Saturday, June 9, 2012

True Progressive Fundamentalist - Put Downs Do Not Work, You Must Hold Up A Mirror To Allow A Fundamentalist To See How Much He Looks Like That Which He Is Criticizing

From The Booker Rising blog

True Progressive Fundamentalist says - After The White Man Stole Our African Religion We Were Left Vulnerable To Accept The Faith Of "Social Justice" That He Has Assisted In Compelling The Negro To Worship, With The Hopes Of Equality

My Response

 True Progressive Fundamentalist:
YOU, as with "The N-Word" are unique in that - just as I figure that I have "buried you" with my preponderance of evidence of your FUSION between "(pseudo) Black Power" and Democratic Party Loyalism - your hand sticks up out of the grave like a zombie.
Then I remember that for people like YOU, the proper tactic is not to insult you into silence.   This does not work.
INSTEAD - the only way to rebut you is to remember what one can see on HBO's "True Blood"- A VAMPIRE DOESN'T LIKE MIRRORS within which he can SHE HIMSELF!!!!!
This post is where I repeat what YOU SAID above and then hold up a hand mirror to your face to see if YOU see your fangs.
[quote]And let’s pray that these white man get out of Africa and NEVER COME
True Fundamentalist: 
When Commander In Chief Obama DESTROYED THE LIBYAN NAVY - did YOU say:
A) That unconscious bastard DESTROYED the defenses of an AFRICAN NATION, making it that much easier for some FUTURE EUROPEANS to come in and MOLEST THE MOTHERLAND, unchallenged.  With his efforts in Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan he is subtly telling these NATIONS OF COLOR how futile it is to think they can stand against a SUPERIOR power.
B) Hooray!!!   Obama answered the 3AM Phone call.  He is a STRONG AMERICAN IMPERIALIST LEADER despite how the racist Republicans cast him as WEAK.
We can mine our own gold , our own oil , our own diamonds..
Exhibit A - Dr Moyo - the "should be" Bookerista Of The Year.
When she had the AUDACITY to say "African nations need to stop accepting foreign aide because it develops dependency and allows incompetent, corrupt governments to survive another day- when the White Liberal "Black Infeiorists" stood up against her ------ DID YOU.....
1) Come to her defense, using the same arguments that you are using now
2) Remain silent so you didn't cause conflict with your ideological soulmates on this petty issue
3) Start doing research on how much more aid Obama has given to Africa than Bush?
[quote]So that
would be good for all Black people except for the useless knee-grow that
thinks we need white people to survive.
True Fundamentalist:
My argument from day one is that: NO NEGRO CAN CLAIM THAT HE HAS RECEIVE "HEALTH CARE SOCIAL JUSTICE" unless he can show a dramatic increase in BLACK PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGENTS that have matriculated through the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED institutions in our community that are now living up to their promise and DEVELOPING OUR PEOPLE to provide these services AND to perpetuate the LIFE STYLE CHANGES necessary to make for a PERMANENT AND COMPREHENSIVE FIX.
As I recall from YOU - YOU were saying that the racist Republicans seeking to block Obamacare would ensure that X number of Negroes will die for want of care. 
If we accept this logic and then note that the benefactor has $16,000,000,000,000 in debt and growing fast - WHAT WILL BE THE FATE OF THE NEGROES as fiscal insolvency forces AUSTERITY yet the time between NOW and this point in the future - he got fat off of being a CONSUMER with a SOCIAL JUSTICE RIGHT to have his bed pan changed - yet HE HAS NOT PRODUCED SUBSTANTIALLY MORE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS who's KNOWLEDGE CAN'T BE TAKEN AWAY?
How does this skew with your AFRO-MAGIC talk?
(Do you see that you and Scared Ron, while will versed in your history, ultimately have a MANAGEMENT problem in that you are unable to express your vision THROUGH the human resources at your disposal?  You prefer to have RESENTFUL NEGROES based from history than you do COMPETENT PEOPLE having been prepared from INSTITUTIONS that have been well governed.

Remember the first thing that was taken away from Black people was their faith..
True Fundamentalist - If I could impart one thing into your thick skull it would be the knowledge that SECULAR PROGRESSIVISM IS A FAITH/RELIGION just as you can think of any other.  Thus THEY try to MAKE THE NEGRO BELIEVE IN THE IMPOSSIBLE - just as Jesus, Allah, Buddha or Zeus You are so busy focusing on "White Jesus that you can't bring yourself to see that more Negroes put more of their valuables in the offering plate of the Malcolm X Political football game  than they do the "Jesus Plate".  While the Black Christian church doesn't enforce tithing - a Negro who doesn't tow the approved ideological line  is subject to an exorcism as he is chased down the street.

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