Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mike Luckovich Needs You To Use Your Existing Biases To Go Along With His Rewrite Of The Batman Script

To his credit AJC editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich is a funny man.   I can honestly say that my observations of his works has influenced the "Blax News" bit that appears on this blog circle.

Anyone who has actually seen the 'Batman: The Dark Night Rises" movie will see the obvious distortions that appear in this cartoon above.

It is Luckovich who seeks to cast the National Rifle Association as "the bad guy" named "Bane" and he projects them upon the villain in the movie.

In the movie it Bane who unleashed as "99% uprising" against the "1%".   Though Mike Luckovich is fully aware of this he also understands that his job is to disrupt the intellectual constrains that such truth would otherwise limit him to and instead fuse together two known quantities:   A hated comic book figure and his hatred for the NRA, knowing that most would follow along.

In doing so Mr Luckovich only achieves a measure of projection in which the failures to control people who don't respect the law is suffered by the many millions of gun owners who do respect it.

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