION translates into 5 African children who will not receive the helping hand of a BLACK AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGENT who exists in EXCESS in America and thus is freed up to travel to other Black Diasporatic places.  

Just think about it Rikyrah - in today's prevailing Black consciousness we are more likely to hear about how CUBA produces more doctors in abundance to send them overseas than we are likely to hear that CHICAGO, PHILADELPHIA OR DEKALB COUNTY GEORGIA SCHOOLS produce Black educated people to the point of bounty - that they must TRAVEL OVERSEAS to engage with other Blacks for them to KEEP THEIR MINDS BUSY, in line with their professional service training.

Does your heightened passions today upon feeling DEPLOYED turn into DEPRESSION as you achieve a WIN in the "Malcolm X Political Football game" but an ULTIMATE LOSS FOR BLACK AMERICANS and the DIASPORATIC BLACKS - because you made an INVESTMENT that has no benefit outside of American Politics?

Does what you are doing from Chicago SCALE to anywhere else in the world where there are "The Least Of These" in abundance that do not have the benefit of a "Nationalized Social Justice Government" around them?

100 years from now, Rikyrah - will anything be different for the Negro?

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