Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So Blinded For Obama That He Can't Think Straight

The Obamacrat Blog

The "Ride Or Die Chick" For Obama

EXCEPT He Is BLACK And Thus Achieves A Mental Masturbated State By Claiming That All Attacks Against Obama Are RACIST

My Reply

[quote]Today’s actions by Congress Oversight Committee was based on racism and racism only[/quote]
I am not sure who you are sir, BUT I have learned that the best means to counter a "Racism Chaser" like yourself - who is content on affording the cover of "Black Inferiority" and "Victimhood" to two of the most powerful men in this nation is to move beyond the "racism chasing" discussion...................................
And instead make note of all the damage that is being done by the erosion within the Black Community as people like you have your eyes affixed to protecting Obama and Holder.

You give a line by line articulation of "Fast And Furious".
I make note of all of the murder and mayhem in Mexico at present and respectfully yield that if the US Border Patrol agent had not been murdered by a gun that was a part of "Fast And Furious" the killers would have used another gun to do the same thing.
It is interesting that the "optics" on your web site indicate that you are "Ride Or Die For Obama" - no matter what.  Yet as this nation experiences institutional breakdown as we see in the places who's gun violence (in America) look strangely like that of Mexico - your loyal support of Obama that provoked you to compromise any INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY that you otherwise would be defending IF there was a different president in office - will merely bring this nation AND any community that you care about to a future that looks strangely like the lawlessness and mayhem in Mexico.
I AM NOT ARGUING that it is the "People" of Mexico (ie: their race made them do this).
I am arguing that they are in a state of INSTITUTIONAL BREAKDOWN as, over time - people who think just as you do promoted their special interest protection racket over the integrity of the system.
(And NO I am not a Republican.   I monitor the corrupting influence of POLITICS upon BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS - and you, sir, are a perfect specimen) 

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