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A Model Kneegrow - Can Tell You About The Injuries He Has Suffered From His Enemy But Is Too Loyal To Detail The Assaults Received From His Friends As He Knows They'd Kick His Ass For Sntiching

From The Booker Rising blog

Summary Points From "True Progressive Bigot" That Appeased His Conscious Soul And Rebuttals:
  1.  George W Bush's  policies destroyed America so Obama has a blank check from me until he fixes it
    1. REBUTTAL - The Black Progressive Supremacist needs to keep the debate NATIONALIZED.  Despite the fact that there is a broad array of results in the area of economic, employment and academic zones - when you don't have a good story to tell when your policies are "The Last Man Standing", you must filibuster, shifting the conscious attention upon the areas that you have something to grasp upon (regardless of how many times you incessantly repeat it), knowing that in these areas you are actually DEFENDING the performance that you are seen attacking in a more nationalized domain where your enemy resides.   The ONLY thing that one can do is to content themselves that True Progressive Bigot will NEVER achieve satisfaction and will always have make use of this type of fraud and redirection.  After 8 years of Obama - WE KNOW ALREADY that they will still be blaming Bush
  2. But For GOP Filibusters The Employment Situation Would Be Better
    1. REBUTTAL - The Republicans are as much to blame for this as are the Democrats.  In this high stakes sames of "Gotcha" politics the Conservatives are too often seen shedding their belief that "The GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CREATE JOBS (organically)" as they wage their attacks upon the opposition incumbents rather than hold true to their beliefs.  In the statement above from True Progressive Bigot we have to assume that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is the gateway for jobs creation.  We must note that they are no longer using the FEDERAL BUDGET DEFICITS as an indictment (ie: "Spending like a drunken sailor") because this attack would tend to upend their present attacks - the claim that NOT ENOUGH federal debt money has been spent to create jobs.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago (after listening to a UCLA PolySci professor referring to the federal government and its "magic money" as the solution to all of the nation's problems) when you choose to retain the accouterments of a high standard of living, based upon MONEY that was created by the Federal Reserve - the absence of ORGANIC GROWTH from "Organic Competency Development" that has been built up, merely creates a shell game that will fall when the CAPITALISTIC INVESTORS lose confidence in the confidence scheme.  The danger of a person like True Progressive Bigot is that he is more interested in fighting the political dogfight than on noting that BOTH PARTIES are crooks and are wrecking this nation as the Federal Reserve keeps pumping fake money to retain a system that can't sustain itself
  3. "These Stupid Kneegrows Want To Complain About Obama"
    1. The "Dark Matter Analysis" Technique is appropriate here.  Upon observing True Progressive Bigot we should note that there is a complement to his claim that the "Bigoted Obama Critics" seek to blame him for problems beyond his own making.  This compliment IS "True Progressive Bigot".   Equally contemptible is the person who is unable to express the EQUALITY of a FAVORABLE PERSON IN POWER to do the same damage as the last guy.  With such a protection racket going, inside the mind of such an individual, that person in power (and the machine as a whole) receive a tacit endorsement to do as it damned well pleases.  REGARDLESS of the results that it garners - the died in the wool bigots are going to support them.  They will later be heard saying "IF the enemy was in power things would have been worse".  Again - if you do not see this as PSYCHOLOGICAL rather than POLITICAL, you'll never get to the bottom of this matter.  It is one of  an "Unmet, Psychological Void" that is within the person's consciousness.  He will pervert himself as he tries to fill what has long escaped him.
  4. "Black Pastors Need To Be Reminded Of Voter Supression"
    1. The reason why I added this commentary to this post, instead of leaving it up to you to interpret the underlined text above is because I have been debating "True Progressive Bigot" for about a year now and I feel that I have a grasp of his tactics.  In his mind the "Black People Are Under Attack" meme is SUPREME.  Now keep in mind that this is an instance of "Psychology EXPRESSED through Politics" and thus his "Black Consciousness is expressed via the condition of the Democratic Party and Progressive Public Policy".  I estimate that True Progressive Bigot is a Black male in his late 50's (or more).  He, like many others of this age need to justify their present actions by entrancing themselves into a DEFENSIVE POSTURE.  As such he has bought into the NAACP's latest scheme which notes that in asking EVERYONE to show photo ID - the inferior "water buffalo" in the herd will show themselves and the crocodiles in the will have a tasty meal as they feed upon them.  The best countermeasure against this fraudulent scheme is to make note of where True Progressive Bigot and the NAACP do NOT wish to focus upon:  The "Mission Accomplished Zones" where the Negro's vote goes unmolested and he had the final say in who would be impaneled in the machine that dominates the local area where he resides.   I maintain that far, far, far more Black people are injured by the state of civic service delivery in Flint, Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Philadelphia, Buffalo and Baltimore - than there will be people of any race barred from voting because they can't meet the photo voter ID requirements.   Since the goal of True Progressive Bigot and the Civil Rights Pharisees is POWER and not PROTECTION OF THE INTERESTS OF THE LEAST OF THESE - they understand that no one is going to seek to run them out of town IF, upon assembling a favorable local machine into power, the people's interests are not satisfied.  They only need to generate a "New External Struggle" as they understand that the people's ATTENTION SPAN is far more important than them actually receiving the promised benefits.
  5. Texas and Tennessee Have Watered Down Civil Rights Protections
    1. REBUTTAL - More important than placing in writing the rules of "Who Is Allowed To Say The Word NIGGER" is the need for a written articulation of "WHAT IS A CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION".   If "Civil Rights Legislation" has been built up in response to "White Supremacy" then it is abundantly clear that the SELECTIVE identification of "Assaults On Negroes" as "Civil Rights Violations" is proof of NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY.  (Print It!!!).   Despite the fact that Texas and Tennessee are states where the "Black Crime Victimization Rates" greatly exceed our population proportions - there will be NO crackdown, meant to protect the "Civil Rights Of Black people", IF these two states were seen to be hot beds of interracial attacks.   That which fronts as acknowledging the special history of "White oppression of Black people", when left unchecked, is allowed to transmutate into officially sanctioned BLACK INFERIORITY as the presence of a Negro assailant triggers a "call block" at the "US Justice Department, Civil Rights Division".  The real indictment, however, should be placed upon the "community consciousness" that produced such a product - JUST AS IT WAS THE CASE WHEN A COMMUNITY PRODUCED KLANSMEN. 
  6. "White Supremacists Took Over The GOP", "The Mormons Are Racists"
    1. Again - with a year of debates under my belt - this is standard fare with True Progressive Bigot.  Any time he gets debated into a corner he forces me to call out the "GOP for allowing White Supremacists to take over" - as evidenced by a gathering of conservatives that allowed a racist to speak.   The proper rebuttal of this is to make note that "......this is why the GOP receives under 8% of the Negro VOTERS' INVESTMENTS each time".........."Let us look at who DOES receive this investment".   True Progressive Fundamentalist compels us to make "NEGATION VOTES".   In line with the "Lesser Of Two Evils" meme - he us unable to note that when the "lesser evil" now dominates your affairs after you successfully ran off the "greater evil" - you still have EVIL in power.   The tallest midget is now the tallest around.  This attempt at "Black Conscious Attention Filibustering" by True Progressive Bigot is a form of "Non-White White Supremacy".  He beckons us "Black folks" to always keep a watchful eye upon the "Reformation Of The Klan", via the Republican Party.   The "White Allies" that he has partnered with, however, are fully vetted and they have our best interests in mind.   As long as True Progressive Bigot never steps away and looks out for evidence of HIS OWN ORGANIC GROWTH outside of the Progressive Joint Venture that has been assembled together to fight off the "Conservative Wolf" attacks, he will be consciously pacified that he is walking the appropriate course.  Still I wonder how such a consciousness would exist in a Sub-Saharan environment where there are not enough Racist White folks present today to legitimately blame everything on?

Today the most damaging Black man is the one with the CONSCIOUSNESS that compels him to practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" in protection of the forces that he used his voting rights to place into power, only to go and assign SUPERIOR powers upon his enemies for the damage that they have caused to him.

Once we understand that with this type of Kneegro - it is his CONSCIOUSNESS that was insulted, more than one can attribute his present "backslidden" state to his enemy, we can then understand that we are no dealing with a POLITICAL challenge, but instead a PSYCHOLOGICAL one.

The worst possible condition for such a Kneegrow to be in is: ALL ALONE, BY HIMSELF, forced to depend upon the scheme that made him happy while he was around his enemies to now allow him to survive when they are not present to mentally satisfy him.    The prediction is that his consciousness will die as the nutrients that the body that housed this consciousness perishes from the inability to forge a system to sustain itself. .

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