Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Friend Chauncey DeVega Sometimes Deletes My Posts So I Need To Use This Blog As My "Shadow Posting" Site, As It Was Originally Created For

WARN: Confronting The Myths Of The Willie Lynch Letter

I have to give credit to my friend CNulan.
Though there is no doubt that we still have our disagreements - I can say that he has indeed come around to seeing the FRAUDULENT SCHEME that is being run by the "Black Racial Services Machine", the Lamped Blacked Yellow Journalist Press and their Black Progressive Blogger Understudies.

I predicted that the story for the next 4 years, beyond 2008 was not "Obama" but the amount of COMPROMISE that we would see among the "Black Racial Services Machine" as they violated themselves in order to live vicariously through Obama and all of the political blows that he suffered.

They necessarily have to leave the issues WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY behind as they are now seen fighting to protect the hide of the Second Most Powerful Man in the Country - US Attorney General Eric Holder - by accusing the SUPERIOR White Republicans of applying STOP AND FRISK to the top LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENT in the nation.

They understand that the average Black Progressive is not going to see the irony in their FOOLISHNESS.

In regards to my dear friend Chauncy DeVega - I understand that he is a "wounded Black man".  As my post that I have in draft mode on the "Within The Black Community" blog will show - My dear friend Chauncey DeVega is forced to mentally place what WHITE PEOPLE THINK ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE as a SUPERIOR concern over the unchecked chaos that is expressed because DeVega and Black Progressive Fundamentalists like him are effectively incompetent at achieving the desired ends THROUGH WORKING WITH BLACK PEOPLE, forcing them to change.

My Dear Friend Chauncey DeVega:
I how that God and your life experiences finds you in good physical and spiritual health.
I am puzzled about one thing regarding your "Willie Lynch letter" expose'.
WHY are you focused so much on its AUTHENTICITY (with regards to the time and authorship) more than you dare to question its APPLICABILITY as a reference in understand how the Negro acts with regard to his Present Prevailing Consciousness?
With all due respect, sir, it is my opinion based upon adept observation that the KOREAN MERCHANT is the best student of "The Willie Lynch EFFECT".   Few Koreans care about the "carbon dating" of the artifact - as you seem to focus upon.
They understand that there is a group of people with.............
1) A consumer consciousness
2) That always searches for EXTERNAL affirmation from others
3) That allows internal peer pressure to trump any sort of Transparent Group Consciousness and/or Dignity
4) That are rather TRANSACTIONAL in their emotive expression
I AM NOT YOUR ENEMY, Mr DeVega!!!!!  And you too Greg Thrasher.
We are merely having a heart felt disagreement among brothers who love each other.
(Pssst - keep an eye on "Within The Black Community" as I am preparing a response to your "I Don't Like" video and related post.  )

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