Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Boy Do We Have A Live One In "Obamacrat" - The Black Man Who Has No Consciousness Outside Of Obama

Obama's 50 Accomplishments With The SUPERIOR One Being That THE WHITE BABY PICTURED Is Insured A Great Future

Chris Martenson - The Economic Crash Course

My Response

[quote]There is a photo of an infant on this particular post to symbolize the future. The future that President Of The United States Barack Hussein Obama has insured with his policies. The same exact policies that racist caucasians say is the reason behind their hatred of  President Obama.[/quote]
You are more infected than all of the logos spread throughout your blog had me prone to think about you.
Lets start off with your opening line that I have so graciously reposted for you.
You say that this infants FUTURE will be "Insured By Obama's Policies"?
I say that the United States - REGARDLESS OF WHO IS PRESIDENT is going to have a future of gross insolvency.
(I Assume That You Are A Black Male - as your picture hints upon)
I MAKE THE COUNTER POINT that the Black Community - in 50 years will need to depend upon the COMMUNITY LEVEL INSTITUTIONS for us to survive through the economic meltdown that is surely going to strip away any concocted "Nationalized SOCIAL JUSTICE" that you are imagining.
What good is it for our people to pretend that we are PROGRESSING when our CONSUMER assumptions are being fed but our ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that we were supposed to have developed as "Favorable People" took over the "Human Resource Development Institutions" in our communities?  (or schools, our churches, our city government, etc)
A person like you is actually A THREAT to the protection of the interests of the Black community because you are so interested in "Living Vicariously Through Obama" AND fighting the Democrats fight with the Republicans without seeking what YOU are actually getting out of the deal.
I BET YOU that if I scoured your blog I would not find anything criticizing:
* US Drones bombing Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia
* The US lead invasion of Libya which destroyed the navy of an African nation
For some reason I bet that Obama emerged as a STRONG AMERICAN COMMANDER IN CHIEF in your view and at that time you were demanding that the Right-Wing PRAISE Obama for his military muscle - just like the right wing did for OTHER WHITE PRESIDENTS.
What you could'nt bring yourself to see is that when the OTHER WHITE PRESIDENTS used US Imperialist power upon NATIONS OF COLOR - the PRogressive Anti-War Forces voraciously protested AGAINST this imperialist power.
Do you see how compromised you are?

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