Monday, May 21, 2012

This Post, While Anatomically Correct, Is Likely To Be Deleted From The

From "The Roots Of Homophobia In The Black Community" post on MSNBC's The


1) The vagina of EVERY human female, regardless of her sexual orientation produces self-lubrication as she anticipates sexual intercourse.  The body seeks to reduce the possibility of laceration from friction from the complimentary genitalia

2) The human anus produces no such "self lubrication" to protect itself.  The high concentration of nerve endings in this part of the body - while pleasurable to sexual stimulation - is the purpose of these nerves is to ensure that you don't tear any sensitive tissues during a bowel movement.

Do you find it interesting that YOU call someone an "idiot" by making a "Drive By" reference to nature - but you can't get beyond the anatomical TRUTH that is enumerated above.

Or has "evolution" not yet realigned this anomaly between the end of the human digestive system and the human reproductive system?

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