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Democrat Paul Begala Tears Into Former Pres Bush's Economic Advice While Staying Silent In His Critique On Obama's, The Man Who Actually Has Power Now

Paul Begala on George W. Bush’s Very Bad Economic Advice

The scheme known as "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends" is a distinctly provable fact.

I mean, when hacks like Paul Begala - the half of the "its the economy stupid" team is confronted with a President who's deficit numbers each year were DOUBLE that of the other guy that he hates - what is he to do?

ANSWER: ATTACK THE OTHER GUY.  His base of readers will LOVE HIM FOR IT!!!!

I Hate FRAUDULENT Suppositions That We Must Assume That Are True

From Paul Bagala

Although I have not yet begun to tap the depth of my disdain for Bush, intellectual honesty compels to admit that he is right to focus on growth. Too many liberals focus exclusively on fairness; as if everyone drowning in a sinking ship would be okay. And too many conservatives focus only on deficits - although their hawkishness seems to extend only to hammering the middle class and the poor, never to paying their own fair share for a debt caused in great part by tax breaks for the rich. Growth is the secret sauce.
For all their supposed hatred of Europe, it is the Republicans who are proposing the solution that has failed in Europe: austerity. If the problem is a lack of growth, the answer cannot be to reduce demand even further. If unemployment is too high, layoffs won’t help.
The key to growth is the middle class. The economic elitists on the right seem to think that if we coddle a privileged class of elite investors, prosperity will, as they say, trickle down to the rest of us. If that were true, the Bush economy would have produced a boom rather than a depression. A middle-class-focused economy like, say, the one Bill Clinton gave us and Barack Obama is fighting for, would invest in people, in education, in infrastructure, in technology, in science and green jobs.

Progressive Fundamentalist Economic Theory

QUESTION:  Why did the rating agencies lower the United State's credit rating?
ANSWER: Because the REPUBLICANS didn't agree to raise the debt ceiling

QUESTION: Why is Europe lumbering with a recession?
ANSWER: Because they chose AUSTERITY - cuts in government spending.

I wonder how some people go on with a straight face.
In the wake of MASSIVE GOVERNMENT DEFICITS that threatened to take down their governments - responsible governments CUT SPENDING.
Even the present darling of Europe (for the left) Germany DEMANDED that these cuts be made before they agreed to fund the mechanism that would allow for continental aid.

When the ECONOMY WAS NOT RESTORED - they blamed THE AUSTERITY CUTS for the damage.  (This guy actually gets paid by someone to do political analysis).

 It there any surprise to hear that Newsweek will cease their printed publication?

Do you notice that when it came to President Obama's "Debt Stimulating Stimulus Package" - beyond their selling of the benefit - that the average American did not see, they tried to project by noting that most of the "stimulus" came in Tax Cuts - that should be pleasing to Republicans.   But, alas - when it came time to explaining why the policy that they cheered did not achieve the promised benefits - they argued that the stimulus should have been LARGER and that the second round that Obama has put on the table is being opposed by HOUSE REPUBLICANS.

I wonder if Newsweek will bring Mr Bagala back to talk about President Obama's recent announcement that this will be the 4th year of a $1.2T+ deficit? 

He understands that in this case his SILENCE is more pleasing to his fundamentalist base than is transparent analysis in which on occasion he has to be critical of "Their Guy" because they hold the fate of the nation in higher regard. 

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