Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Angry Black Lady Wants Us To Fear Being Carded At The Polls

Dear Angry Black Woman:

If we dare to move past the PROCESS of voting and instead consider the PROMISE of what the political process was to bring to the Black community........

Are you surprised the operatives like you and the NAACP want us Black folks to focus on the THREAT to our "Civil Rights" by, perish the thought, being asked for ID prior to voting but when it comes to the inspection of the attainment of our people's "Permanent Interests" in the places where the Black vote goes unmolested a very different story is made.

I notice (from my vantage point in the suburbs of Atlanta) that the NAACP doesn't file lawsuits against its friends.    Regardless of the conditions of the public schools OR the news that a Black person has been locked up over a long weekend due to a paperwork error within a "Favorable Administration" there never seems to be a protest or a lawsuit.  However as we look at a Republican county - for example where Rev Creflo Dollar got arrested the NAACP seems to express a bit more vigor against their enemies.

It is clear that More Black People have our PERMANENT INTERESTS negatively impacted in places where the NAACP doesn't protest because it is controlled by favorable people in power.   In the wake of all of these spaces that are "protected regions" we "Black Folks" must stay unified in the STRUGGLE against the Republicans CARDING EVERYONE knowing that they will cull the heard as Black people who don't have ID will be drowned in the river.  Or at least this is how you tell it.

Is this a "victory" or a diversion racket?

What If Toure' Was To Apply His "Development Mandate" To The Local Machines In Mission Accomplished Cities?

If "Paid Black" journalist Toure' is to be taken at his word about how "the enemy" is an obstructionist that blocks PROGRESS - I wonder if he'd be willing to apply this model upon the local Progressive dominated machines over the various "Mission Accomplished Cities"?

The best way to debate a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is to "take him home", forcing him to defend how he keeps his own house instead of always allowing him to make external indictments about the other bigots that don't want him to move next door, reportedly because he is Black.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Grio's Intern Zerlina Maxwell Needs To

Zerlina Maxwell Why Artur Davis is wrong: Republicans squandered any black good will

“I do think that after President Obama leaves the scene, win or lose he will not be on the ballot again,”said Davis. “When he leaves the scene, I do think African-Americans are prepared to look seriously at the Republican party, as are Latinos, if the Republican party earns those votes.”
Davis’ assertion is way off the mark.  Perhaps he may have overlooked the plethora of reasons why black and Latino voters, even if they are unhappy with the president, are not going to take a serious look at the Republican party until drastic changes are made to the party’s platform.  The truth is the Republican party, hasn’t earned the votes of any person of color because the party hasn’t taken the issues that impact people of color seriously for nearly a generation.  Their overt pandering to the far right of their base alienates black voters.
In some ways it’s a very simple proposition.  The Republican party must seek to be more inclusive in their rhetoric and policy proposals before black voters will look to them in any substantial way as a reasonable alternative to Democrats.  Black voters migrated to the Democratic party because of policy and they stay because there aren’t viable policy alternatives being proposed by Republicans, particularly in the Obama era.

The best way to deal with The Grio.com's intern Zerlina Maxwell is to NOT talk about Democrats or Republicans - as she wants to but instead to take her INTO THE BLACK COMMUNITY and force her to talk about a "Return On Investment" after decades of people like her convincing Black people about the source of our community salvation.

Ms Maxwell:

You continue to provide me with a bit of comic relief as I read your columns.

As I understand - you are from New Jersey - or at least go to school there.

WHY are you more interested in telling us "Black folks" how the Republicans don't resonate with matters that are important to Black people - more than you care to note that in Camden, Trenton, Newark and South Orange - the Black voters have INVESTED THEIR BALLOTS into the Democratic Party based on the belief that by doing so many of our key community challenges would be addressed.

I struggle to get beyond your partisan bias and try to find any part of you that has substance.   At what point do you reach the point where you ask IF the set of political theories that appeases the masses of people who have the prevailing consciousness in Camden, for example, is IN FACT the method by which one should grow a city into prosperity?

Do you see that once we strip you of your "Republican Boogie Man" that is present in every one of your articles and the dare to take you INTO THE BLACK COMMUNITY, forcing you to explain the conditions that remain despite this appeal by the Democrats - this is where all of your arguments fall apart.

I have no doubt that you watched the "Brick City" docudrama about Newark.  Surely you see that there are no enemy Republican power in Newark and STILL our people suffer.  

I am convinced that you are unable to move beyond your ideological and party cheerleading and attacks and dare stand up for the interests of the Black community when, PERISH THE THOUGHT, the Democratic Party and Progressive-Fundamentalist theories are shown to not produce SALVATION for our people.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Friend Chauncey DeVega Sometimes Deletes My Posts So I Need To Use This Blog As My "Shadow Posting" Site, As It Was Originally Created For

WARN: Confronting The Myths Of The Willie Lynch Letter

I have to give credit to my friend CNulan.
Though there is no doubt that we still have our disagreements - I can say that he has indeed come around to seeing the FRAUDULENT SCHEME that is being run by the "Black Racial Services Machine", the Lamped Blacked Yellow Journalist Press and their Black Progressive Blogger Understudies.

I predicted that the story for the next 4 years, beyond 2008 was not "Obama" but the amount of COMPROMISE that we would see among the "Black Racial Services Machine" as they violated themselves in order to live vicariously through Obama and all of the political blows that he suffered.

They necessarily have to leave the issues WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY behind as they are now seen fighting to protect the hide of the Second Most Powerful Man in the Country - US Attorney General Eric Holder - by accusing the SUPERIOR White Republicans of applying STOP AND FRISK to the top LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENT in the nation.

They understand that the average Black Progressive is not going to see the irony in their FOOLISHNESS.

In regards to my dear friend Chauncy DeVega - I understand that he is a "wounded Black man".  As my post that I have in draft mode on the "Within The Black Community" blog will show - My dear friend Chauncey DeVega is forced to mentally place what WHITE PEOPLE THINK ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE as a SUPERIOR concern over the unchecked chaos that is expressed because DeVega and Black Progressive Fundamentalists like him are effectively incompetent at achieving the desired ends THROUGH WORKING WITH BLACK PEOPLE, forcing them to change.

My Dear Friend Chauncey DeVega:
I how that God and your life experiences finds you in good physical and spiritual health.
I am puzzled about one thing regarding your "Willie Lynch letter" expose'.
WHY are you focused so much on its AUTHENTICITY (with regards to the time and authorship) more than you dare to question its APPLICABILITY as a reference in understand how the Negro acts with regard to his Present Prevailing Consciousness?
With all due respect, sir, it is my opinion based upon adept observation that the KOREAN MERCHANT is the best student of "The Willie Lynch EFFECT".   Few Koreans care about the "carbon dating" of the artifact - as you seem to focus upon.
They understand that there is a group of people with.............
1) A consumer consciousness
2) That always searches for EXTERNAL affirmation from others
3) That allows internal peer pressure to trump any sort of Transparent Group Consciousness and/or Dignity
4) That are rather TRANSACTIONAL in their emotive expression
I AM NOT YOUR ENEMY, Mr DeVega!!!!!  And you too Greg Thrasher.
We are merely having a heart felt disagreement among brothers who love each other.
(Pssst - keep an eye on "Within The Black Community" as I am preparing a response to your "I Don't Like" video and related post.  )

Friday, June 22, 2012

LampedBlack Racism Chasing Journalists Call Upon "Black Leadership" To Come To The Rescue Of Holder/Obama BECAUSE They Are Being Attacked By RACISTS

My past observation that the Progressive-Fundamentalist justifies its own corruption because it might fight against its enemy's corruption but can't see its own corruption - remains intact.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Boy Do We Have A Live One In "Obamacrat" - The Black Man Who Has No Consciousness Outside Of Obama

Obama's 50 Accomplishments With The SUPERIOR One Being That THE WHITE BABY PICTURED Is Insured A Great Future

Chris Martenson - The Economic Crash Course

My Response

[quote]There is a photo of an infant on this particular post to symbolize the future. The future that President Of The United States Barack Hussein Obama has insured with his policies. The same exact policies that racist caucasians say is the reason behind their hatred of  President Obama.[/quote]
You are more infected than all of the logos spread throughout your blog had me prone to think about you.
Lets start off with your opening line that I have so graciously reposted for you.
You say that this infants FUTURE will be "Insured By Obama's Policies"?
I say that the United States - REGARDLESS OF WHO IS PRESIDENT is going to have a future of gross insolvency.
(I Assume That You Are A Black Male - as your picture hints upon)
I MAKE THE COUNTER POINT that the Black Community - in 50 years will need to depend upon the COMMUNITY LEVEL INSTITUTIONS for us to survive through the economic meltdown that is surely going to strip away any concocted "Nationalized SOCIAL JUSTICE" that you are imagining.
What good is it for our people to pretend that we are PROGRESSING when our CONSUMER assumptions are being fed but our ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that we were supposed to have developed as "Favorable People" took over the "Human Resource Development Institutions" in our communities?  (or schools, our churches, our city government, etc)
A person like you is actually A THREAT to the protection of the interests of the Black community because you are so interested in "Living Vicariously Through Obama" AND fighting the Democrats fight with the Republicans without seeking what YOU are actually getting out of the deal.
I BET YOU that if I scoured your blog I would not find anything criticizing:
* US Drones bombing Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia
* The US lead invasion of Libya which destroyed the navy of an African nation
For some reason I bet that Obama emerged as a STRONG AMERICAN COMMANDER IN CHIEF in your view and at that time you were demanding that the Right-Wing PRAISE Obama for his military muscle - just like the right wing did for OTHER WHITE PRESIDENTS.
What you could'nt bring yourself to see is that when the OTHER WHITE PRESIDENTS used US Imperialist power upon NATIONS OF COLOR - the PRogressive Anti-War Forces voraciously protested AGAINST this imperialist power.
Do you see how compromised you are?

So Blinded For Obama That He Can't Think Straight

The Obamacrat Blog

The "Ride Or Die Chick" For Obama

EXCEPT He Is BLACK And Thus Achieves A Mental Masturbated State By Claiming That All Attacks Against Obama Are RACIST

My Reply

[quote]Today’s actions by Congress Oversight Committee was based on racism and racism only[/quote]
I am not sure who you are sir, BUT I have learned that the best means to counter a "Racism Chaser" like yourself - who is content on affording the cover of "Black Inferiority" and "Victimhood" to two of the most powerful men in this nation is to move beyond the "racism chasing" discussion...................................
And instead make note of all the damage that is being done by the erosion within the Black Community as people like you have your eyes affixed to protecting Obama and Holder.

You give a line by line articulation of "Fast And Furious".
I make note of all of the murder and mayhem in Mexico at present and respectfully yield that if the US Border Patrol agent had not been murdered by a gun that was a part of "Fast And Furious" the killers would have used another gun to do the same thing.
It is interesting that the "optics" on your web site indicate that you are "Ride Or Die For Obama" - no matter what.  Yet as this nation experiences institutional breakdown as we see in the places who's gun violence (in America) look strangely like that of Mexico - your loyal support of Obama that provoked you to compromise any INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY that you otherwise would be defending IF there was a different president in office - will merely bring this nation AND any community that you care about to a future that looks strangely like the lawlessness and mayhem in Mexico.
I AM NOT ARGUING that it is the "People" of Mexico (ie: their race made them do this).
I am arguing that they are in a state of INSTITUTIONAL BREAKDOWN as, over time - people who think just as you do promoted their special interest protection racket over the integrity of the system.
(And NO I am not a Republican.   I monitor the corrupting influence of POLITICS upon BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS - and you, sir, are a perfect specimen) 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

How The Black Press Perpetuates (Non-White) White Supreamcy In Its Content Selection

Atlanta Inquirer

- reporting about a shooting (by a White man) in  Milwaukee WI

Teen was accused of stealing from a 75 year old White man's house.  Simmons denied stealing anything and when accosted by Spooner with a gun, he raised his hand.  When Simmons tried to run away, Spooner shot him, leading to the teen's tragic murder.

Philadelphia Inquirer - Philly Confidential Crime Blog

- reporting on a shooting in Philadelphia

Man shot 15 Times, Another Man 4 Times Around Abbotsford Housing Project In Philadelphia

This shooting is NOT going to qualify for the Atlanta Inqurier's "National Roundup".  Trust me.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

True Progressive Fundamentalist - Put Downs Do Not Work, You Must Hold Up A Mirror To Allow A Fundamentalist To See How Much He Looks Like That Which He Is Criticizing

From The Booker Rising blog

True Progressive Fundamentalist says - After The White Man Stole Our African Religion We Were Left Vulnerable To Accept The Faith Of "Social Justice" That He Has Assisted In Compelling The Negro To Worship, With The Hopes Of Equality

My Response

 True Progressive Fundamentalist:
YOU, as with "The N-Word" are unique in that - just as I figure that I have "buried you" with my preponderance of evidence of your FUSION between "(pseudo) Black Power" and Democratic Party Loyalism - your hand sticks up out of the grave like a zombie.
Then I remember that for people like YOU, the proper tactic is not to insult you into silence.   This does not work.
INSTEAD - the only way to rebut you is to remember what one can see on HBO's "True Blood"- A VAMPIRE DOESN'T LIKE MIRRORS within which he can SHE HIMSELF!!!!!
This post is where I repeat what YOU SAID above and then hold up a hand mirror to your face to see if YOU see your fangs.
[quote]And let’s pray that these white man get out of Africa and NEVER COME
True Fundamentalist: 
When Commander In Chief Obama DESTROYED THE LIBYAN NAVY - did YOU say:
A) That unconscious bastard DESTROYED the defenses of an AFRICAN NATION, making it that much easier for some FUTURE EUROPEANS to come in and MOLEST THE MOTHERLAND, unchallenged.  With his efforts in Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan he is subtly telling these NATIONS OF COLOR how futile it is to think they can stand against a SUPERIOR power.
B) Hooray!!!   Obama answered the 3AM Phone call.  He is a STRONG AMERICAN IMPERIALIST LEADER despite how the racist Republicans cast him as WEAK.
We can mine our own gold , our own oil , our own diamonds..
Exhibit A - Dr Moyo - the "should be" Bookerista Of The Year.
When she had the AUDACITY to say "African nations need to stop accepting foreign aide because it develops dependency and allows incompetent, corrupt governments to survive another day- when the White Liberal "Black Infeiorists" stood up against her ------ DID YOU.....
1) Come to her defense, using the same arguments that you are using now
2) Remain silent so you didn't cause conflict with your ideological soulmates on this petty issue
3) Start doing research on how much more aid Obama has given to Africa than Bush?
[quote]So that
would be good for all Black people except for the useless knee-grow that
thinks we need white people to survive.
True Fundamentalist:
My argument from day one is that: NO NEGRO CAN CLAIM THAT HE HAS RECEIVE "HEALTH CARE SOCIAL JUSTICE" unless he can show a dramatic increase in BLACK PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGENTS that have matriculated through the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED institutions in our community that are now living up to their promise and DEVELOPING OUR PEOPLE to provide these services AND to perpetuate the LIFE STYLE CHANGES necessary to make for a PERMANENT AND COMPREHENSIVE FIX.
As I recall from YOU - YOU were saying that the racist Republicans seeking to block Obamacare would ensure that X number of Negroes will die for want of care. 
If we accept this logic and then note that the benefactor has $16,000,000,000,000 in debt and growing fast - WHAT WILL BE THE FATE OF THE NEGROES as fiscal insolvency forces AUSTERITY yet the time between NOW and this point in the future - he got fat off of being a CONSUMER with a SOCIAL JUSTICE RIGHT to have his bed pan changed - yet HE HAS NOT PRODUCED SUBSTANTIALLY MORE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS who's KNOWLEDGE CAN'T BE TAKEN AWAY?
How does this skew with your AFRO-MAGIC talk?
(Do you see that you and Scared Ron, while will versed in your history, ultimately have a MANAGEMENT problem in that you are unable to express your vision THROUGH the human resources at your disposal?  You prefer to have RESENTFUL NEGROES based from history than you do COMPETENT PEOPLE having been prepared from INSTITUTIONS that have been well governed.

Remember the first thing that was taken away from Black people was their faith..
True Fundamentalist - If I could impart one thing into your thick skull it would be the knowledge that SECULAR PROGRESSIVISM IS A FAITH/RELIGION just as you can think of any other.  Thus THEY try to MAKE THE NEGRO BELIEVE IN THE IMPOSSIBLE - just as Jesus, Allah, Buddha or Zeus You are so busy focusing on "White Jesus that you can't bring yourself to see that more Negroes put more of their valuables in the offering plate of the Malcolm X Political football game  than they do the "Jesus Plate".  While the Black Christian church doesn't enforce tithing - a Negro who doesn't tow the approved ideological line  is subject to an exorcism as he is chased down the street.

Friday, June 1, 2012

If DarkStar Had Proper Vision

From Booker Rising

1) I DO NOT use the term "Plantation".
I am developing the "Doctoral Program On 'Advanced Present Black Consciousness Studies' so I take a far more SCIENTIFIC approach to my analysis.
When there is an entire ECOSYSTEM which promotes a certain "Negro Thought" in which concepts are propagandized and then fortified - it would actually be a surprised if "The Blacks" began to thing ANY OTHER WAY.
For example - this week's "The Final Call" skipped over a serious discussion about VIOLENCE IN CHICAGO and instead whipped up the "Stand Your Ground" distraction: "When Blacks Stand Their Ground".   They choose to RACISM CHASE about lack of success in interracial self defense claims.
What YOU can't get though your COTTON PICKING PEA BRAIN is that Black people are being CONDITIONED to remain MARGINAL in our "community governance thinking".     IF YOU HAD YOUR OWN DAMNED NATION TO GOVERN yet 5 months later TRAYVON MARTIN remained in the Top 3 discussion items every day in your MEDIA - it would be rational to see that with the OTHER 7 ITEMS THAT ARE NOT DISCUSSED but which have far more comprehensive consequences to YOUR COMMUNITY - translates into a community in chaos.
People like you need to be MENTALLY PACIFIED on your way to CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.
Do YOU believe that The Grio/ The Root/ AOL Black Voices were created to DEVELOP the Black community or just to distribute Bread And Circuses to the Negroes who THINK LIKE YOU?
The Koreans and White Liberals PROVE to have a superior strategy than does the White Conservative.   In order to take a Negroes loot - DO NOT OFFEND HIM.   Watch what he MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY LONGS FOR ,  feed that void and FROM THIS RELATIONSHIP you will receive his valuables as he focuses on THAT ENEMY which is of SUPERIOR interest to him.
The ONLY thing that is going to cure this is NOT TO STOP "RACISM" but instead to stop the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN from DISTRACTING THE NEGRO FROM WHAT HE NEEDS TO BE DOING.