Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Angry Black Lady Wants Us To Fear Being Carded At The Polls

Dear Angry Black Woman:

If we dare to move past the PROCESS of voting and instead consider the PROMISE of what the political process was to bring to the Black community........

Are you surprised the operatives like you and the NAACP want us Black folks to focus on the THREAT to our "Civil Rights" by, perish the thought, being asked for ID prior to voting but when it comes to the inspection of the attainment of our people's "Permanent Interests" in the places where the Black vote goes unmolested a very different story is made.

I notice (from my vantage point in the suburbs of Atlanta) that the NAACP doesn't file lawsuits against its friends.    Regardless of the conditions of the public schools OR the news that a Black person has been locked up over a long weekend due to a paperwork error within a "Favorable Administration" there never seems to be a protest or a lawsuit.  However as we look at a Republican county - for example where Rev Creflo Dollar got arrested the NAACP seems to express a bit more vigor against their enemies.

It is clear that More Black People have our PERMANENT INTERESTS negatively impacted in places where the NAACP doesn't protest because it is controlled by favorable people in power.   In the wake of all of these spaces that are "protected regions" we "Black Folks" must stay unified in the STRUGGLE against the Republicans CARDING EVERYONE knowing that they will cull the heard as Black people who don't have ID will be drowned in the river.  Or at least this is how you tell it.

Is this a "victory" or a diversion racket?

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