Sunday, July 29, 2012

Democrat Paul Begala Tears Into Former Pres Bush's Economic Advice While Staying Silent In His Critique On Obama's, The Man Who Actually Has Power Now

Paul Begala on George W. Bush’s Very Bad Economic Advice

The scheme known as "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends" is a distinctly provable fact.

I mean, when hacks like Paul Begala - the half of the "its the economy stupid" team is confronted with a President who's deficit numbers each year were DOUBLE that of the other guy that he hates - what is he to do?

ANSWER: ATTACK THE OTHER GUY.  His base of readers will LOVE HIM FOR IT!!!!

I Hate FRAUDULENT Suppositions That We Must Assume That Are True

From Paul Bagala

Although I have not yet begun to tap the depth of my disdain for Bush, intellectual honesty compels to admit that he is right to focus on growth. Too many liberals focus exclusively on fairness; as if everyone drowning in a sinking ship would be okay. And too many conservatives focus only on deficits - although their hawkishness seems to extend only to hammering the middle class and the poor, never to paying their own fair share for a debt caused in great part by tax breaks for the rich. Growth is the secret sauce.
For all their supposed hatred of Europe, it is the Republicans who are proposing the solution that has failed in Europe: austerity. If the problem is a lack of growth, the answer cannot be to reduce demand even further. If unemployment is too high, layoffs won’t help.
The key to growth is the middle class. The economic elitists on the right seem to think that if we coddle a privileged class of elite investors, prosperity will, as they say, trickle down to the rest of us. If that were true, the Bush economy would have produced a boom rather than a depression. A middle-class-focused economy like, say, the one Bill Clinton gave us and Barack Obama is fighting for, would invest in people, in education, in infrastructure, in technology, in science and green jobs.

Progressive Fundamentalist Economic Theory

QUESTION:  Why did the rating agencies lower the United State's credit rating?
ANSWER: Because the REPUBLICANS didn't agree to raise the debt ceiling

QUESTION: Why is Europe lumbering with a recession?
ANSWER: Because they chose AUSTERITY - cuts in government spending.

I wonder how some people go on with a straight face.
In the wake of MASSIVE GOVERNMENT DEFICITS that threatened to take down their governments - responsible governments CUT SPENDING.
Even the present darling of Europe (for the left) Germany DEMANDED that these cuts be made before they agreed to fund the mechanism that would allow for continental aid.

When the ECONOMY WAS NOT RESTORED - they blamed THE AUSTERITY CUTS for the damage.  (This guy actually gets paid by someone to do political analysis).

 It there any surprise to hear that Newsweek will cease their printed publication?

Do you notice that when it came to President Obama's "Debt Stimulating Stimulus Package" - beyond their selling of the benefit - that the average American did not see, they tried to project by noting that most of the "stimulus" came in Tax Cuts - that should be pleasing to Republicans.   But, alas - when it came time to explaining why the policy that they cheered did not achieve the promised benefits - they argued that the stimulus should have been LARGER and that the second round that Obama has put on the table is being opposed by HOUSE REPUBLICANS.

I wonder if Newsweek will bring Mr Bagala back to talk about President Obama's recent announcement that this will be the 4th year of a $1.2T+ deficit? 

He understands that in this case his SILENCE is more pleasing to his fundamentalist base than is transparent analysis in which on occasion he has to be critical of "Their Guy" because they hold the fate of the nation in higher regard. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mike Luckovich Needs You To Use Your Existing Biases To Go Along With His Rewrite Of The Batman Script

To his credit AJC editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich is a funny man.   I can honestly say that my observations of his works has influenced the "Blax News" bit that appears on this blog circle.

Anyone who has actually seen the 'Batman: The Dark Night Rises" movie will see the obvious distortions that appear in this cartoon above.

It is Luckovich who seeks to cast the National Rifle Association as "the bad guy" named "Bane" and he projects them upon the villain in the movie.

In the movie it Bane who unleashed as "99% uprising" against the "1%".   Though Mike Luckovich is fully aware of this he also understands that his job is to disrupt the intellectual constrains that such truth would otherwise limit him to and instead fuse together two known quantities:   A hated comic book figure and his hatred for the NRA, knowing that most would follow along.

In doing so Mr Luckovich only achieves a measure of projection in which the failures to control people who don't respect the law is suffered by the many millions of gun owners who do respect it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Worst Type Of Black Blogger Is One Who BELIEVES That He Is "Too Black / Too Strong"


You and Spitting Cobra are the reasons why I believe that the "Obama Presidency" was an important milestone for "The Negro Who Thinks As You Two Do".
IT SHOWS the extent to which you will COMPROMISE yourself so that "Your Team" can win in the Malcolm X Political football game.

* GM's #1 in the world
YOU OWN NOTHING as a result of the GOVERNMENT creating FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES out of thin air to PROP UP the UNION OBLIGATIONS that General Motors (and Chrysler) had agreed to, beyond its ability to abide by.

SOciopath - WOULD YOU FEEL USED if I exposed you to MORE INFORMATION than what you have access to, in support of your current appeasement?
June 2012 - GM Seeks To Shed 1/4th Of Its Pension Obligations (118K retirees)

Do you see how the CHECK LIST provided by Spitting Cobra has APPEASED YOU, for  NO OTHER REASON than the fact that YOU WANT OBAMA TO BE VENERATED? 

*  , we're out of Iraq, - FRAUDULENT AZZ-TED NEGRO!!!!
Go watch "Democracy Now" from MONDAY!! The guest asked an Official "WHY is the USA in Libya but NOT Cote' d'Iviore during their period of government unrest"?

ANSWER:  "Because there was only a Humanitarian crisis in Libya"
"BECAUSE OUR INTERESTS RESIDE IN LIBYA with the OIL AND ................there was a greater risk of AFRICAN REFUGEES FROM LIBYA streaming into EUROPE than there was with the Ivory Coast".
GO SEE THE INTERVIEW FOR YOURSELF - for once!!!!!!!!!!!!
HE WAS ABLE TO SELL NEGROES LIKE YOU about the MISSION, knowing that YOU live vicariously through him and are interested in having WHITE FOLKS venerate him as an EQUAL MILITARY POWER as the 43 White men before him.  
IN your own PSYCHOTIC STATE you see that if WHITE FOLKS PRAISE OBAMA.................they are PRAISING YOU as a Black man.

FOOLISH YOU!!!!  You can't see that THE USA GETS TO DO WHAT IT DAMNED WELL PLEASES and with OBAMA IN POWER - it has put the NEGRO PROTESTER IN CHECK!!!!  He would rather protest against AMERICAN ELEPHANTS in the GOP than to note that the Elephants in Africa are NOT REPUBLICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU DON'T DESERVE ANYONE TO RESPECT YOU more than you RESPECT YOURSELF despite the change in the seasons.

* Dow is up 5000 points
BEN BERNANKE to testify before Congress again after he issues a warning on coming ECONOMIC WEAKNESS

Deep inside of me is a bit of resentment.
I invest a considerable amount of time to understand economics and the markets. TO SEE a FRAUDULENT PUNK issue a TWITTER FEED and then ensnare OTHER NEGROES - when he DOESN'T KNOW A DAMNED THING other than his PROPAGANDA MISSION is quite frustrating.

* and 1/5th of the population now has a chance to get healthcare, including MILLIONS of AFRICAN-AMERICANS 

1) HOW MANY MORE BLACK MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS have matriculated through the PUBLIC SCHOOLS that favorable people NOW CONTROL, after decades of promises that THINGS WOULD BE BETTER once we inserted them into POWER

2) Of the majority Black hospitals that have closed over the last 30 years - EXACTLY WHAT evidence of ORGANIC FISCAL STRENGTH can you point to after NATIONAL LEGISLATION was passed that has made you HAPPY?
Of the "Richie Rich Negroes" in Cascade Heights (Atlanta) who REFUSED to go to their "local ghetto" hospital (Southwest Medical Center) and thus it closed because it could not survive on the Medicaid reimbursements - WHY is it that THESE NEGROES get a pass from you?   WHEN THEY HAD THE OPPORTUNITY to show THEIR VALUATION of "The Least Of These Blacks" around them - THEY DROVE DOWNTOWN to the places where Blacks were barred form entering into 60 years ago for medical care.

NOW that these same Blacks support OBAMACARE - their past sins against their COMMUNITY gets WHITEWASHED, like the pure, undriven WHITE snow.

3) As you look at the HEALTH CARE NEEDS OF other "Black Diasporatic Locations" - WHY is it far more likely that you will hear from the mouth of a Black Progressive Fundamentalist how CUBA produces an excess of physicians that they send their people INTERNATIONALLY..................but you WON'T hear an accounting of the number of PHYSICIANS that are produced out of:
* Martin Luther King High Schools through out the nation
* Frederick Douglass High Schools .............
* George Washington Caver High Schools............
* Booker T Washington High Schools..................


GO SIT DOWN PUNK!!!! (Spitting Cobra)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Open Letter To My Dear Friend Rikyrah Of AfroSpear

WHAT IS YOUR PRESENT PRIORITY "CONSCIOUS ATTENTION" INVESTMENTS ULTIMATELY PURCHASING FOR YOU?  Are they merely SATISFYING Within The Confines Of Your Present Conscious Awareness OR Are They Laying The Groundwork For A Dramatically Different Experience For Your People - 100 Years From Now?

My Dear Friend Rikyrah:

I am happy to see you take a break from your "Anti-Romney" campaign to come pay us a visit.  Speaking for myself - I miss you.   (I don't miss your blogging buddy "Progressive Christian Fundamentalist" though.)

Interesting that you would insert the word "PSYCHOLOGICAL" into the debate.

For me the month of July has been a bumper cop of information on my doctoral thesis at "Constructive Feedback University" that the BLACK COMMUNITY does not suffer from POLITICAL PROBLEMS but PSYCHOLOGICAL problems.

You see Rikyrah - it all started from the June jobs report.  I saw a Black Progressive Supremacist preacher telling a White Conservative female wolf that NOTHING that she could tell him about the Black misery index could prevent Black people from VOTING for Obama to the tune of 90%!!!

White Conservative Wolves are frustrated at hearing this and try to restrict Negroes going to the polls.
Your White Progressive Cheshire Fox Friends who are "White Allies", by comparison - listen to these type of Negroes talking and wonder aloud "How do we put even more ballots in the hands of these type of Ninjas?  We can't lose in our battle against the Wolves!!!!   These Blacks don't ask for much beyond a fight against their enemy".

Then we saw CHICAGO and HOUSTON.
In Chicago as Street Pirates are shooting up the place:
* The WHITE Democratic Police Chief starts talking about how PILGRIMS caused NEGROES TO SHOOT EACH OTHER TODAY
* The Jewish Mayor and Obama friend starts talking about how STREET PIRATES should have a signaling system to compel his enemy Pirate to stop shooting because there is a Black kid nearby.  Once the flag is raised they must each move into the alley and RESUME their killing.  The Mayor said that they HAVE VALUES, just the WRONG TYPE OF VALUES.

Now Rikyrah - I don't know about you but I AIN'T ABOUT TO TRUST some Ninja who is trying to bust a cap in my head, to agree to a HIGHER PRINCIPLE of "Child Safety", that he would not say "You first" - as he compels me to walk with my back turned to him as I take the opposite end of the alley for us to resume our deadly gun fight.

I understand that MITT ROMNEY is out of touch with Black people.  I am just curious as to why the MORE DEADLY AFFAIR FOR NEGROES has not made it through the rounds of AfroSpear?  The news that Mayor Emanuel is OUT OF HIS DAMNED MIND to believe that there is a code of honor among Street Pirate by which they would take their gun fight to an alley.

Then there is HOUSTON.   The Civil Rights Pharisees gathered and they listed the #1 Threat To The NEGRO as "Vote Snatching By Republicans".

Is This A LINE UP Of Black Boys From 1850 Virginia OR
more recent pictures from Rwanda
just as the blog that I got this picture from indicates?

Do you mind if I "read you" Rikyrah?
Here is my analysis.  

You know the hearts and minds of your fellow Black Progressive Supremacists. You have MASTERED what it takes to RILE THEM UP and keep them MENTALLY SATISFIED.
Thus you are an expert at developing CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.

Yet I know you to be a very intelligent sista.   You know that as a machine gets more POWER that it is also going to have to assume more "Establishment Authority", producing the ORDER ON THE STREETS and in the CLASS ROOMS that such a position entails.

You are in an "in-between" area with your theories Rikyrah.  There are still enough ENEMY CONSERVATIVE FORCES around for you and AfroSpear and the LampBlack Yellow Journalist Press to run your "KEEP YOUR ENEMY ON TRIAL" scheme - to the delight of LIKE MINDED NEGROES.   You couple this with the knowledge that EVEN NEGROES THAT KNOW BETTER can be made to agree with the "Don't Hate" meme which has ALL OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY PROBLEMS blamed on "SOCIAL JUSTICE YET TO BE ACHIEVED" as the STRUGGLE continues.

You can't see that you are standing at the edge of the Pacific Ocean and are facing WESTWARD!!!
The only option for you at this point is to retire your PROGRESSIVE EXPANSION meme and to trek BACK THROUGH the "Mission Accomplished Lands" to actually express what was promised to our people.

I believe that YOU have disconnected on occasion from the crowd, gone off by yourself and THOUGHT FORWARD, knowing that THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT THIS SCHEME IS GOING TO ULTIMATELY WORK for the ORGANIC uplift of the Black community.

You are merely riding off of your knowledge of what your friends like.

What happens WHEN the dynamics change Rikyrah?
Can the Black community commit to reducing our MURDER COUNT down to our POPULATION PROPORTION and achieve success via the current scheme?  Isn't this (ironically) MORE proof of BLACK SELF LOVE than any success found in preventing the Republicans from cancelling ObamaCare?

What happens if YOU lead the way, noting that UNTIL THE BLACK AMERICAN IS CONSCIOUSLY RECONNECTED WITH THE BLACK DIASPORA - none of our INSTITUTIONS IN AMERICA will be REPURPOSED with the DISCIPLINE that is necessary for reform?   When the notion that "EVERY MINUTE OF INTERRUPTED CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION translates into 5 African children who will not receive the helping hand of a BLACK AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGENT who exists in EXCESS in America and thus is freed up to travel to other Black Diasporatic places.  

Just think about it Rikyrah - in today's prevailing Black consciousness we are more likely to hear about how CUBA produces more doctors in abundance to send them overseas than we are likely to hear that CHICAGO, PHILADELPHIA OR DEKALB COUNTY GEORGIA SCHOOLS produce Black educated people to the point of bounty - that they must TRAVEL OVERSEAS to engage with other Blacks for them to KEEP THEIR MINDS BUSY, in line with their professional service training.

Does your heightened passions today upon feeling DEPLOYED turn into DEPRESSION as you achieve a WIN in the "Malcolm X Political Football game" but an ULTIMATE LOSS FOR BLACK AMERICANS and the DIASPORATIC BLACKS - because you made an INVESTMENT that has no benefit outside of American Politics?

Does what you are doing from Chicago SCALE to anywhere else in the world where there are "The Least Of These" in abundance that do not have the benefit of a "Nationalized Social Justice Government" around them?

100 years from now, Rikyrah - will anything be different for the Negro?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who Are These "Free Radical Negro Posters"?

RawStory is clearly yet another "Progressive Supremacist" light bulb that glows in the dark of the night, attracting like-minded moths. 

Reda StCyr:

After so many decades of Progressive Supremacist growth in POWER over once prosperous population centers WHY are you now looking for a NATIONAL VOTE for "Jobs Creation"?     

Is there any part of you that is able to look back at what you INVESTED IN over so many years, only to have it not produce the organic development that you expected?

Go take a look at NPR's "Morning Edition" web site from yesterday (Tuesday) where they talk about how the lack of basic math skills has made it difficult for MANUFACTURERS to hire operators of computerized machine equipment.  Those who can't add and subtract decimals could destroy an expensive machine with their miscalculations.

WHY is it that you want to SELL US THE FUTURE but appear to have little interest in seeking a RETURN ON INVESTMENT in what YOU were tricked into buying into in the past?

Is the above example not evidence that the SCHOOLS that "favorable people to you" now govern have failed to do their jobs?  This despite your pride in the people who WERE ELECTED to run the school systems?

Based on reading your posts thus far YOU HAVE NO GROUNDING.
You want to fight your REPUBLICAN/CONSERVATIVE enemies - but this only hides a great void that is inside of you.  The void is in the evidence that YOU are able to define YOUR CONSCIOUS SELF, separate and distinct from the POLITICAL MACHINE that you advocate for.   Thus when it fails YOU, you merely keep fighting, hoping that the next election will keep you occupied rather than depressed. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Model Kneegrow - Can Tell You About The Injuries He Has Suffered From His Enemy But Is Too Loyal To Detail The Assaults Received From His Friends As He Knows They'd Kick His Ass For Sntiching

From The Booker Rising blog

Summary Points From "True Progressive Bigot" That Appeased His Conscious Soul And Rebuttals:
  1.  George W Bush's  policies destroyed America so Obama has a blank check from me until he fixes it
    1. REBUTTAL - The Black Progressive Supremacist needs to keep the debate NATIONALIZED.  Despite the fact that there is a broad array of results in the area of economic, employment and academic zones - when you don't have a good story to tell when your policies are "The Last Man Standing", you must filibuster, shifting the conscious attention upon the areas that you have something to grasp upon (regardless of how many times you incessantly repeat it), knowing that in these areas you are actually DEFENDING the performance that you are seen attacking in a more nationalized domain where your enemy resides.   The ONLY thing that one can do is to content themselves that True Progressive Bigot will NEVER achieve satisfaction and will always have make use of this type of fraud and redirection.  After 8 years of Obama - WE KNOW ALREADY that they will still be blaming Bush
  2. But For GOP Filibusters The Employment Situation Would Be Better
    1. REBUTTAL - The Republicans are as much to blame for this as are the Democrats.  In this high stakes sames of "Gotcha" politics the Conservatives are too often seen shedding their belief that "The GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CREATE JOBS (organically)" as they wage their attacks upon the opposition incumbents rather than hold true to their beliefs.  In the statement above from True Progressive Bigot we have to assume that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is the gateway for jobs creation.  We must note that they are no longer using the FEDERAL BUDGET DEFICITS as an indictment (ie: "Spending like a drunken sailor") because this attack would tend to upend their present attacks - the claim that NOT ENOUGH federal debt money has been spent to create jobs.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago (after listening to a UCLA PolySci professor referring to the federal government and its "magic money" as the solution to all of the nation's problems) when you choose to retain the accouterments of a high standard of living, based upon MONEY that was created by the Federal Reserve - the absence of ORGANIC GROWTH from "Organic Competency Development" that has been built up, merely creates a shell game that will fall when the CAPITALISTIC INVESTORS lose confidence in the confidence scheme.  The danger of a person like True Progressive Bigot is that he is more interested in fighting the political dogfight than on noting that BOTH PARTIES are crooks and are wrecking this nation as the Federal Reserve keeps pumping fake money to retain a system that can't sustain itself
  3. "These Stupid Kneegrows Want To Complain About Obama"
    1. The "Dark Matter Analysis" Technique is appropriate here.  Upon observing True Progressive Bigot we should note that there is a complement to his claim that the "Bigoted Obama Critics" seek to blame him for problems beyond his own making.  This compliment IS "True Progressive Bigot".   Equally contemptible is the person who is unable to express the EQUALITY of a FAVORABLE PERSON IN POWER to do the same damage as the last guy.  With such a protection racket going, inside the mind of such an individual, that person in power (and the machine as a whole) receive a tacit endorsement to do as it damned well pleases.  REGARDLESS of the results that it garners - the died in the wool bigots are going to support them.  They will later be heard saying "IF the enemy was in power things would have been worse".  Again - if you do not see this as PSYCHOLOGICAL rather than POLITICAL, you'll never get to the bottom of this matter.  It is one of  an "Unmet, Psychological Void" that is within the person's consciousness.  He will pervert himself as he tries to fill what has long escaped him.
  4. "Black Pastors Need To Be Reminded Of Voter Supression"
    1. The reason why I added this commentary to this post, instead of leaving it up to you to interpret the underlined text above is because I have been debating "True Progressive Bigot" for about a year now and I feel that I have a grasp of his tactics.  In his mind the "Black People Are Under Attack" meme is SUPREME.  Now keep in mind that this is an instance of "Psychology EXPRESSED through Politics" and thus his "Black Consciousness is expressed via the condition of the Democratic Party and Progressive Public Policy".  I estimate that True Progressive Bigot is a Black male in his late 50's (or more).  He, like many others of this age need to justify their present actions by entrancing themselves into a DEFENSIVE POSTURE.  As such he has bought into the NAACP's latest scheme which notes that in asking EVERYONE to show photo ID - the inferior "water buffalo" in the herd will show themselves and the crocodiles in the will have a tasty meal as they feed upon them.  The best countermeasure against this fraudulent scheme is to make note of where True Progressive Bigot and the NAACP do NOT wish to focus upon:  The "Mission Accomplished Zones" where the Negro's vote goes unmolested and he had the final say in who would be impaneled in the machine that dominates the local area where he resides.   I maintain that far, far, far more Black people are injured by the state of civic service delivery in Flint, Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Philadelphia, Buffalo and Baltimore - than there will be people of any race barred from voting because they can't meet the photo voter ID requirements.   Since the goal of True Progressive Bigot and the Civil Rights Pharisees is POWER and not PROTECTION OF THE INTERESTS OF THE LEAST OF THESE - they understand that no one is going to seek to run them out of town IF, upon assembling a favorable local machine into power, the people's interests are not satisfied.  They only need to generate a "New External Struggle" as they understand that the people's ATTENTION SPAN is far more important than them actually receiving the promised benefits.
  5. Texas and Tennessee Have Watered Down Civil Rights Protections
    1. REBUTTAL - More important than placing in writing the rules of "Who Is Allowed To Say The Word NIGGER" is the need for a written articulation of "WHAT IS A CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION".   If "Civil Rights Legislation" has been built up in response to "White Supremacy" then it is abundantly clear that the SELECTIVE identification of "Assaults On Negroes" as "Civil Rights Violations" is proof of NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY.  (Print It!!!).   Despite the fact that Texas and Tennessee are states where the "Black Crime Victimization Rates" greatly exceed our population proportions - there will be NO crackdown, meant to protect the "Civil Rights Of Black people", IF these two states were seen to be hot beds of interracial attacks.   That which fronts as acknowledging the special history of "White oppression of Black people", when left unchecked, is allowed to transmutate into officially sanctioned BLACK INFERIORITY as the presence of a Negro assailant triggers a "call block" at the "US Justice Department, Civil Rights Division".  The real indictment, however, should be placed upon the "community consciousness" that produced such a product - JUST AS IT WAS THE CASE WHEN A COMMUNITY PRODUCED KLANSMEN. 
  6. "White Supremacists Took Over The GOP", "The Mormons Are Racists"
    1. Again - with a year of debates under my belt - this is standard fare with True Progressive Bigot.  Any time he gets debated into a corner he forces me to call out the "GOP for allowing White Supremacists to take over" - as evidenced by a gathering of conservatives that allowed a racist to speak.   The proper rebuttal of this is to make note that "......this is why the GOP receives under 8% of the Negro VOTERS' INVESTMENTS each time".........."Let us look at who DOES receive this investment".   True Progressive Fundamentalist compels us to make "NEGATION VOTES".   In line with the "Lesser Of Two Evils" meme - he us unable to note that when the "lesser evil" now dominates your affairs after you successfully ran off the "greater evil" - you still have EVIL in power.   The tallest midget is now the tallest around.  This attempt at "Black Conscious Attention Filibustering" by True Progressive Bigot is a form of "Non-White White Supremacy".  He beckons us "Black folks" to always keep a watchful eye upon the "Reformation Of The Klan", via the Republican Party.   The "White Allies" that he has partnered with, however, are fully vetted and they have our best interests in mind.   As long as True Progressive Bigot never steps away and looks out for evidence of HIS OWN ORGANIC GROWTH outside of the Progressive Joint Venture that has been assembled together to fight off the "Conservative Wolf" attacks, he will be consciously pacified that he is walking the appropriate course.  Still I wonder how such a consciousness would exist in a Sub-Saharan environment where there are not enough Racist White folks present today to legitimately blame everything on?

Today the most damaging Black man is the one with the CONSCIOUSNESS that compels him to practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" in protection of the forces that he used his voting rights to place into power, only to go and assign SUPERIOR powers upon his enemies for the damage that they have caused to him.

Once we understand that with this type of Kneegro - it is his CONSCIOUSNESS that was insulted, more than one can attribute his present "backslidden" state to his enemy, we can then understand that we are no dealing with a POLITICAL challenge, but instead a PSYCHOLOGICAL one.

The worst possible condition for such a Kneegrow to be in is: ALL ALONE, BY HIMSELF, forced to depend upon the scheme that made him happy while he was around his enemies to now allow him to survive when they are not present to mentally satisfy him.    The prediction is that his consciousness will die as the nutrients that the body that housed this consciousness perishes from the inability to forge a system to sustain itself. .

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Republican Allen West Heckeled By A White Man Who Is Not "Racist" In The View Of MSNBC's "The" Because There Is No Strategic Benefit To Throw Up Such An Indictment In Support Of THIS CBC Member

In noting the differences between the coverage of the very same incident by MSNBC's The and Glenn Beck's The I AM NOT arguing that "The Grio" should have shown more "racial outrage" by mentioning that a White man had called a sitting Black elected official a "Mother Fucker".

(Normally we would be treated to such a video to show that we do not live in a "Post Racial America".  For the record - I do not think that this is a case of RACISM[!!!].  The guy was ignorant but he did not threaten the congressman physically.  He could have challenged West without using such language. )

Instead I am using this opportunity in which The Grio did not do such a thing to bring in to question they continuing antics in which "Racism Chasing" is used as a tool to advance their Progressive Supremacist agenda.

With the "Dark Matter Analysis" technique it is important to establish a baseline of how "light" typically travels through space.  (How an operative typically behaves).  Then, as we observe various light sources in the universe - the presence of the "black hole" of journalistic fraud and corruption can be noted - NOT because you see it (the black hole) but because of how a different light source produces an effect that is also different than the normal flow of light.

The argument is - EITHER the MSNBC's The demand that ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS be afforded a measure of respect (all - not just Black ones) OR they (The Grio) show more transparency in showing that their tag line "Our Stories" be clarified as "Our Progressive Supremacist Stories Told From Our Jaundiced Vantage Point".