Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Unconscious Negro Shows What He Values The Most - Just Not Directly

From the "Booker Rising" blog.

A poster named "TrueProgressiveVoice" pretends that he is a "strong defender of Blackness".

In truth he is merely a loyal Democrat who is a Racism Chaser.
Proving that the White folks in the Republican Party are RACIST IS his superior achievement.  

Even in a city like Philadelphia where there is no Republican threat is setting policy priorities (the last time I checked 14 of the 17 city councilmen were Democrats) - when someone (like me) calls out the irony of seeing the mayor of a public school system  with 65% Black people but which is FAILING being able to take to the podium and attack a former 1 term Republican governor about his flawed educational policy - a person like True Progressive Fundamentalist DOES NOT SEE THE IRONY.

He is quite pleased to see that BLACK PEOPLE DON'T LIKE REPUBLICANS over any interest to accept that WHAT BLACK PEOPLE ARE PLEASED WITH has FAILED TO SUFFICIENTLY EDUCATE BLACK PEOPLE.  Thus my statement "Popularity" should not be mistaken for "Effectiveness".

DEAR CHUNKY - Please note how to deal with the BIGOT named TRUE PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST.

[quote]Black people don;t like Romney for a variety of reasons and Mayor Nutter
 does not like Romeny so what the fcck are you whining
about...???..There are republican mayors , governors , congressman and
talk show hosts that don't like Obama and you never complain about
them... Even when they use racism to comment on Obama your punk azz is
silent because you have mnarching orders to be a good knee-grow and
never say anything that will harm your precious racist conservative

Do you see his response to the video that I posted regarding how the mayor of a FAILED PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM with 65% Black people in it?

He shows that HE JUST DOESN'T GET IT.

He is MORE PLEASED that "Black People Don't Like Republicans" - more than he is concerned that BLACK PEOPLE WHO INVESTED their "Black Community Development Consciousness" into the hopes that THEIR COMMUNITY WOULD BE TURNED AROUND.................are now seen PLEASED because the MEN WHO ARE A PART OF THE MACHINE THAT IS FAILING THEM is heard talking about someone who is a SUPERIOR threat to them than is the failure of their schools.

His recurring theme is that I DON'T FIGHT RACISM AGAINST OBAMA sufficiently enough.

This is SUPERIOR to him than is the clear and observable compromise of Black Community Institutions and Priorities BECAUSE criticism of the "Return On Investment" would be bad for Obama's poll numbers from Black people.

True Progressive Fundamentalist is like "Killer Mike" without a recording contract.

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