Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Grio's Intern Zerlina Maxwell Needs To

Zerlina Maxwell Why Artur Davis is wrong: Republicans squandered any black good will

“I do think that after President Obama leaves the scene, win or lose he will not be on the ballot again,”said Davis. “When he leaves the scene, I do think African-Americans are prepared to look seriously at the Republican party, as are Latinos, if the Republican party earns those votes.”
Davis’ assertion is way off the mark.  Perhaps he may have overlooked the plethora of reasons why black and Latino voters, even if they are unhappy with the president, are not going to take a serious look at the Republican party until drastic changes are made to the party’s platform.  The truth is the Republican party, hasn’t earned the votes of any person of color because the party hasn’t taken the issues that impact people of color seriously for nearly a generation.  Their overt pandering to the far right of their base alienates black voters.
In some ways it’s a very simple proposition.  The Republican party must seek to be more inclusive in their rhetoric and policy proposals before black voters will look to them in any substantial way as a reasonable alternative to Democrats.  Black voters migrated to the Democratic party because of policy and they stay because there aren’t viable policy alternatives being proposed by Republicans, particularly in the Obama era.

The best way to deal with The's intern Zerlina Maxwell is to NOT talk about Democrats or Republicans - as she wants to but instead to take her INTO THE BLACK COMMUNITY and force her to talk about a "Return On Investment" after decades of people like her convincing Black people about the source of our community salvation.

Ms Maxwell:

You continue to provide me with a bit of comic relief as I read your columns.

As I understand - you are from New Jersey - or at least go to school there.

WHY are you more interested in telling us "Black folks" how the Republicans don't resonate with matters that are important to Black people - more than you care to note that in Camden, Trenton, Newark and South Orange - the Black voters have INVESTED THEIR BALLOTS into the Democratic Party based on the belief that by doing so many of our key community challenges would be addressed.

I struggle to get beyond your partisan bias and try to find any part of you that has substance.   At what point do you reach the point where you ask IF the set of political theories that appeases the masses of people who have the prevailing consciousness in Camden, for example, is IN FACT the method by which one should grow a city into prosperity?

Do you see that once we strip you of your "Republican Boogie Man" that is present in every one of your articles and the dare to take you INTO THE BLACK COMMUNITY, forcing you to explain the conditions that remain despite this appeal by the Democrats - this is where all of your arguments fall apart.

I have no doubt that you watched the "Brick City" docudrama about Newark.  Surely you see that there are no enemy Republican power in Newark and STILL our people suffer.  

I am convinced that you are unable to move beyond your ideological and party cheerleading and attacks and dare stand up for the interests of the Black community when, PERISH THE THOUGHT, the Democratic Party and Progressive-Fundamentalist theories are shown to not produce SALVATION for our people.

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